Lachlan Giles DVD Review: Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi

Lachlan Giles DVD Review: Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi
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Lachlan Giles is back with another DVD instructional. The Australian sensation is already a well-established coach and the man behind some of the best BJJ DVDs in existence. His leg locks DVD is one that any grappler should own. particularly after his impressive ADCC 19 display. That said, Gules is much more than just a submission artist. he has an airtight overall game and is a master of everything, including escapes. His latest instructional is all about escaping, titled ‘Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi and No-Gi”. As usual, we have the very first Lachlan Giles DVD review of his brand new instructional.

Lachlan Giles – Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi

NEW Lachlan Giles DVD Review: Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi
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There’s something that sets Lachaln GilesDVDs apart from others. It may be his highly entertaining character, or the way he teaches, or his groundbreaking concepts. I really can’t put my finger on it. Whatever it is, Lachlan is the man to turn to for anything BJ related. Particularly when it comes to  No-Gi. Well, the man is just as versed in the Gi, and his latest “Fundamentals of BJJ Escapes” instructional is unique in bringing the two together. Check out the detailed Lachlan Giles DVD review below if you’d like a sneak peek into what you get in this DVD.

Beware Of The Quiet Small One

Lachlan Giles didn’t really burst on the scene right away. People knew who the Aussie was mostly due to his str student, Craig Jones. However,  after seeing some youtube clips of Lachlan teaching, the BJJ world did start paying more attention. A few DVDs followed soon, confirming that the small Aussie is just as innovative in his approach as John Danaher. Moreover, he also has a knack for explaining things in terms that people can easily understand and incorporate in their own game.

Lachlan started BJJ at 15 and got his black belt in 2012. Soon after, he started teaching at Absolute MMA in Melbourne and the rest is, well, history. Lachlan himself is no stranger to competition, having won the UAEJJF continental pro, the IBJJF PAn-Pacific in both gi and No-Gi, as well as the ADCC Asia and Oceania trials.

To be honest should’ve been a huge warning sign to everyone in the ADCC 2019. Lachlan did lose his first match in his weight division. he came back with a bang, though, submitting +99 kg champ Kaynan Duarte, along with heavyweights Mahhamd Aly and Patrick Gaudio to get bronze in the ADCC absolute division. The thing that not many noticed si that he was rarely in danger during his competitive effort at the ADCC. If you want to learn why check out the detailed Lachlan Giles DVD review of his Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes instructional.

Escaping Is An Art

Offense is the best defense, people often say. However, if you read Sun Tzu or any other great strategist out there, you’ll learn that in war there are no absolutes. the same holds true for any BJJ battle, whether it is a match or just a friendly roll. So, when the offense doesn’t really work, and you find yourself stuck, which in BJJ will most certainly happen, you’ll need to know ways out of bad spots. the great thing about Jiu-Jitsu is that there’s always a way out.

Lachlan Giles DVD Review: Fundamentals Of BJJ EscapesEscapes are an art form of their own inside the Gentle Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Being able to escape requires much more than just being able to replicate a few moves. Escaping has a lot to do with timing, precision, and understanding of positions. As such, you need someone really experienced at teaching to explain it. However, if you manage to understand BJJ escapes, and develop a foolproof system, ou can be certain to win just about any exchange you get into. Or, at least, not lose a grappling exchange. the idea is that if you can get out of anything safely, you can go and do your own attacks.

“Fundamentals of BJJ Escapes” by Lachlan Giles will provide you with the toolset to do just that. Read our full Lachlan Giles DVD review to see what you’re getting in this instructional/.

Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi FULL Lachlan Giles DVD Review

As we’ve come to expect, this Lachlan Giles DVD features eight volumes. that, once again, brings the total duration of his instructional to well over 10 hours. Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi and No-Gi is a unique blend of a system of Jiu-jitsu escapes. Apart fro featuring Lachlan’s own original philosophies, the DVD manages to bring together the similarities and differences when it comes to escapes in the Gi and without it. it is safe to say that none other BJJ DVDs have managed this before.

As you’ll see in our Lachlan Giles DVD review the instructional has 8 volumes, and they start with the core concepts of escaping and the fundamental movements. He goes on to address the toughest position first – back control. Turtle, front headlock and side control escapes follow before the escaping mount rounds things off. Let’s go chapter by chapter.

Volume 1: Fundamentals

In the first volume of this instructional, Giles covers his philosophy of escaping. he talks about things like how much time you need to put into escapes, as well as the challenges of being as good in escaping with the Gi as you are without it. he also has a very interesting take on why Gi escapes are harder. before he moves on, he also shares the best way to use his Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes DVD.

Following are his core concepts and the fundamental movements. He starts off with the two most important concepts, before moving on to a key concept. that is the notion that not getting submitted does not equal a win. he also talks about not attempting submission from bad positions, before sharing his knowledge on frames and timing.

The first volume wraps up with a section on fundamental movements like the hip escape, bridge, leg pendulum, etc. There are a total of 11 fundamental movements Lachaln covers here, and they are literally everything you’ll lever need to escape any BJJ position.

Volume 2: Back Escapes

As you’ll notice in this Lachlan Giles DVD review, the DVD is organized in four main sections. The first is bout core concepts, and the second about back control escapes. however, it extends well past the second volume, encompassing the turtle and front headlock as extensions of the back position.

