Best MMA Knee Pads 2021 Guide And Reviews

2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide
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If there’s one thing that seems to give way for most people in MMA, it is the knees. training is tough, whether we’re talking about technical or conditioning training. in fact, even stretching and recovery can be tough on the knees. Add to that age and a host of other factors outside MMA and you can see why our knees can’t last as long as we’d want them to. Luckily, there are ways to ensure we protect our knees during training. Whether it is contact protection from mat burns or some high-grade support after trauma, knee pads are becoming just an essential piece of gear like sparring gloves and shin guards. With that purpose in mind, we did our research and came up with the following Best MMA Knee Pads 2021 Guide. 

As someone who lost the genetic lottery in terms of knee health, and has been competitively involved in martial arts for over 25 years, I know all the struggles related to knee trouble. I’ve also been on the hunt for a solution for years, and I’ve found it. In fact, I found several. Knee pads are by far the premier gear that can really make a change in how your knees handle MMA-related workload. Out of all the options in our best MMA knee pads guide here I’ve only missed out on one. Still, I had the reliable experience of several pro fighters to fall back on.

Banged Up Knees And MMA Training

So many promising MMA careers have been derailed by gruesome knee injuries. There’s hardly a more well-known one than that of former UFC and WEC champion Dominic Cruz. A training incident led to him blowing his knee didn’t heal properly, blew it again, and got sidelined for years. He managed to get back from injury but was never really the same.

During MMA training, we expose our knee joints to trauma from literally all directions. There are your own bodyweight and the floor vertically, kicking and checking kicks horizontally, and grappling that takes care of every other angle. given that our knees are not meant to handle load and impact in every direction, injuries happen often. The best way around this is, of course, prevention, but that’s not really something people with healthy knees consider until it is too late. Knee pads are arguably the best way of giving your knees the support they need to stay healthy during training and competition.

Even more importantly, perhaps, is how knee pads can help you once you’ve injured your knee(s). having a pair of the best MMA knee pads can make a huge difference in how long you can train and fight for. In fact, even with the aforementioned Dominic Cruz, after the surgical procedures, it was because of knee pads that he made his octagon return. Very often, doctors like to play it safe and advise you to stop training after a knee injury. Instead, look to recover properly and grab yourselves some knee pads. Now you’re ready to hit the grind again.

Best MMA Knee Pads in 2021

The problem with knee injuries is that they come in many forms. There are plenty of structures inside the knee, and they do not have plenty of protection around them. With trauma, you can injure ligaments, tendons, cartilage, meniscus, surrounding muscles, or even the bone. Inflammatory conditions like arthritis and bursitis are also a common ailment of fighters. Now, consider that it is very rare that only one of these issues occurs. They usually occur together, or immediately one after the other. Whether it is trauma or inflammation or something else the results are the same – pain and weakness in the knees.

The one thing you can do for the pain is listening to your doctors. Medication, rest, even surgery if you need it. In order to get back into training, and provide your knee with stability and support, you need knee pads. And not just any kind, you need the best MMA knee pads available, those that will guarantee you remain injury-free. Moreover, they’re inexpensive, sturdy, durable, easy to clean, don’t retain bad odors, and won’t impede your movement. they also offer impact protection, shock absorption and are comfortable to wear. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide: RDX Pads

Even among the very best MMA knee pads, these RDX foam pads stand out. They might seem like a generic over-the-counter type of knee pad at first glance, but they’re anything but. They feature the latest technology and come at a price that beats almost all the others on our list. Even better, they come as a pair.
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The RDX Foam MMA Knee Pads are available in four colors, black-blue, red, and white. All feature the RDX logo on the front of the pad. The sizes range from small to extra large. In terms of modern technologies, let’s start with the Dri-Fit moisture-management system. the pads contain a soft synthetic material that wicks all moisture away instantly. The sleeves are reinforced with a hook and loop strapping system that keeps the pads firmly in place. The padding is virtually indestructible, made from extra light carbon fiber. They offer direct impact protection as well as 360 degrees knee support. machine washable and will never lose their shape even with constant washing.



2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews SafeTGuard Knee Sleeve

SafeTGard ‘s long sliding leg pad is actually not a knee pad by design. This is precisely why it gets to open our best MMA knee pads guide. With this pad, you get extended protection one that covers more than just the knee. Furthermore, despite being constructed like a sleeve, this pad also has a Velcro closure system to allow adjustment.
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The SafeTGard pad is a long knee/leg pad that comes in five different colored versions. Your choices come down to navy blue, royal blue, scarlet red, white, or black. Sizes vary between small and large, allowing for a lot of variety. One thing of note is the length of the pad. It runs from midway along the thigh to the mid-shin region. That way, it ensures the protection of the knee from each side. Moreover, there’s a Velcro strap on the top allowing for optimal adjustment. The material allows unimpeded movement as well as maximal comfort. The pad comes individually, so you’ll have to order two if you’re looking for a pair. Price is the joint lowest in our 2021 guide.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews ko Sports Knee Pads

Straight off the bat, you know that you’re getting a quality product with this one, given that it’s made from Neoprene. made by KO Sports ger this one is specifically designed for combat sports. Wrestlers are particularly fond of this particular knee pad, and I’ve worn it on several occasions myself.
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This knee pad comes in as many sizes as possible. it includes not only adult sizes XS-Xl but also youth sizes between small and large. Apart from direct protection and support of the knee, this pad also improves blood flow and keeps your knees warm throughout training. A key characteristic is this pad is designed to work along with the knee joint. That means you get maximal protection and virtually no interference with movement. It comes in a gray and black combination and comes individually. Works just as fine for both legs. The Neoprene is not just high grade, but also comes padded and will not bind in the back. Very durable and easy to wash in the machine.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews Venym Lycra Knee Pads

