Best BJJ Christmas Gifts & Presents For 2021

Best BJJ Christmas Presents

It is the holiday season!!! It is that time of year when food and drink are in abundance, and training is hardly the priority. As hard as it seems, this also includes grappling. As Christmas draws nearer, BJJ academies are going to have fewer and fewer people in the class. Both professionals and recreational grapplers alike also like to kick back and take a week off during the festivities. However, most, if not all grapplers, are still going to be thinking about rolling and Jiu-JItsu related stuff. This makes shopping for a grappler a real breeze since you already know what to get them! And we have the absolute Best BJJ Christmas Presents for this year’s holidays lined up and ready to go! 

Shopping for a significant other, family member, or friend can be a real pain, especially if you know the really good! Well, if you’ve got a grappler for one or more of those then you won’t have any shopping headaches this holiday season! However, even shopping for grapplers needs some pondering. After all, you can’t just go out and buy a Gi for someone training mostly No-Gi, right? Even if you know precisely what your favorite grappler needs, you still need to be able to find the best possible option. Today’s article is all about the very best BJJ Christmas presents you can get. Whether you’re choosing for a grappler, or you are a grappler offering choices to your closest, all the information you’ll need for this year’s shopping is right here!

Jiu-Jitsu Gifts

Jiu-Jitsu gifts are some of the best options to put a smile on a grappler’s face! They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different areas of interest. When it comes to shopping for grapplers, all you need to know are two things. First of all, you need to know which gifts are the best fit for the person(s) you’re shopping for. Next up, you need to know how to get the best BJJ Christmas presents at a price that fits your capabilities!

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsAs far as the first aspect is concerned, you need to know your favorite grappler’s needs. Perhaps they need a brand new Gi, or some other training gear, like rashguards. Maybe they’re fresh from an injury and need some supportive gear. Or, they are looking to compete a lot more next season and want to increase their strength and stamina. Maybe they’re into the modern Jiu-Jitsu formula and certain digital resources are going to make them love you more than they love BJJ! Well, ok, that’s a farfetched holiday wish for you, but still, you can get pretty close!

From a different perspective, shopping for Jiu-Jitsu athletes is no different from shopping for anyone else. The easy part is knowing what they need or want at the moment. the hard part is choosing the correct Jiu-Jitsu gift and finding it at a reasonable price. Just like with everything else, the demand for BJJ presents increases during the holiday season, so you’ll need to act really fast in order to get the best deals! In order to remove any obstacle, we put together a very comprehensive list of the best BJJ Christmas presents you can order online! There’s something for everyone in there, and who knows, perhaps even more than one gift.

Exploring The Options 

So, what exactly are your options for this holiday season? How are you going to make a grappler smile while they’re away from the mats and getting stuffed with foods they wouldn’t regularly eat?  Well, we’re going to use a very simple method – categorization. We’ll divide all the best BJJ Christmas presents into a few main categories, and then take it from there.

First of all, you can’t train BJJ without the appropriate apparel. However, we’re going to extend this category to also include everyday clothing along with training equipment. Of course, the first item here is a BJJ Gi, and we’ll bring you nothing but the top couple of options that any grappler would gladly wear. Also featuring are belts, rashguards, and spats, along with a very versatile piece of training apparel – shorts. For the finer half, we offer a couple of great training bra options.

Next up we have BJJ gear. Here, we’ll include both everyday gear, like bags and backpacks and supportive gear. If you’re shopping for someone currently injured or coming back from injury, knee pads, elbow pads, and finger tape are all fantastic options. There’s also the inevitable mouthguard.

BJJ resources area also a perfect gift for any grappler. Whether you choose a book, a strength, and a conditioning program, or a technical BJJ video instructional, you won’t go wrong with our selection!

Finally, a mix of things that come in very handy for people that roll. From shaker bottles to supplements, we have them all here, and at the best possible prices too!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of it. Just as a reference, we have very detailed shopping guides on most of the categories we’re looking at today. However, since the holiday season is a very specific shopping situation we wanted to include something from everything so that everyone’s taste is covered. And we did. So, whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one, a close friend, or you’re simply stuck with a grappler for secret Santa, this is the place for your BJJ gift!

John Danaher DVDs

Surprise, surprise! If there was anything that truly marked 2021 it was the crazy amount of video instructions on the subject of grappling. it seems pretty much everyone in Jiu-Jitsu has one these days. However, the one thing the grappling world agrees on is 2021’s winner is the John Danaher DVD collection. And yeah, it is a full-blown collection now, not just an instructional or two.

