Rener Gracie Challenged by 270lbs Guy convinced that BJJ wouldn’t Work on Him

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In this video Rener Gracie, Member of Gracie family and grandson of Helio Gracie demonstrates effectivness of Jiu Jitsu against much larger opponent. Twice as large as Rener and very athletic guy was convinced that BJJ wouldn’t work on him.

This 16 year old kid is absolutely enormous and stands 6’10” and weighs 270 lbs but like Rener points out in the video description, once the fight hits the ground we’re all the same size.

You can also check when 47 year old BJJ Black Belt was challenged by 23 year old Wrestler in a park for $100 in a video below.

47 year old BJJ Black Belt Challenged by 23 year old Wrestler in a Park for $100

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