Andre Galvao Vs Fake BJJ Black Belt

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This guy’s name is Martin Suarez and he’s black belt in Yudansha.
Yudansha Fighting System was created in 1988 as a system of self defense, it was MMA training long before MMA was popular. It combines training from Jiu-jitsu, Arnis, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo to create a well rounded fighter not a specialist at any one.
Here is a match between Martin Suarez And Andre Galvao!

It’s very unclear what Martin Suarez was doing in BJJ black Belt tournament but this is his response when he was asked about it.
“Hey Mike, I am not a black Belt in BJJ, my ranks are as follow, 2 degree black belt in the Yudansha Fighting System, First Degree Black Belt by the Kodokan Judo Institute, Black Belt in Shin Tai Judo and Ju jitsu association,, I hold and Honorary black belt title by Budo Kai International. I have fought in the cage and in the ring , no much nonetheless have experience in the MMA world, I considered myself well rounded Teacher and competitor, Have had the opportunity to train with several BJJ instructors, but I like to keep my rank in my style because that is where I found my love for jujitsu and MMA. I have had the opportunity to compete in several BJJ competitions,however I can tell you form BJJ instructors and my own experience that I considered myself to the level of Brown belt in BJJ, I started my martial arts @ the age of 5 years old, my dad was a Goju Ryu Instructors and since then I have learn several martial arts, including Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, and the variations of these, no gi grappling and so on. Thanks for the question.”

Soon after this match against Galvao Martin started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is brown belt now and you can even find his technique videos on youtube. At least he’s legit now.

Here is his video so you can tell us what you think.

UPDATE: We have another comment from a gym owner who knows Martin Suarez very well. Here it is:
“Please allow me to add to this story. The individual is in fact Martin Suarez. He was at my academy a few years ago. I had to expel him due to many delusional mannerisms. The first day he walked in. I recognized him (from being in the most viral BJJ motivational movie ever by Seth Allison). Since I am a fair person, and we all make mistakes, I welcomed him into my academy.

Within about 6 months of him being there, both myself and my partner started to notice some “odd” behaviors.   Eventually I had no choice to but to kick him out. While at my academy, he managed to get promoted to brown belt in bjj. No, not by myself or my academy. He did in fact get a brown from a very legit Black Belt. I will not mention his name, as he is a team mate of mine from another academy location. In my opinion, he pestered the individual into “testing him” for brown. In his defense, Martin is a pretty tough guy. You have to hand it to him for hanging around the sport after being embarrassed world wide like he has been. Truthfully though, it is more due to his delusions than being humble. The funny part about the technique video you have attached, is that the other guy in the video has also been expelled from my academy for being delusional. He was a blue belt under me. Trust me, the two of them should go open an academy together and call it “you may not believe it, but we do” martial arts. lmao   This sport keeps getting crazier.  Dennis Davidson BJJ Black Belt Ricardo Liborio Lineage”

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