Best MMA Thai Pads 2020 Guide With Detailed Reveiws

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Training MMA striking requires a god awful amount of equipment. You need the space to train, you need timers, hand wraps, gloves, heavy bags… however, what you need more than anything if you’re to get better at striking is a training partner…and a couple of Thai pads. there’s hardly a better way for you to learn striking than by hitting pads on a regular basis. Live sparring is great, but how often can you do it? heavy bag work is also important but lacks a defensive aspect. Training with Thai Padis is a way of training that covers every important aspect of MAM striking. And, apart from a knowledgeable partner, it requires some of the  Best MMA Thai Pads 2020 has to offer. 

For many people, striking is an aspect of MMA they really enjoy training. Unlike grappling, with striking you have many training modalities available. With BJJ and wrestling, you can either drill or go with a partner. However, when it comes to Muay Thai and kickboxing, you can go at it alone. Moreover, you can go for bag work or simply shadowbox without any equipment required. Or you could grab a partner and go live or drill. There’s also one unique training aspect that actually includes all of the above – hitting pads. A pair of great Thai pads can really take your striking abilities to the next level. To that extent, grabbing a pair of the best MMA Thai Pads mean you won’t ever have to go shopping again. Check them out!

Best MMA Thai Pads in 2020

One of the main roles of MMA Thai pads has a lot to do with the person holding them. You won’t find many training partners if their arms are shattered after every time the train with you. The best MMA Thai pads we have in our 2020 guide all have certain qualities in common. One of those key qualities is the ability to help with impact absorption with maximal efficiency. On top of that, we made sure all our suggestions are easy to get a hold of and stable while you’re holding them.

For those on the other side of the pads, we also made sure of certain key elements. One such thing is the material. As you’re about to see, all the pads in our best MMA Thai pads 2020 guide are premium material, leather, or synthetic. They’ll all last you a lifetime (or two) without showing signs of deterioration. Moreover, we included several different sizes, shapes, and overall options. We held off on focus mitts simply because they deserve a complete article of their own. Plus, Thai mads offer you the option of training every aspect of MMA striking from punches and kicks to elbows and knees without having to change equipment.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide Everlast Pads

No messing around here, as we start with one of the best brands for martial arts equipment. Everlast is a guarantee of quality on its own but often comes with a hefty price tag too. Luckily, we know which of their products fulfill the highest standards of quality while coming at an incredibly low price. One such product is the Prime MMA Thai Pad, a real leader among the best MMA Thai pads of 2020.
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This pad comes in a black, white, and grey combination, with some really cool bright green stitching along the edges. The material is premium synthetic leather that guarantees durability and sturdiness. Furthermore, it is a special blend that allows for a very soft feel during training. This pad also boasts an authentic Thai-style design, complete with extra dense premium foam padding. The padding ensures maximal safety for the person holding, and maximal comfort for the person striking. The inside has Isoplate forearm padding that stabilizes the pad and provides extended support. The closure is via a hook and loop system with associated riveted handles that come reinforced. This pad is the ultimate product of the latest technologies. Available in one universal size.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide Conteder Pads

Coming in second in our best MMA Thai pads 2020 guide is a pair of pads that come to us courtesy of Contender Fight Sports. These are the perfect Thai pads for anyone, but will particularly benefit beginners. They’re easy to use, utlraf=comfortable, and come downright cheap for the quality they offer.
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The first important thing to note here is that with these pads you get a complete set. They come in a pair, meaning you can get all you need in one click. In terms of material, they’re made of a special type of Vinyl. The way they’re constructed ensures they’re easy to hand,e easy to clean, and can take all your toughest strikes without budging. The inside has not one but two hook and loop straps to secure the pads. An additional riveted handle ensures complete control for the person holding the pads. The Contender Fight Sports MMA Thai pads are regarded very highly and are a top choice for many professional fighters.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide RDX pads

These are the most advanced pair of pads in today’s guide. They feature a very original design that makes them incredibly comfortable to work with for both parties. That said, they also have a really acceptable price, given the use of the latest technologies. Plus, they’re an RDX product that is synonymous with long-lasting MMA gear.
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First of all, these MMA Thai pads come in a pair. The shape of the pads is unlike any on the list. Namely, they have an oval shape and feature a natural arm position curve. The outside is all genuine leather, making them incredibly durable. It comes in dimensions 33cm x 20cm x 10cm. The filling is also uniques, with three layers of gel integrated foam which is extra thick. Each layer features a different type of foam, with EVA foam as the base, and Calibrated Impact Diffusion Foam on top. The Calibrated Impact Diffusion Foam is split into two parts by an Infused shock dispersion sheet. The pads come in a black, white, and red color combination. they’re extremely lightweight, featuring two velcro straps and a riveted handle. These MMA Thai pads are our preferred choice.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide Sanabul Pads

Sanabul is a brand that has a vast array of MMA, and martial arts in general, gear. Their take on MMA Thai pads comes in the form of The Battle Forged Thai pads, the best-priced pair in the best MMA Thai Pads 2020 guide. They come in a few different colors and have plenty of eye-catching properties.
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These Thai pads sure offer variety. they’re available in three main colors, black, white, and brown. Given that the material is leather, all of the designs look amazing. Moreover, this is the lightest pair of Thai pads in our guide. Each pad weighs approximately 1.5 pounds which is unusually light for Thai pads. this is mainly down to the San-Air Ultra-light foam which makes these pads revolutionary. It is able to withstand and absorb crazy amounts of force while being extremely light. Plus it makes the pads comfortable to hit and wear. There’s also a secure Velcro system, complete with two hook and loop closures and a handle. They come in a pair and offer a 5″ x 7.5″ striking area.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide Fairtex Pads

