Best MMA Medicine Balls 2020 Guide And Reviews

Out of all the funny looking objects we see people using in MMA conditioning today, there are a few that actually have a real benefit. Stuff like bodyweight training and weightlifting is no mystery and hardly anyone skips this when training MMA strength. Conditioning-wise, running, sprints, etc are also staples. When it comes to the less usual stuff, there’s a whole array of things, out of which, only a few works. Namely, kettlebells, sleds, and medicine balls work. Most of the other stuff, from water-filled PVC pipes to Bosu balls are only for show. Out of the stuff that actually has an impact on MMA training, today’s focus is going to be on medicine balls, But not just any medicine ball – we’re after the Best MMA Medicine Balls you can get in 2020! 

Unfortunately, MMA training suffers a lot as a result of marketing. Today’s exposure to anything and everything often leaves people confused when it comes to efficient training methodology. This often results in people ending up choosing the wrong option due to the way it is presented. Today, we won’t try and sell a specific product, but rather focus on experiences. Marketing aside, the best MMA medicine balls stand out from all others by a country mile. In order of providing full transparency, we share our selection criteria as well as our recommendations for the best MMA medicine balls to help you achieve the next level of conditioning.

Training With Medicine Balls

Why do medicine balls work so well for MMA training? To get to the bottom of that question we have to first understand what medicine balls are. Medicine balls are essentially heavy balls that come in a variety of sizes. Historically speaking, wrestlers in ancient Persia and Greece used bladders of animal skins filled with sand to train for fighting. As per the Greek healer Hippocrates, these balls were used for “medicinal” purposes, hence the name. Later on, gladiators also used them to get in shape.

In the modern era, it was boxers that really popularized the use of medicine balls. Later on, CrossFit picked up on them, making them a staple of their training. Of course, MMA fighters looking for an edge we’re looking for anything to use that their opponents were not. Of course, medicine balls quickly became a thing. As it turns out, medicine balls are actually one of the few tools that can really make a difference when it comes to getting ready for cage fighting.

Training with medicine balls offers the opportunity to train with an object that’s difficult to keep a hold of. Moreover, the different materials and different sizes of medicine balls make holding it an even bigger challenge. Next, it is a weight that moves in an unpredictable pattern, helping you emulate movements that often occur during actual fights. Furthermore, medicine balls do not require a specialized training facility, nor are movements hard to master. Plus, there’s minimal risk involved, depending on the exercises. To that extent, we bring you our comprehensive best MMA medicine balls guide for 2020, to help you choose the best medicine ball for your needs.

Best MMA Medicine Balls 2020 Guide

Before going into our best MMA Medicine Balls 2020 guide, let’s look at some of the main characteristics of MMA medicine balls. The first thing to consider is the shape. Just like a football has nothing to do with a standard round shape. In terms of medicine balls, shape usually means the size of the ball. The bigger the balls are, the less they have a “perfect” round shape. Some of the largest balls are not particularly suited for throwing exercises, but rather for specific drills, like bridging and hip escapes.

Another thing that you absolutely have to consider is durability. there’s no point in investing in a medicine ball if it is going to give way under the strain of everyday use. All of the entries in our best MMA medicine balls guide fit this description, offering lifelong durability, and often, full money back or replacement guarantee should something happen. Durability is also huge given the propensity for slamming medicine balls to the ground and throwing them up against walls.

Finally, there’s the question of weight, which is exactly why we offer so many options in our guide. If you’re a beginner, by all means, start off easy. If you are more advanced and have some basic knowledge of medicine ball training then go for a challenging weight. Some of the options in our guide include E-books with exercises and program designs to help you build workouts for yourself.


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If there’s one thing we take pride in, it is providing variety. In this best MMA medicine balls 2020 guide we not only provide different types of balls but also included medicine balls that offer as much variety as possible within a given category. Our first choice today is the Valeo Rubber Medicine Ball. It is a classic-style medicine ball that easily checks all the boxes of one of the best for 2020!
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The first thing to discuss is, of course, variety. The Valeo medicine ball is available in 5 different weight options. Conversely, every different sized ball (4,6,8,10 and 12 lbs) has a different color to make it easier to find whatever you’re looking for if you have more than one. The material is made to last, consisting of extra durable sturdy rubber. Moreover, the construction is such that it offers a textured surface, making gripping easier and eliminating the risk of slipping. This medicine ball also has the ability to bounce off hard surfaces, making it perfect for slams and throws. Fantastic for MMA training and the variety in weight cover just about everyone’s needs. Comes with a free fitness guide in the form of an exercise wall chart with exercises and workouts.

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If you’ve ever seen a CrossFit workout, you’ve surely noticed people throwing large leather balls up walls. These are wall balls, which is exactly what the J/Fit ball is. It is a soft leather medicine ball, available in almost a dozen different weights and sizes. It is also a great tool to train a lot of different MMA -specific qualities, rather than just throwing it upwards against a wall.
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One of the greatest values of this particular medicine ball is in the type. As a wall ball tit is soft and big, making it particularly challenging to train with. Moreover, it offers lots of different weights, between 6 and 30 lbs. The reason it makes our best MMA medicine balls 2020 guide is down to its construction. The triple-stitched, heavy-duty design makes it difficult to handle and perfect for MMA specific drills. It has the ability to absorb impact which is key when you’re looking to throw and slam it around. The softshell also reduces the risk of injury even if you somehow manage to drop it on yourself. It comes in a black and red combination and is designed to outlast most other medicine balls out there.