If you’re looking for the best BJJ Christmas presents, this should absolutely be the first thing on your list. You could go all out and get all of the DVDs as a collection, but it might turn out to be pricey. That said, you can always decide to get one or two of the titles. After all, each of the 5 releases has over 10 hours of incredible quality material on it. If you’re struggling with the subjects, let us make things simple. If you’re shopping for a beginner, go for the Kimura or Triangle DVD. And, if you’re shopping for a No-Gi wizard, there’s no way they won’t like the leg locks DVD! And for Gi, only grapplers, the back attacks, and even the Front Headlock series are unmistakable hits!

Check out the best deals on each of Danaher’s releases as well as the whole collection:

#1 Leglocks: Enter The System 8 DVD Instructional Set

#2 Back Attacks: Enter The System 8 DVD Instructional Set

#3 Front Headlocks: Enter The System 8 DVD Instructional Set

#4 Kimura: Enter The System 8 DVD Instructional Set

BJJ Gis 

Although No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu is on its rise, rolling with the Gi is still the most common form of Jiu-Jitsu training. this means the Gi represents the most sought-after piece of BJJ related gear out there. No wonder there are so many companies looking to place their products all across the globe. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task even for grapplers, let alone for someone who doesn’t train. So, let’s make things simple. Not all Gis work as best BJJ Christmas presents. The ones that do, though, are the following:

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsYour very first choice of Gi for the holiday season, and 2021, in general, should be Sanabul. Completely preshrunk, this Gi is the top choice for every BJJ practitioner. Both the recreational roller and the high-end competitor are going to find this Gi fits their every need. The pre-shrinking technology is so good, that Sanabul ul encourages you to carefully consult the size charts, as they guarantee absolutely no shrinkage.

The Sanabul Essentials v.2 is a new generation single weave Gi, made of an antimicrobial material that also doesn’t retain odors. The collars are stuffed with high tech rubber, making them extremely sturdy and durable. A free belt just tops off this amazing Christmas offer!

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsNext up, the Elite Sports Ultra-Light Gi also deserves your attention. If you are a grappler yourself, consider getting a couple of these, as you’ll want one too, once you lay eyes on it. First great quality – weight. This Gi is truly lightweight and durable, making it perfect for both training and competing. On the subject of competing it is IBJJF approved. The Elite Sports Ultra Light Gi comes with a free belt and, more importantly, is 100% pre-shrunk, Make sure you consider this when choosing the correct size!

Also, this Gi comes in a wider variety of colors, navy blue, pink, and gray adding variety to the regular white black, and blue options. The material is strategically reinforced and resistant to both fungi and microbes.


Normally, right after the Gis, we’ll address the second most sought-after BJJ training item – rashguards. There’s no way to skip over them as we browse the best BJJ Christmas presents for this holiday season. The thing with rashguards is that grapplers that train both with and without the Gi, need them on a daily basis. Wearing one while training No-Gi is pretty obvious unless you like to roll old-school. Wearing one under your Gi makes for a more comfortable experience and helps protect your skin and extend the longevity of your gi. In short, an absolute essential!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents Let’s kick things off with something familiar. We already covered Sanabul as a Gi option, so we’ll just extend that into rashguards. After all, it’s great to have a complete set, isn’t’ it? The first and the most important thing is that we’re talking about ranked rashguards here. that means you do not just get a rashguard for training, but you can also wear it in official IBJJF tournaments. And that includes wearing it under your Gi as well.

This rashguard has strategically placed mesh ventilation, to help reduce odor. It also features antimicrobial and antifungal materials, plus compression that improves blood flow. The rashguard has 4-direction stretch technology, making it durable and hard to tear. On top of everything, you can choose between a long and short-sleeved option!

Short Sleeved Sanabul Essentials Ranked Rashguard   

Long Sleeved Sanabul Essentials Ranked Rashguard   

Best BJJ Christmas Presents One of the most comfortable BJJ rashguards you’ll ever wear! Certainly, one of the very best BJJ Christmas presents you can get for anyone! The Gold BJJ rashguard has a really cool design and is ultra-strong, yet lightweight. It is made from revolutionary breathable material that features a moisture-wicking blend that’ll keep the rashguard dry! The design is not only a really cool one, with camo sleeves, but the print is also of the highest quality. The colors won’t fade or fall off during washing.