Fairtex has a pair of Thai pads that made our best MMA Thai pads 2020 guide because of multiple reasons. First up, they’re a bit longer than usual ones, allowing for a much more varied presentation of targets. Next, they’re of great quality and a great price that goes along it. Plus, they look great, with a bullseye painted in the middle.
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Once again this is a pair of lightweight Thai pads perfect for MMA training. There’s an ergonomic curve design that allows for a tighter fit, which makes these pads particularly useful for leg kicks. The forearm straps are reinforced, and the handle is the perfect thickness to ensure a comfortable and tight grip.  The pads come in a pair and are 15″ long. They’re available in one design only, black and white with red seams. The Fairtex logo is on top of the striking area with a white bullseye in the middle of it. The material is ultra-durable leather, and the filling is with Fairtex copyright ultralight foam.


Best MMA Thai Pads 2019 Complete Guide Combat Sports pads

Combat sports as a brand might not be your first choice for MMA gear. In terms of Thai pads, particularly their leather one,s this would be a mistake. While these pads are simple in design, they’re extremely durable and are available at a more than reasonable price. Actually, the price of these is outright cheap! Furthermore, they can freely challenge Sanabul’s pads for the title of the lightest weight pads in our guide.
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On the subject of lightweight, the foam in these Thai pads is of a special type, able to withstand massive impact while retaining its thickness for years! In terms of design, they’re pretty basic, which was obviously the goal. Two hook and loop Velcro closures and a riveted handle at the back. A plain one-color design with blue striking and holding areas and a black edge. The material is genuine leather that’s able to withstand everything you throw at it in terms of strikes. These are pads with functionality and durability as their primary goals and they do a great job of achieving them. Dimensions are 16″ height x 8″ width x 4″ thickness. They come in a pair and are not curved, allowing you to train front kicks and side kicks at full power.

Training With Thai Pads

Let’s talk about training with MMA Thai pads. If you’ve never done it, you either need to pick up your training or find a new gym. Working with Thai pads is an integral part of any striking martial art. For MMA, it is mandatory. there’s hardly a better way to develop overall great striking without the damage lives sparring brings. For those of you thinking a heavy bag is enough I’ll use an old boxing quote: “Bags don’t hit back!” While pads don’t either, the training partner wearing them does. This means with pads, you get the best of both worlds, without any of the risks of live sparring. And you need the absolute best MMA Thai pads if you’re to ever fight at the highest levels of MMA.

When you’re training MMA striking with Thai pads, a partner that knows what they’re doing is paramount. Thai pads on their own are useless. A knowledgeable training partner is essential in leading you to train correctly. When a person holds pads for you, if you are a beginner, they’ll shout combinations out. At the same time, they position themselves in a way that opens up properly set targets for you. More experienced and advanced fighters only need the targets and react to what they’re seeing.

Training with Thai pads helps you work on many striking aspects. First, you develop hand-eye coordination and improve reaction time. Next, you work plenty of different punching and kicking combinations. There’s also the defensive part of the training, as your partner will swing the pads making you bob and weave, or even check kicks. Last but not least, you have to focus a lot on footwork in every possible direction, simulating movement in a fight.

Thai Pads For MMA – FAQs

Before we end, let’s talk about a few important points when it comes to choosing the best MMA Thai pads for training. If you have no previous experience in acquiring Thai Pads, below we have answers to some of the most common questions.

Size. Something most people get confused about is the size of the training pads. As you saw earlier, there are different sized pads out there. What you essentially have to have is a pair of pads that can help you train both kicking and punching. That means leaving Thai shields aside, as well as boxing style focus mitts. Go for a pair of Thai pads that’ll let you train all, the likes of those above.

Curve. Whether you choose curved or straight Thai pads is mostly down to your preference, and that of your training partner. Curves have a lot to do with impact absorption and the delivery of strikes. Ergonomically optimized designs like the RDX pads above are a great blend of both, and should your first choice.

Quality. This one is pretty easy. You want pads that won’t give way. however, that doesn’t just include the striking surface but also the handles and straps. leather is always a great choice, as are combinations of Velcro and handles.

Impact Absorption. This is huge for the person holding the pads. If there’s one quality you need to really pay attention to, it is the comfort of the person wearing the pads. This is will allow you to train better, and also extend the life of the pads. The filling is also very important.


MMA Thai pads are not just an integral part of MMA training, but they are also a lot of fun to train with. Hitting pads is versatile, easy to adjust to your level of experience, and always yield results. If you want fast progress in the overall MMA striking technique, choosing a pair of the best MMA Thai pads from our 2020 guide is a great way to ensure progress. Now, grab a pair of pads and off to the gym!

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Training MMA striking requires a god awful amount of equipment. You need the space to train, you need timers, hand wraps, gloves, heavy bags... however, what you need more than anything if you're to get better at striking is a training partner...and a