Iron Maiden Back Control DVD by Matt Darcy – A Masterpiece!

Iron Maiden Back Control DVD
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The best-named DVD instructional in the history of Jiu-Jitsu is here! Matt Darcy got everything right with this one. The subject is one that’s universally important for BJJ since its inception – back control. Furthermore, the aspect of back control in this instructional is also crucially important – submission hunting. And the best thing about it is by far the name of the release – “The Iron Maiden Back Control DVD“.

This Matt Darcy product is available now, and I would’ve bought it because of the name itself. Since I also know that Darcy is a very good black belt as well it was a no-brainer. There’s no way to have too much material on back attacks in BJJ. However, you need to have the right quality of material for your purpose. Since I love choking people out, a prolific submission hunter’s release fits right in! Oh, and did I mention that the name is awesome?

Matt Darcy – Iron Maiden Back Control

Iron Maiden Back Control DVD by Matt Darcy
Techniques List

Back Control And How Good It Really Is

Back control is a great spot to be in. What’s not to love? You have control, you have safety and you can submit your opponent at will. Well, okay, you have the first two. For the final part, submissions, you’re going to have to work a bit. The thing with back control is that it’s a very fiddle mistress. Once you start grip fighting for that choke, parts of the total control seize to work. In turn, this means that an experienced opponent can use the submission defense to get out of the position completely. Unless you know how to stop them. And the fun thing about the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD i that it will teach you how in the most unusual way.

For me, back control was an issue for a while. More precisely, finishing from the position was. I looked into it, first with my instructors and then with training partners who excel at the position. While I got great pointers and tips which did improve me, I still couldn’t make sense of it. I couldn’t come up with a cohesive system that has a universal application. At that time I started gathering digital instructionals on the subject. Things did improve but it was the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD that appears to have had a crucial impact on my game. It helped me organize all my understanding of submitting from back control. Since it is a fairly new instructional I still have much more to experiment with it. But if initial results are something to go by, I might’ve ended my search for a high-percentage submission system from the back.

Matt Darcy’s Back Attacking Philosophy

Most people involved in grappling are going to recognize the name Matt Darcy quite easily. After all, he is a fierce competitor who is very active in the scene. His style of grappling makes him one of the most exciting black belts out there. Darcy is the definition of submission hunter and is relentless in his pursuit. The back is his preferred position. When he claws himself there he turns into the most annoying, strangling human backpack in all of grappling martial arts.

Darcy is the owner and head instructor at Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu in San Jose. He is a second degree BJJ black belt under Dave Camarillo. As if that’s not enough, he also has a second-degree black belt in Judo. As far as complete grapplers go, he is right there with the best of them. Matt has a very technical and aggressive style of JIu-Jitsu, constantly hunting for the submission.

Darcy’s experience as a head instructor makes him a great teacher as well. Furthermore, he has experience in both teaching adults as well as children. If you’ve never taught a children’s’ class, you have no idea of the effort and patience it takes. All these qualities translate directly to his teaching method in the  Iron Maiden Back Control DVD. His instructions are clear and precise, leaving no question unanswered.

Iron Maiden Back Control DVD Content

The best named BJJ DVD instructional of all times is one very rich in specific content. In terms of organization, it’s all on one DVD. This gives you the ease of access to all of the incredible 39 sections of the instructional! Furthermore, all the sections are well organized into segments that cover a very specific subject. The level of explanation, as previously covered is exceptional. Matt stays focused on one task only – finishing from back control. there’s no going into different aspects of BJJ and losing the thread of the instructional. Quality-wise, you get a very clean product with a good sound and flawless camera work.

The system that Darcy presents in the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD is a very specific one. It involves using your legs in order to obtain control over the opponent’s arms and upper body. the interesting thing about it is that, unlike some other unsuccessful attempts before, he manages to keep control of the hips as well. the result is a completely tied up opponent even before grip fighting begins. And, with grip fighting out of the picture, finishing can be done with one hand only. Actually, Darcy offers plenty of one arm finishes in this instructional.

Iron Maiden Back Control

The first segment, right after a short introduction is the main one. After taking care of basic control checkpoints, Darcey goes straight into the Iron Maiden. The opportunities here are chokes, both for Gi and No-Gi. The one-arm rear-naked choke is as easy as choking from the back can get if you get the control points right. It is innovative, to say the least. There’s also a very cool take on the bow and arrow choke called the crossbow. It’ll skyrocket your finishing rate from the back for sure.

Flash Of The Blade

Another very cool name for a back attacking system. the Flash Of the Blade focuses on attacking the arms form the back. Both Kimura and straight armbar attacks area available without abandoning control. Once again, this is an area in which the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD easily beats any other similar instructional.

D.O.D Control & Necromancer

Iron Maiden Back Control DVDThe cool names continue as Darcy goes deep into his unusual yet brutally effective system. The D.O.D control is an option to go for from the Iron Maiden. it is a way to keep attacking from the back while switching to even more upper body control than before. Since this is a fairly advanced concept with lots of details, the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD provides answers to questions even before you think of them. There’s a big troubleshooting section that further explains moves like The Iron Maiden Transition, Reverse Guillotine and the intricate grip fighting system Darcy teaches.

Oh and the Necromancer is the funkiest rolling lapel choke from the back you’ll ever attempt!

Reverse Triangle

Why stop at choking with the arms and arm locks, when you can also choke with your legs from back control? The reverse triangle is the only hack you need to deal with extra-defensive opponents. Strong wrestlers or even unmovable Judokas are not going to be a problem anymore. Game-changing techniques like collar control and transitioning to and from the Iron Maiden are the mark of this section. Once again, there’s a troubleshooting portion to clarify everything even further.

The Crucifix

This is a portion of back control I’ve always struggled with. No matter how much I looked into the Crucifix, I never got the hang of it. turns out it was simple, all it took was the Iron Maiden Back Control DVD. Never thought of combining armbars, biceps slicers, chokes, and Omoplatas from the Crucifix? Neither have I, but luckily, Darcy has a system that fits them all in, and then some!

Flow Sequences

This is where everything covered so far starts making sense. It is the blueprint to getting to the Iron Maiden as well as transitioning between its different elements. The perfect ending comes in the form of a couple of drills you can do to truly master the best back control position in Jiu-Jitsu.

Matt Darcy – Iron Maiden Back Control

Iron Maiden Back Control DVD by Matt Darcy
Techniques List
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The best-named DVD instructional in the history of Jiu-Jitsu is here! Matt Darcy got everything right with this one. The subject is one that's universally important for BJJ since its inception - back control. Furthermore, the aspect of back control in this instructional is...iron-maiden-back-control-dvd