All in all, this is a great rashguard option, for both training and competition. The only drawback is that this rashguard is not IBJJF approved, nor ranked. However, Gold makes up for this by offering either a full refund or a replacement if you’re not satisfied with your rashguard!

Jiu-Jitsu Spats

Another mainstay of modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seems to be the spats. As unusual as they might look at first glance, they actually have a very specific use. Spats offer a huge advantage in No-Gi by providing a solid gripping surface on otherwise very slippery body parts. Of course, this is not their only use. Spats help grapplers stay protected, they aid blood flow via compression, they extend the life of Gi pants and they help keep you warm in winter. All in all, training without spats is pretty much the same as training without a rashguard – only a handful of grapplers are doing it. Plus, a good pair of spats looks awesome when paired with a great rashguard on No-Gi day!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The Elite Sports spats are an unmistakably solid option for an awesome Jiu-Jitsu gift. They come in a large variety of colors and all the usual sizes. They’re full-length spats which makes them perfect for training Jiu-Jitsu. The material they’re made of is a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. This guarantees they’re extremely lightweight, yet incredibly durable. Plus they feature moisture-wicking technology as well. There’s modern flat-lock stitching running the length of these spats along with a dual lock waistband.

The design is also a really cool one, with no unnecessary accessories. The Elite Sports Advanced Grappling spats feature a couple of different colored bands on the ankles, as well as cool designs on both tights. This makes them nominalistic, yet very stylish.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents Who doesn’t want to get two items for the price of one? Talk about the best BJJ Christmas presents! Neleus doesn’t just offer a great pair of spats for every grappler’s needs, but they also give you a free pair along with them! These spats are the best option for people that do not like to be dressed as superheroes while rolling in No-Gi.

Neleus Compression Tights are just what you need for training, whether it is gi or No-Gi. They come in plain colors, with numerous color variations between 2 packs. They’re made of 85% polyester and 15 % spandex, suitable for machine washing, and extremely elastic. The spats are suitable for all seasons as they include two-way air circulation, allowing them to dry in an instant. There’s antimicrobial deodorization that helps get rid of both odors and microbes.

Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

With the addition of shorts, you’ll have all your training apparel related gifts covered. Whether you like to go for a single Jiu-Jitsu gift or combine a few of our best BJJ Christmas presents suggestions are entirely up to you. A good example is to pair a rashguard and spats with a pair of shorts for the ultimate No-Gi uniform. Shorts are not just great for training No-Gi, but also for strength and conditioning and recovery sessions. Oh, and when in need, they also double down as swimming trunks quite nicely.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents Good shorts for BJJ are actually not easy to find. They need to be comfortable, yet very strong to endure all the grappling exchanges. Plus, they require a specific design to ensure you do not get stuck when doing certain motions. And then, there’s the added benefit of ranked shorts. Well, the Hayabusa Metaru shorts fulfill all of the above conditions, and then some!

First of all, they look really awesome! Even better, they’re tailored specifically for the needs of No-Gi grappling and MMA training. There are strategically placed stretch panels that ensure the shorts can take a lot of strain and still hold together. At the waist, there’s a distinct lack of a string which makes the Hayabusa Metaru shorts extremely comfortable for rolling.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The Clinch Gear shorts are a great fit among the best BJJ Christmas presents. They are a product of the latest technologies, specifically tailored to the needs of combat athletes. In terms of feel, these shorts are so lightweight you’ll be thinking you’re only wearing spats (or nothing at all). The material they’re made of is custom suede microfiber fabric of the highest quality.

Moisture-wicking properties, 360 degrees super-stretch side flex panels, and an extremely comfortable design mark these shorts. On top of everything they come in a few different colors and are completely washing machine-friendly. Expect no shrinkage, or loss of color and print regardless of how often you wash these. They also feature the classic drawstring plus velcro closure system. Perfect for any occasion, and especially as a part of the best BJJ Christmas presents you can get this holiday season!