That said, part two begins with an overview of the position, and ways to address back escapes from a conceptual standpoint. He talks about what opponents are looking for, before offering ways toge out of back control. And it all starts with defending the choke, the most important part of it all. Stuff like the best side to scape to, and pinning the opponents to the mat, as well as other crucial concepts, are right here on this disc.

However, Lachlan doesn’t just cover back escapes. He covers ways to fend off follow-ups like armbars and rear triangles as well. Moreover, he does offer different ways of escaping at different stages of back control, like signal hook back control. Wrapping up is a portion on how to put all the information together, as well as a few narrated rolls

Volume 3: Turtle Escapes

In the third portion, Lachaln goes on to cover the turtle position. This is still a part of the back escapes series, as the turtle is one of the spots you might end up before or after facing back control. I really loved Lachlan’s take on the turtle and where it stands in the positional hierarchy of things. Again, there are key concepts here, like defending your neck and keeping hooks off.

The way Lachlan organizes the escapes in this volume of his “Fundamentals OF BJJ Escapes” DVD is in stages. The first is when the opponent has no grips. The second is when they have far underhook, then a seatbelt and then, escaping with one or two hooks in. Again, a portion linking all the escapes together marks the end of this volume.

Volume 4: Front Headlock Escapes

The final portion of the back escapes section is dealigned with the front headlock. Once again, the options the opponents have to kick things off. Following suit is hand fighting, which is the most important part of dealing with the front headlock, according to Giles. From there, he offers different routes out, based on some of the fundamental movements outlined in volume 1 of this Lachaln Giles DVD review.

A cool transition si that of defending back attacks that start in a front headlock. this is definitely something not many people have addressed before. Once again, the fundamental movements like hip heisting and circling away are integral to executing successful escapers.

A few specific headlock techniques, with the “sucker drag” being my favorite bring this volume to a close. Of course, there’s the mandatory chapter on linking it all together, as well as some more narrated rolling.

Volume 5: Side Control Escapes

In the fifth volume of Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi and No-Gi, we arrive at the side control escapes. Lachlan starts with side control variations, and the different threats they present. As usual, there’s an analysis of the opponent’s options vs. your options. Frames and hand fighting battles make up for most of the opening chapters as does some key advice on dealing with the crossface. Lachlan Giles DVD Review 

From there on, Giles goes on to explain how and when to escape. Solid frames can open up guard recovery for you, or direct reversals. An escape from the head and arm choke also feature here, as do several options of beating the Kesa Gatame position. The categories here are low and high Kesa Gatame, each with its own respective escape directions. Linking the techniques, as always marks the end of the volume.

Volume 6: North-South & Knee On Belly Escapes

This is a continuation of the previous volume. Still, on the subject of side control escapes, Giles goes on to explore other side control variations. The dreaded North-South makes and appearance, with several innovative ways of getting out. The majority of this volume refers to the North-South, dealing with positions, progressions and most common submission threats. Before it, though, there are several chapters on people switching base in side control, and how you should address that.

Wrapping up both this part of the Lachlan Giles DVD review and the volume is a section on the knee on belly escapes. This is what really got my attention and I have to admit, Lachlan has finally hacked it. He offers crazy new concepts of addressing the knee on belly, and they all seem to be working perfectly. Unfortunately, there’ no way to test them for now, until the Covid-19 quarantine is over.

In any case, escape in all directions, specific pathways, getting to leg locks and linking everything together makes up the knee on belly escape system. Of course, narrated rolls bring things to a close.

Volume 7: Low Mount Escapes

This is where Lachlan addresses the mount position, in the fourth and final section of this DVD. Once again, in order to cover all variations, his escapes extend to two volumes of the Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Lachaln Giles DVD. Types of the mount, basic hand fighting, and options for both grapplers open this volume up. Interestingly, there’s also a lot of leg fighting there, organized in a way never before seen.

The resto fo this volume covers the low mount position and every attack that might come out of it. From the push escape to getting out into different guards, Lachlan offers some great new perspectives on classic escapes here. his go-to guard sare the half guard and Singel leg X guard. Before wrapping up, Lachlan also covers the bridge and roll escape in extreme detail.

Volume 8: High Mount Escapes

As we draw our Lachlan Giles DVD review to a close, we do so by learning how to get out of the high mount position in the final volume. The very first chapter offers a great concept of using the bridge to recover positive grips.  I really loved the portion on S-mount escapes, as that is definitely the hardest mount variation for me to deal with.

There’s a huge chunk in this final volume on resisting submissions from the mount. The Americana, armbar and cross collar choke all feature. However, the star of the show is the grapevine escape, which is extremely easy to master and will work on anyone! Lachlan Giles DVD Review 

One final time in this DVD Lachlan links everything together and offers a few more narrated rolls to put things into perspective.


The “Fundamentals OF BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi” is the first DVD you should pick up, and truly master while having to spend time stuck at home as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Given that the instructional has over ten hours of material, you’ll have something to do until the quarantine is lifted. In the meantime, sue this Lachlan Giles DVD review a guide to watching the DVD and knowing what to expect before you even acquire it.

Lachlan Giles – Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi

NEW Lachlan Giles DVD Review: Fundamentals Of BJJ Escapes Gi And No-Gi
Techniques list
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