Paul Schreiner DVD Instructional Review – Half Guard

Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD Review
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The half guard is a never-ending source of innovation in BJJ. A position born of necessity, when Roberto Gordo Correa suffered an injury to his leg. Unable to battle from the then customary full guard, he had to innovate. He ended up working form a position which kept his leg safe, yet allowed him to fend off guard passes. Fast forward a couple of decades and a half guard is still evolving tirelessly. There are countless variations today, which range from static to inverted ones. Each variation has its flaws and advantages. However, not all of them work equally well, especially at the highest levels of grappling. The latest in a long line of half guard instructions is the Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD. Is this one really worth your time, effort and money? Read on and decide for yourself.

The half guard is not an overly difficult position to play. Actually, put someone there, and they’ll instinctively make the right decision or two, in most cases .this is due to the fact that the position does not require any specific athletic abilities. After all, a heavily injured Gordo developed it specifically because of that. The half guard offers every type of player a way to mold it into their game. If you’re all about defense, then you can easily re-guard or simply stay safe from the half guard. Point grapplers can use it to sweep in any desired direction without much effort. For submission hunters, it is a finishing paradise, offering a way into virtually any submission system. Each of these aspects features in the Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD, making it a great resource for both a specialized and a well-rounded half guard game.

Paul Schreiner DVD & Digital Instructional – Half Guard

Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD
Techniques List

What’s Special About Schreiner’s Half Guard Instructional

The issue with the half guard, and subsequently, half guard DVD instructionals is variety. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of information available. First and foremost, of course, is the quality and effectiveness of a half guard instructional. Next, it is the style involved. Not every half guard fits everyone’s body type, needs or experience level. Some half guard variations may be too much for a grappler during a certain period. The same techniques can become their favorite a few years down the road. A good reason to consider the Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD is that of high-level simplicity. It means that you can watch and use it at blue belt, and then revisit it as a brown belt and discover completely new details.

Paul Schreiner’s Pedigree

Is this Paul Schreiner guy and good at the half guard? I mean, he does have an instructional out and his name sounds vaguely familiar. While the first question can hold some merit if you’re new to the grappling world, the second statement makes no sense at all. Paul Schreiner is extremely well known in the BJJ community, both as a competitor and a coach.

Schreiner has been a black belt for more than a decade, earning his in 2007. He is not just any black belt, but one of Marcelo Garcia’s which is also a huge accomplishment. In terms of competitive pedigree, he is a multiple times US and World champion as well as ADCC trials finalist. The best quality of Paul? That’s easy, teaching! He is among the best in the sport at teaching others how the Gentle Artworks. He currently teaches BJJ at the Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York.

Paul’s pedigree as an instructor includes both high-level Jiu-Jitsu athletes as well as professional MMA fighters. Combined with his vast competitive experience, Paul knows when something really works, and he knows how to teach it to a broad audience. Moreover, he has his mentor, the legendary Marcelo, at his disposal whenever he is working on developing his systems. AS far as the Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD goes, it is safe to assume it is one of these instructionals more than worth its price.

Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD Review

This incredible DVD instructional is organized into two DVDs. Each disc covers a specific array of subjects that relate to each other. Overall, combining the techniques from both discs is simple and comes naturally, once you go through them all. This release is applicable to all levels of Jiu-Jitsu. There are no illegal moves, no techniques too difficult to execute, nor stuff that doesn’t work. The Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD is a rich resource of battle-tested techniques that are essential for any grappler to at least be aware of.

Apart from the technical value of the instructional, you also get great quality too. Whereas bad production can ruin even the best digital instructional out there, this DVD has been spared that predicament. there are absolutely no digital faults in any aspect of this release. The camera work, especially the frequent crucial replays make comprehending the techniques in it a breeze.

DVD 1 – A Few Basic Concepts

Paul Schreiner Half Guard Sweep
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The first volume of this release features 21 total sections, each on a specific topic. Paul Schreiner ‘s methodical teaching style is apparent from the beginning when he lays out the basic concept s of half guard. there’s no point in playing any guard without first understanding base and structure. Paul addresses both in detail before exploring how you can use them to end up on top.