Bags And Backpacks 

As far as gifts go, this category holds the ones I’d gladly receive for Christmas! BJJ bags are absolutely essential, especially for people that practice with the Gi on a regular basis. BJJ bags and backpacks feature unique custom designs that allow you to store clean and dirty Gis at the same time. They have a bunch of compartments and are all resistant to all odors that are usually associated with used Gis and rashguards. Given their intended use, they’re also made of sturdy material and constructed to last for a long time! Our selection of the best BJJ Christmas presents in the BJJ bag and backpack department are as follows:

A BJJ backpack that has a waterproof compartment designed specifically to hold a GI? yes, please! The Gold BJJ Gatame backpack is made by people that train Jiu-Jitsu for people that train Jiu-Jitsu. This means that everything you might think you need is going to be covered and exceeded! To start with this is a water and sweat proof backpack that can store your dirty Gi with no ill effects on everything else you have in the backpack. There’s also a special pouch that has the sole task of holding your belt. And you get all of this with a backpack that weighs only about 1,5 lbs.

The Gold BJJ backpack is made of heavy-duty materials that are used in abundance. The backpack has reinforced stitching, impressively endurable zippers, plus high-grade nylon. This backpack is meant to last, and you can be sure you’re going to make someone very happy if you choose it as a Christmas gift! Since the company is certain that their backpack is going to make you happy they have a special offer! If you’re not satisfied with the product you get the option to get a replacement or get a 100% refund. Special offer for best BJJ Christmas presents shoppers!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents Since we already have a backpack on offer, let’s complete our best BJJ Christmas presents suggestions with a grappling bag. This one is more of a duffel/gym bag for those that prefer to carry things in such a manner. This bag comes in at 2.5 lbs and is quite large, at 23 x 11.5 x 10 inches. If you have a lot of gear you want to take with you, this is the bag to have! It actually comes in two sizes, small and medium so that it fits people from all builds.

The bag has a waterproof bottle pocket to keep all your other stuff safe and dry. Speaking of waterproof, there’s a waterproof mesh lining on the inside that ensures air circulates through the inside. Antibacterial material ensures no germs are going to call your bag home. The material is a high-grade ballistic 1200 Denier, the stuff that the military uses. An added bonus is a big “shoe” pocket, where you can store a dirty gi, or your gym shoes. And one final important characteristic – the bag fits carry-on bag requirements for most airlines!

Protective Kneepads

We’re now in the department where some grapplers, me included, are really hoping our loved ones look. If you have an injured knee or are coming back from an injury, the best BJJ Christmas presents for you are easy. solid, high-quality, performance knee pads can make a world of difference. Since I’m now currently coming back from quite a knee injury, I sure wouldn’t mind getting one of these for Christmas myself. Selecting the best two was a really hard task, but we got two clear winners, based on personal experiences and popular demand:

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The grappler that has these pads is going to have a pair of very grateful knees! Whether you need stability when standing, or protection when you’re in contact with the mats, the Venum Kontact is your best bet! These knee pads are comfortable, yet very light to wear. One of their key characteristic s is that they do not impede movement. On the contrary, hunting for things like easy triangle chokes are not going to feel any different than without knee pads.

The building material of the Venum Kontact knee pads offers impressive shock absorbing qualities. The pads also provide integral lateral stabilization, the key for people with ligament injuries. The pads wrap anatomically around the knee, providing compression while allowing for maximal breathability via are holes. The lining on the inside is terry-loop, meaning they’re maximally soft and tear-resistant.  The best thing about the Venum Kontact is that the pads come as a pair both of which work perfectly for each knee, regardless of side.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents If you have any sort of knee trouble, whether it is skeletal, muscular, or concerning ligaments, then you need the Viper Compression Sleeve Knee Pads. The Viper is more than just a knee pad that makes training more comfortable. Its long design makes sure that your complete knee joint and supporting structures get protection while you’re training. Moreover, it provides support to injured structures, allowing you to train without worrying that you’ll re-injure them.

The pad itself conforms perfectly to your knee, thanks to innovative HyperFlex Technology. The Viper Compression Sleeves guarantee mobility, since each pad has it’s an individual casing. Contains ultra-tough stitching and state of the art ventilation and moisture-wicking technology. As opposed to other sleeve-type pads, this one has a non-slip inner strip that holds it firmly in place. The design is specific for combat sports, so it can withstand hard rolls and even competition matches without giving way.

BJJ Finger Tape

When you are really at a loss when trying to find the best BJJ Christmas presents for your loved ones, there’s an easy hack. If they train without the  Gi, they probably need finger tape. If they train with the Gi, they definitely need finger tape! So, you can’t go wrong with this one, no matter what. A good roll of finger tape is crucial for high-level grappling training, especially for competitors and older grapplers. Not many joints get the level of abuse that finger joints get while training Jiu-Jitsu, and finger tape go a long way to significantly alleviate any further potential damage. And then, there are the toes…Trust, me, just get one of these into your Christmas gift for this year and you’ll make any grappler happy!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The Power Train finger tape is a minimalistic style of finger tape that gets the job done. No fancy graphics or elaborate packaging with this one. What you see is what you get, which is actually exactly what grapplers need. A sturdy piece of material that sticks hard to your skin and keeps your finger joints in place.