Nowadays, it is really difficult to know if a Venum piece of gear you’re getting is going to do the trick. This is not due to the quality, though. Venum’s MMA gear is of premium quality without exception. The thing is that they have so many types of products that you can easily get one you don’t need for a particular purpose. When it comes to the best MMAA knee pads, hardly anything can beat Venum’s Lycra/gel pads. My personal favorite.
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When it comes to Venum, you’re never without options in terms of color and cool-looking designs. These pads are available in 7 different combinations, including black with neo pink, forest camo, and grey-black combinations. Sizewise also covers all their bases, with everything between Smal and Extra Large on offer. The pads are made from a special Neoprene blend that allows them to have very unique properties. Apart from providing great support and overall top protection, these pads also focus on comfort. They have a built-in ventilation system with vents behind the knee. This means your pads will stay dry, and last longer. They also come individually.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews: Contender fight Sports Knee Pads

These pair of knee guards are tailor-made for MMA training. Contender Fights Sports are an MMA gear brand that certainly knows how to make a splash. These knee guards are essential for people that have injuries to the front of the knees, or any kind of patellar weakness. They offer both support and direct impact protection.
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The ContederFight Sports MMA Jel KNee guards come in two sizes and only one color. However, they do come in a pair, meaning you get one of the best deals in our best MMA knee pads 2021 guide. The design is simplistic, yet offering maximal performance. What you get is a couple of Neoprene sleeves, with foam shields attached to the front. The shields are high-density specialized foam covered in synthetic leather. That means you can pretty much do everything with your knees and not feel a thing. It also means these pads are comfortable to wear and very durable. Personally, I have nothing but good experiences with them.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews: Combat Sports Knee Pads

Much like Contender Fight Sports, Combat Sports are making a name for themselves in the MMA industry. One reason for their rise is their focus on quality over quantity. They might not have a whole collection of knee pads, but the ones they offer are head and shoulders above any rivals. If you have a nasty knee injury, these are some of your best bets.
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The sizes here are small and regular, and the design is simple. The base is a high-quality neoprene sleeve, available in black. The pads are blue and feature the latest padding foam technology. In this case, it is an injectable foam that molds according to needs. Specialized foam padding which is larger than any other knee pad, covers that area. Still, the pads ensure maximum mobility and never impede motion. They’re lightweight, comfortable to wear, and will last you a lifetime. The outside of the pads has tough leather covering them, ensuring maximal protection of the kneecap. Come as a pair.


2019 Best MMA Knee Pads Complete Guide and reviews: Shock Doctor Pads

Whenever you’re looking at protective gear for MMA grappling, you need to consider Shock Doctor. As the name suggests, they’re experts at providing shock absorption and protection. Their Shockskin knee pads offer everything you might be looking for in a knee pad. Plus, they convincingly take the title of the best-looking knee pads in our best MMA knee pads 2021 guide.
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These sleeves have one of the best designs possible. They’re available in a black and grey combination and a very slick construction. The material is copyright-integrated fabric. Padding is made from foam that conforms to the knee joint and follows movement flawlessly. Even the seems are reinforced high-frequency fabric. The foam is high density, ensuring direct impact protection of the highest level. Furthermore, the pad offers maximum breathability due to an integrated ventilation system. Very durable and incredibly lightweight. Completely resistant to odors, bacteria, and fungi. Sizes range between XSand XL. Sold individually.

Knee Pad FAQs

MATERIAL. When it comes to materials, you need to understand the structure of knee pads first. There are usually three parts to it: the sleeve, the padding, and the closure. Very often all three are made out of different materials. With the sleeve, elastic cotton is an option but neoprene, pliable and elastic is the golden standard. go for it every time you can find it.

CLOSURE. Closure systems also tend to vary. With knee pads, the usual structure is in a pullover form, with straps for better adjustment. Straps are almost always velcro, sometimes with a hook and loop closure. Furthermore, there some of the best MMA knee pads of 2021 come in a sleeve form, conforming tightly without any added closure. This is down to personal preference.

PADDING. Padding is extremely important as it plays a crucial role in the reason you’re wearing knee pads. The padding can be in a shell or cap form. Furthermore, materials for the pads vary between foam, plastic, rubber, or carbon fiber. The type of padding determines which part of your knee will get the most protection. Moreover, they determine how much protection and shock absorption are available.

SIZE. When it comes to size, the key thing is consulting size charts. A knee pad too tight will restrict movement and blood flow, actually making injuries worse. Too big and you’ll keep having to adjust them. If you have no previous experience, get a pair of pads that have a closure system that allows for adjustments.

INJURIES. Finally, it is key that you know what type of pads you need for a certain injury. Most of the pads in our guide cover just about everything. However, in certain situations, you might need a very specific type of pad to provide adequate support.


If you have or ever had a knee injury, you won’t need too many reasons to get the best MMA knee pads. While this guide is for everyone, it is particularly important to people that still have healthy knees. Make sure you recognize when you demand too much of your knee joints and allow them some much-needed rest by acquiring a pair of pads. It may only be one knee or both. However, you’ll certainly need to wear them at some point or another. Why not be ready?

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