Kristina Barlaan DVD Review – Absolute Back Attacks

All other stuff aside, there’s one position in BJJ that we all commonly agree is the absolute best one – the back. You can be as crafty of a leg lоcker as you want, or love to pressure pass to the mount. Give people enough time, and they’ll figure out how to counter your game However, get behind them and you can wreak havoc without having to worry about counters. Iф you get really good at it, you won’t even have to worry about escapes. How do you get that good at attacking from the back mount? One option is to pick up the “Absolute Back Attacks” Kristina Barlaan DVD. Watch it a few times and then go to the mats and dominate. You can thank me later.

Kristina Barlaan – Absolute Back Attacks (DVD/DIGITAL)
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Kristina Barlaan Back Attacks
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If you ask me, I prefer to learn Brazilian Jiu-JItsuform one of two types of instructors. I like the smaller framed ones, or I like female instructors. The reason behind this is that I am on the small side myself (145-155 lbs). Ass I’ve learned from experience, nothing but technique and high percentage moves is helpful against bigger opponents. In my case, that is pretty much everyone in the academy. In fact, if you really want to learn BJJ, it doesn’t matteр if you are male or female, heavyweight or rooster weight young or old. Learn from technical instructors, whether it is directly or through instructionals. And there’s hardly a more technical instructional out there than the “Absolute Back Attacks” Kristina Barlaan DVD.

A Pure BJJ Technician – Kristina Barlaan

Kristina Barlaan is pretty much a household name when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is a highly regarded black belt under a legend in the sport – Caio Terra. She is a multiple BJJ titleholder and one of the toughest pound-for-pound female grapplers out there. If you ask me, she is one of the toughest grapplers out there, period.

Barlaan started with Jiu-Jitsu fairly late. The 32-year-old discovered grappling through Muay Thai at the age of 21. While some people might consider that to be fairly late, this was not the case with Kristina. She had the good fortune of starting to train with Caio terra, one of the absolute best rooster weights in the world. Known for his slick technical style, Caio is a 12-time world champion, with ten of those titles in No-Gi. Barlaan had a short stint of training with Gustavo Dantas as well, as a result of moving. In fact, she got her purple and brown from him, before going back to Caio and receiving her black belt in 2015.

Barlaan’s titles so far include gold at the Europeans, Asian Open, Pans and American Nationals No-Gi. All that’s left, it seems is a world title, and that shouldn’t be too far in the future. Kristina is extremely technical and is notorious for her guard work in particular. However, the ultimate finishing position, similarly to her professor Terra, is back mount. And, given both Caio’s and Barlaan’s No-Gi success, you can bet that the “Absolute Back Attacks” Kristina Barlaan DVD is highly effective against opponents of all levels!

Detailed Review  Of “Absolute Back Attacks”  – A Kristina Barlaan DVD Instructional

What this Kristina Barlaan DVD brings is not something groundbreaking or completely different from what we already know. OPn the contrary, “Absolute back Attacks” is a  two-part instructional that covers stuff that we’ve all seen and attempted before. However, this time around, you get to learn things through the prism of technical perfection.  Ther’s virtually no muscling things or relying on strength or speed here. In fact, you might take things as slow and fast as you want, and get to the back and finish without even breaking a sweat. Barlaan’s back attacking game is that good. Normally you’ll need time to master the nuances, but given how everything is laid out in this DVD, that won’t be much of an issue for anyone. In fact, this is a Gi instructional that’s perfect for all levels of grapplers.

"Absolute Back Attacks" Kristina Barlaan DVD The organization of the presented material also very logical. Moreover, this is not just a technical DVD. Kristina offers her entire back attacks system, meaning you get entries, control, concepts, mechanical details, drills, and direct submission attacks. Everything is divided into two parts. The first one features key concepts that make or break the back control position. It also offers several ways of taking the back from a myriad of different positions. The second part goes over some key grip strategies, as well as side control entries. This part is also the best DVD ever recorded on the subject of the seatbelt grip. Submissions feature heavily throughout both volumes of the instructional.

Disc 1 – Concepts And Entries

Kristina really focuses on some of the core basics of the back mount position in the opening sequences of her ‘Absolute Back Attacks” DVD. In fact, about half of volume one, which runs at just over an hour, is dedicated to core concepts. Here, Kristina covers everything in incredible detail from forming a hip connection to controlling an opponent in every direction. The key part here is to understand that the back is a dynamic position that requires lots of resets. Speaking of resets, you get half a dozen different ways to make sure you remain on the back, from knee grames to some seat-belt control essentials.

After the conceptual portion is over, Bralaan focuses on getting to the back. This approach is the best according to me, as there’s no point in learning entries if you do not know what you’re looking for in a position. That said, the leg drag is Kristina’s preferred entry point to the back. It is easy to obtain, easy to hold and provides lots of technical dominance. The entire portion on entering from the leg drag is based on hip connection, which is one of the core concepts from before. Along the way, Kristina blends in a variety of attacks in the form of Ezekiel and arm triangle chokes and armbars. A personal favorite of mine is the cradle back takes a highly efficient way of surprising even the toughest opponents.

Disc 2 – Control And Tactics

In part two of this Kristina Barlaan DVD, she picks up right where she left off. Kristina likes to get to the back from the top, as it is a great competition strategy. To that extent, knee on belly and side control entries are the main subject of the opening portion of Part 2. Another cradle transition feature here, as well as a few insanely good double under lapel back,  takes.

"Absolute Back Attacks" Kristina Barlaan DVD Review The second portion of this volume goes over seat belt control. As simple as you might think this is, it is time to think again. The way you hold the seat-belt determines how successful you’ll from the back. To that extent, Kristina offers you nothing but the highest-percentage, purely technical submissions available. The bow and arrow choke features heavily, as expected. There are also plenty of transitional attacks that allow you to get a choke before you even get complete back control. Moreover, there’s a cool shoulder lock in there that I’d never seen before.

But that’s not all. Let’s not forget that Barlaan is a really high-level competitor, particularly under IBJJF rules. To that extent, she covers osm key competition tips, including how to get to the mount position as a backup. Baralaan also explains the IBJJF scoring system, and how you can make the most out of it. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone cover transitional scoring begore. A few drills bring everything together to complete the “Absolute Back Attacks” instructional.

A Free Lesson Pack

And yet, there is more. If you are not convinced about picking up the “Absolute back Attacks”  Kristina Barlaan DVD even after this review, you can actually catch a great glimpse of it. There’s an option for a free lesson pack which includes several chapters of this incredible instructional. If you want to take a look at her teaching style and type of stuff she demonstrates for your own, makes sure you check out the free portion before getting the DVD.


Learning from highly technical champions is always a joy. For me personally, every opportunity to learn from a high-level female grappler has proved to be a real game-changer. Given the importance of the back mount position, and Barlaan’s pedigree, this is one instructional no one can afford to miss out on. Get it now, even if you’re not that big on attacking from the back just yet. At one point in time, the  “Absolute Back Attacks” Kristina Barlaan DVD is going to become your favorite. I guarantee it!

Kristina Barlaan – Absolute Back Attacks (DVD/DIGITAL)
FREE LESSONS by Kristina Barlaan

Kristina Barlaan Back Attacks
Techniques List
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