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So far in our best MMA medicine balls guide we saw a regular medicine ball version and as for wall ball version. Well, the Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Ball is bang in the middle of those, offering something different. Essentially it is a combination of all the best traits of both types of medicine balls, with none of the restrictions. In terms of training options, this one is by far in the lead compared to all the other medicine balls in our guide.
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On offer, there are 8 different weight options, ranging from as low as 4-6 lbs to as high as 20-22 lbs. As with the Valeo medicine ball, all weights are color-coded for easy recognition. In terms of material, this medicine ball is made of leather, giving it a soft outer shell, much like that of a wall ball. This means the ball is easy to handle, comfortable to train with, and minimizes the risk of slipping. A specialized texture on the outside of the leather further allows better grip control. The ball is designed for heavy-duty use with high-grade materials, so no amount of slams and throws is ever going to damage it. Being a blend of two types of medicine balls also increases the number of exercises you can do with it. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

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When talking about the best MMA medicine balls, this one is my personal favorite of them all! The TRX Slam Ball is a medicine ball created for power training. As such, it is the best choice for executing the bonus workout we share with you at the end of this article. It is also a ball I own myself and have gotten some amazing results with it.
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We’ve all heard of TRX, but we only relate it to suspension trainers most of the time. As it turns out, TRX actually has more than just suspension trainers when it comes to MMA strength and conditioning tools. The TRX medicine ball is as good as a medicine ball can get, and it comes at an unbelievable price. Available in 9 different weights, this ball is by far the heaviest on our list. Starting at 6 pounds, this ball is available in as much as 40 and 50 lbs versions. That’ll challenge even the strongest MMA fighter out there! Another huge aspect fo this ball is the surface. Unlike any other medicine ball in existence, the TRX power ball features a rugged, specially textured surface that allows insane gripping! It is made out of durable ultra-thick rubber that absorbs impact with ease.

Also comes with a one-year warranty and a workout program to point you in the right direction. Can’t recommend it highly enough, particularly for MMA training!

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After the uniqueness of the TRX power ball, what’s left to offer? Well, the Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine ball is one option. Still going forward with variety in mind, we included another highly specialized ball in our best MMA medicine balls 2020 guide. This one should not be your first choice for throws and slams but is irreplaceable when it comes to other aspects of MMA strength and conditioning.
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If you like to use a medicine ball in a more conventional fashion, this is the ball for you. Also, if you’ve never used one and are just starting, it is a great tool, to begin with. Not that it won’t challenge even seasoned fighters, as it comes in all sizes between 3 and 30 lbs. Furthermore, it is available in more different color designs than any of the other entries in our best MMA medicine balls 2020 guide. All of them have a black base, which comes in combinations with orange, red, blue, yellow, teal, purple, olive, grey, and many more. It has a patented rubber outer shell guaranteeing durability.

Moreover, it features handles on both sides, offering the most secure grip you can get. While slams and throws are still an option, I do not recommend you doing them with this particular ball. Best priced medicine ball in the whole guide!

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Finally an option for those that really want to dive into medicine ball training, or are gym owners. MMA and BJJ gyms are going to benefit massively from a whole set of medicine balls, as are individuals that like to use them as their only strength and conditioning tool. Cap Barbell is here to provide a solution, offering  6 piece set of extra quality medicine balls.
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If you are bold enough to really dedicate to training with medicine balls for fighting, this is a once in a lifetime deal for you. The Cap Barbell 6 medicine ball set has textured rubber medicine balls of different weights and colors. The set includes a 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 lbs medicine ball. They also come with a rack to keep them on and ship all together in one box. The balls are heavy-duty, classic MMA medicine ball style, with the ability to bounce off hard surfaces. In essence, it is the only set of conditioning tools you’ll need to take your MMA conditioning to the highest possible levels. No additional training equipment needed!

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Medicine Ball MMA Workout

After exploring the best MMA medicine balls for 2020, let’s look at a sample medicine ball workout for MMA and/or BJJ sot that you can put your new medicine ball to use right away. Medicine balls allow you to mimic many of the positions you encounter during an MMA fight. The goal of this workout is to help you develop overall strength and conditioning while developing useful MMA habits., like keeping your arms up even when you’re exhausted.

The workout consists of 5 medicine ball drills that are highly specific to MMA. What you need to do the workout is a medicine ball of your choosing (shape and weight) and enough space to work in. it is preferable that you do this workout outside because slams might damage floor surfaces that are not intended for training. Speaking of slams, there are a lot of them in this particular workout. The effects are massive increases in both conditioning and overall explosive power.

First up, we’ll layout the programming, and then move on to explain the exercises themselves. Programming is easy, with every exercise done for 3 sets. The reps range per exercise is 6-10 repetitions, with unilateral exercises done on each side. You have the option to extend sets up to five, but this is only for people with a very high level of conditioning. Moreover, You might need to limit the weight of the ball to the limit for your one-arm moves. An alternative is to have two medicine balls, a heavier and a lighter one. The full workout is listed below:

  1. Power Slams
  2. One Arm Medicine Ball Slams 
  3. Overhead Medicine Ball Throw
  4. Rotational Medicine Ball Slams
  5. Rotational Medicine Ball Throws

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can either do it in straight set, superset or even circuit style.

Final Thoughts

Training with medicine balls is a great and fun way to get ready for anything, from the CrossFit games to MMA fights. That said, you need to know exactly what you’re getting in order to obtain some real results. On one side you have the best MMA medicine balls you can get in 2020 and on another, everything else. Unless you’re looking to go really old school land train in sand-filled bladders, stick to our guide for guaranteed quality!

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