The packaging is really simple, as is the design – it only comes in black. The material is not elastic, meaning there is great support and no looseness once you tie it up. The best part about this deal is that every packet includes two rolls. Each of the rolls is 10 meters long and is only 1 cm wide. The material is 100% cotton with water-resistant adhesive, meaning sweat is not going to dislodge the tape. This is the best tape to use if the goal is as much immobilization of the finger joints as possible.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents This is a more flexible version of finger tape, compared to the Power Train Tape. It is also a considerably thicker version of finger tape, offering a different kind of protection. The Johnson & Johnson tape is perfect for wrapping larger joints, like those on the toes, or even wrapping your feet and/or ankles. Compared to other products out there, this tape comes at a cheaper price, which makes it an awesome deal!

The Johnson & Johnson finger tape is reliable even under the worst conditions. it has a thickness of 1.5 inches and is 10 yards long. Furthermore, you can tear the tape extremely easily without any fraying. Since it’s thicker, one great advantage of this finger tape is that it provides an improved grip, due to the sturdy, yet breathable surface it provides. The material is flexible, containing rubber latex, which means you retain a certain range of motion along with great support.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Books

While reading material is not high on many people’s lists, there are some BJJ books that are as important as anything you might get on DVD. As such, they’re definitely among the best BJJ Christmas presents you can get. But what kind of books are a good gift for a grappler? Should you go technical, historical, conceptual, or with something fun? Why not all of them? After all, not all books have true legends of the sport as authors and the area is popular today as they were a decade ago!

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The trio of authors of this masterpiece is enough to get even a beginner grappler excited and drooling. This book is by far a complete resource. it focuses on the origins of Jiu-Jitsu, its history, and best fighters, before moving on to more specific aspects. “Mastering Jiu-Jitsu” is the perfect resource to help you understand the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is also going to teach you something other resources can’t – how to learn BJJ.

Something that no other BJJ resource, written or digital, doesn’t have which features in this book is an in-depth tactical analysis of grappling. What “Mastering Jiu-Jitsu” is going to teach you is how to completely dominate any grappling exchange. It explains every stage of Jiu-JItsu, from initial exchanges on the feet, through a detailed progression of positional dominance on the ground to powerful finishes. If there’s one book that can actually make anyone better at Jiu-Jitsu, it is this one.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The Ribeiro brothers, Saulo, and Xhande are household names in the world of BJJ. This book is the best resource you can use to reduce the clutter associated with Jiu-Jitsu. Nothing makes BJJ simpler than Saulos take on it. Still, do not make the mistake of thinking this is just reading material for beginners. Even if you give this book to a black belt, they’ll be able to gain knowledge from it.

What this book offers is a detailed guide to every fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu position. It includes self-defense techniques, along with precise advice on how to use grappling in street altercations. There is also a lot of emphasis on counter-attacking and turning defense into offense in the blink of an eye. Plus, you’ll find all the information on the BJJ belt system and everything you need to know about it.

Strength And Conditioning Resources

This is where every competitive grappler is going the be grateful for some precise resources. This season’s best BJJ Christmas presents to get your favorite grappler in incredible shape are truly the cream of the crop. Either one is going to massively impact how grapplers perform on the mats. Still, the best advice we can offer is to get both. That way, you’ll not only have all your bases covered, but you’ll set someone up for life. No need to ever browse the internet again or go looking for things to add. The perfect all-around routines for grappling are here, with the ability to individualize them to suit everyone’s needs.

Best BJJ Christmas Presents The man behind the success of plenty of UFC champions, the likes of Rich Franklin and Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. If you follow MMA you could tell that these two fighters’ pinnacles were at least a decade apart. That’s how long Joel has been at the top of the strength and conditioning training for combat sports. “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” is anything but a resource dedicated only to MMA. It is a complete resource that is going to make you better for any athletic activity and in particular combat sports.

