Heroic Mom used her MMA Training to Choke and Hit a Man Who Tried to Abduct Her Kids

Chelsi Sabbe, mom in British Columbia, Canada used her MMA training to fight a 35-year-old man who was trying to abduct her children.

The man grabbed one of her children and started running. Chelsi sabbe was running after him and when she finally caught him she jumped on his back and began to choke him until he fell to the ground and released the child.

Sabbe said she used her MMA training to leave the man bruised and bloody. After everything that happened Sabbe was left with just a few bruises.

Sabbe said:

“I hit him in the throat and knocked his feet out from underneath him,” Sabbe said. “I grabbed the five-year-old and put him up on top of the play centre and I jumped up there.”

She said she put six children up high on the playground equipment to keep them safe and began screaming for help, but the man then tried to grab a six-year-old girl.

“He starts throwing punches. He hits me in the face several times. I then knocked him down again off of the playground equipment.”

She says she then put the man in a headlock and told the children to run to safety.

“He jumps up, he again punches me several times in the head and we go at it,” she said. “At this time, it kind of turned nasty. I had to grab him by the hair and knee him in the face a few times, and then he ran away.”

Sabbe, who has mixed martial arts training, suffered bruises on her arm and neck, plus swollen hands from the punches she threw.

“I never expected myself to be able to take down a grown man, and unfortunately you have to get quite physical to do so,” she said. “He was very persistent and it had to get violent. I had no choice but to hurt him and get him on the ground. There was no way I was letting him get away with one of the children.”

In video below you can check Chelsi Sabbe’s heroic story.

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