Sweeps are the order of the day in this volume. But before you sweep you need to know how to maneuver yourself into position. Paul addresses hip escape motions and distance management that are essential for disrupting base and structure to sweeping. After a few incredibly basic techniques like the bridge and twist sweep, Paul offers some more unusual options.

Paul Schreiner DVD Half Guard Sweep
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The basis for the sweeping system here is the hook sweep. However, sweeps are not the only moves on the menu. Paul offers submission finishes as well, in two main directions – after the sweep or from a failed sweep. There are some new sweeping and reversal concepts in there as well, which are a result of the relentless half guard evolution. The best part of this complete DVD, for me, are the strategies for dealing with the Whizzer. Simply incredible!

DVD 2 – Half Guard Madness

This volume is the reason that the Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD suits grapplers of all levels. The beginning itself is an indication that you should stick to the first volume if you’re below the purple belt at the very least.

The first few of 21 more chapters are about the leg bundle sweeping system. Paul opens up options that range from a simple Upa sweep to Berimbolo entries. Following closely is the Jedi mind trick section which is going to be everyone’s favorite. How do you sweep someone without them even understanding what’s going on, let alone defend? Well, you Jedi mind trick them, of course. This concept can lead to various great positions, the like of leg drags, back control as well as arm and/or foot locks.

The Jedi mind trick focus carries on to the very end of the DVD, opening up options for dealing with standing opponents as well. Before Paul concludes the instructional, he talks about the reverse half guard as well. As for the conclusion itself, Paul finishes up in the best way possible – by connecting all of the techniques from the set into a comprehensive system.

Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD Techniques List:


  1. Introduction
  2. Manipulating Base
  3. Basic Structure
  4. Hook Sweep
  5. Hip Escape and Leverage
  6. Distance Management
  7. Bridge Sweep
  8. Twist Sweep
  9. Head Control and Underhook Principles
  10. Basic Knee Pick Reversal
  11. Single Leg
  12. Hook Sweep: Inverted Arm Lock
  13. Hook Sweep To Back Take
  14. Matheus Diniz Reversal
  15. Matheus Diniz Reversal To Underhook Recovery
  16. Head and Arm Greco Reversals
  17. High Clinch To Back
  18. Knee Cut Counter
  19. Addressing the Whizzer
  20. Addressing the Whizzer: Hook Sweep To Arm Lock
  21. Leg Bundle Twist Sweep


  1. Leg Bundle UPA Sweep
  2. Leg Bundle Upa Berimbolo
  3. Leg Bundle Closed Guard Recovery
  4. Leg Bundle High Clinch Sweep
  5. Leg Bundle Gable Grip Reversal
  6. Jedi Mind Trick
  7. Jedi Mind Trick | Leg Drag
  8. Jedi Mind Trick | Back Take
  9. Jedi Mind Trick | Dave Camarillo Arm Lock
  10. Jedi Mind Trick | Back Take 2
  11. Jedi Mind Trick | Arm Push
  12. Jedi Mind Trick | Foot Lock Leg Drag
  13. Forcing The Jedi Mind Trick
  14. Jedi Mind Trick | Leg Bundle
  15. Jedi Mind Trick Vs Knee Cut
  16. Enter The 1/2 From Reverse DLR
  17. Jedi Mind Trick Vs Standing Opponent
  18. Reverse 1/2 | Back Take
  19. Reverse 1/2 | Elevator Sweep
  20. Total Game Connection
  21. Outro

Paul Schreiner DVD & Digital Instructional – Half Guard

Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVD
Techniques List
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The half guard is a never-ending source of innovation in BJJ. A position born of necessity, when Roberto Gordo Correa suffered an injury to his leg. Unable to battle from the then customary full guard, he had to innovate. He ended up working form a...paul-schreiner-dvd-half-guard