In this book, Joel dumbs down everything there is about getting a Nick Diaz sized gas tank. You won’t ever get tired again if you adhere to the principles in this book. Joel has a great approach in that he teaches you what you need to know about energy systems and how to train to improve each and every one of them. He then offers routine building methodologies, complete with exercises, so that you can build your own individualized routine.  The structure is set up in 8-week portions, organized like training camps.

Truly one of the very best BJJ Christmas presents. Anything coming from Gordon Ryan is more than worth having, whether it is on the subject of BJJ or strength training. Ryan’s own transformation is the best testament to why this system works. And, despite the title, you’ll also learn how to train for cutting weight as well.

Gordon Ryan’s “Get SWOLE As A Grappler” DVD+E-Book Bundle At A Christmas Discount

But this book is not only for gaining size. What you’ll learn more than anything is how to gain strength and how to correctly strength train specifically for grappling performance. Nathalia Santoro is the coach Ryan used for his transformation and the coach that helps him throughout this instructional. The DVD features the nuts and bolts of the training programs, as well as the exercises in detail. There’s also one whole volume on nutrition. The E-book picks up where the DVD lefts off, illustrating everything you need to become stronger than ever before in your life!

Training Bras

This one is for the ladies. Actually, it’s for everyone who has a lady grappler in their life and is contemplating the best BJJ Christmas presents at their disposal. We recommend looking into training bras, as they’re extremely useful for any athletic endeavor. When it comes to grappling, they’re truly irreplaceable, given the demands of rolling and competition. We have a coup[le of top options for you to choose from!

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsWhen you have Victoria’s Secret and Bra in one sentence, you know you can’t go wrong with the finer half. In this instance, it is a high-grade training bra, one that fits the needs of female grapplers perfectly. Body-Wick fabric all round this bra means sweat is a non-issue. Plus, the design is such that there’s absolutely no chance of anything popping out.

This bra is a pull-over one, making it easy to deal with when changing. A huge plus is the lack of an underwire, which is essential when you’re participating in rolling. It comes in small, small petite, medium, and large and features a huge array of different colors and designs. The main building materials are polyester and spandex.

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsJuno’s bra is dubbed “Moving Comfort” and that is exactly what this bra delivers. Comfort and durability plus amazing support and a huge amount of sizes to choose from. What’s not to like about this bra? It features adjustable straps and reinforced padding plus the inevitable moisture-wicking technology.

Expect the Juno SportsBra to be a very worthwhile investment. This is one of the toughest products out there in its category and will cope with the demands of BJJ without problems. The closure is a hook-&-eye one, easy to use, and very accessible. It also features added compression making it the perfect bra to wear under a rashguard. Oh, and it has molded cups on the interior. Truly one of the best BJJ Christmas presents you can get for a BJJ girl.


There’s no way you can train BJJ without a belt. Well, ok there is, but only if you’re training No-Gi. While ranked rashguards will suffice in this situation, training with the Gi requires a traditional belt. And, just like with Jiu-Jitsu gis, belt options out there are numerous and very variable in quality. Let us take all the guesswork away and offer you a couple of top options for your Christmas shopping!

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsSanabul, Gis, Sanabul rashguards, and now, Sanabul belts. This company must be doing a lot of things right to get featured in multiple best BJJ Christmas presents categories. Well, they are. Sanabul’s quality is undisputed, and their belts are just another testament to that.

All the usual colors are available, along with all the usual sizes. Thick, light extremely durable, and all of that at a very affordable price. It is on the IBJJF approved list, for all the competitors that find this important. For a belt that is on the thicker side, the Sanabul stays in place immensely tight, putting thinner belts to shame. It’s also made of a special material that repels fungi and germs 100%.

Best BJJ Christmas PresentsSimilarly to Victoria Secret bras, you can’t really go wrong with buying a Venum gift for a grappler. Especially if it is a BJJ belt. They make a 100% cotton belt, with a similar thickness to that of the Sanabul belts. Of course, they come in all usual colors and even feature kids’ belts as well. Best BJJ Christmas Presents for all ages!

Venum belts are among the most sturdy and durable Jiu-jitsu belts you can get. They won’t just last you, but they’ll be in pristine condition if you decide to pass them on after your promotion. Oh, and since we’re talking about the best BJJ Christmas presents, let’s throw in a surprise – a free Venum Gi patch with every belt purchase! B

BJJ Fanatics 50% Off discount
Value For Money
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It is the holiday season!!! It is that time of year when food and drink are in abundance, and training is hardly the priority. As hard as it seems, this also includes grappling. As Christmas draws nearer, BJJ academies are going to have