Top Reasons and Warnings That Your BJJ Coach or Instructor “Sucks”

Top reasons and warnings that your instructor sucks
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We are all paying for our classes and we deserve the best possible instructors for ourselves. So here are top reasons and warnings for you to change your gym as fast as possible. This can be easily applied to any sport.

1. Your instructor’s lineage is unclear! When you ask your instructor about his belt lineage and you notice that his answers are weird, unclear and he has no real Idea who gave him a belt you should be worried.

2. Your instructor never trained Jiu Jitsu or Martial Art that he’s teaching you. Your instructor is fake and you can spend your time better elsewhere.

3. Your instructor hates “what if” questions. Jiu-Jitsu is a very complex sport and instructors should be happy if you ask them as many questions as you want. Instructors that hates your question are most of the time afraid they won’t know the answer. And if they don’t know the answers on techniques that they’re showing something smells there.

4. Your instructor who doesn’t have any serious injuries never spars with his students. Most of the time he is afraid of losing and he doesn’t want to tap. And most of the time he knows he sucks at Jiu Jitsu and he doesn’t want you to see that. If Helio could roll with his students till he was 90 your instructor can too.

5. Your instructor, without any serious injuries, doesn’t want to roll with people who visit your gym. He is afraid of getting submitted and he’s aware what you will think about him.  The real instructor will roll with anyone as he wants you to accept him the way he is not the way he wants you to think he is.

6. Your instructor is your instructor in the gym and not outside of it. If he thinks that he can control your life and act like you’re “little monkey” it’s a bad habit. Outside of the gym, your instructor should know where is his place.

7. Your instructor is pressuring you to buy promo materials, his DVDs, t-shirts and other stuff that you know he has a profit from. He obviously sees you as easy money and you are there to learn Jiu Jitsu for a monthly fee. You’re not his cash machine.

8. Your instructor spent 1/2 or 3/4 of your Jiu Jitsu class time on body exercises, weight lifting, strength, and conditioning… It’s not that Cardio and strength etc. are bad but you’re there to learn Jiu Jitsu not to exercise. He can arrange special classes for that. Don’t know why, but looks like all fake instructors are more focused on your body than on your knowledge. This is one very common thing for all of them.

9. Your instructor doesn’t encourage competing. It’s ok if you don’t want to go to tournaments. You feel it’s huge pressure for you or you just want to come to class and enjoy. But if you want to compete and your instructor always has some reasons for you not to that is a problem.

10. Your instructor forces you to compete in sports he knows you’re not qualified for. This can happen if you’re training Self Defense Jiu Jitsu or some “Krav Maga” type of Jiu Jitsu and your instructor forces you to compete in BJJ tournaments. Well, you’re smart enough to see what you’re training nobody needs to tell you that.

11. Your instructor acts like a bully. He makes fun of his students, he puts his students down or acts violently while showing techniques. It’s a huge sign of his bad personality. Even if he’s not doing that to you, but to others you don’t want to be near instructors like that. Your turn will come sooner or later.

12. Your instructor discourages cross training in Judo or wrestling or any other sport. We should all do what we want and train what we want.

13. Your instructor reacts violently to the acts of “betrayal” from students. We are all free to train what we want and where we want. You’re paying for your training and for your money, you can train where ever you want. Your instructor does not possess you. It’s better to be a “creonte” then stupid.

14. Your instructor charges you for belts and stripes. Your advancing in knowledge is not something you should pay for. It’s something you earned by your hard work. And you’re paying your monthly fee anyway.

15. Your instructor is dating students. Taking advantage of influence that instructors have in class to date students is a disaster. Anyone can fall in love, but constantly “falling in love” is a huge NO for an instructor.

If your instructor applies to more of these, GTFO of there. As simple as that.
Jack Donovan

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