FREE Academy Masterplan Course For Martial Arts Schools by Academy Kings

Academy Kings

The Academy Kings frameworks are based on well-known procedures that hundreds of martial arts school owners use every day.

The best martial arts competitors master the fundamentals so the guys at Academy Kings help martial arts school owners improve their income, mindset, and social standing while also making a bigger impact in their community.

Getting new students and increasing your income dramatically usually takes hard work, but it can be simpler if you have a proven process based on the basics, not flashy and cheap marketing techniques.

What Academy Kings has prepared for you today is a free course on how to fill your gym and use your maximum potential, while also making good money.

FREE Academy Masterplan Course

How do the top 1% of martial arts schools get new students and increase profits?

You’ve probably suspected for years that successful Academies owners know
some unique secret methods and strategies that no one else knows about.

Well, you’re right!

But in this FREE Course, I will reveal all the secrets that no one tells you, and they
may even shock you!
I’m going to give you an education the likes of which you’ve never dreamed about.
That’s just the beginning! Here’s more:

You’ll know:

● The mindset leads you to see unique opportunities you never knew
● How to get money to invest in Advertising without using any of your own
● How to turn your business into a lean, mean, and money-making machine
● The 5- step success formula to create 6 figures Academy
● How to get your customers to say “YES” To ALL of Your Offers.
● The 3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Academy
● Why you should be the most Expensive Academy.
● The Secrets of why many students leave your academies.

● And Much, Much More…

Sound good?

But Wait…

There’s more

● You’ll receive a 15-min call with one of our academy growth consultants to
start adding 30K+ in student-reoccurring revenue guaranteed!

Because this FREE course is so valuable, we limit only 100 people to enroll and
jump on a 1-on-1 call with us.

So Don’t Wait… Don’t hesitate…Start Right NOW while you still can. The sooner you start, The better.

Here are the frequently asked questions you might be interested at:

Does the Academy Kings work for all types of academies?

A minimum of 15 students are required in order to enroll. Your business consultant will tell you if you qualify for any of our programs.

This system will work for any type of martial arts.

No matter the type of martial arts or fitness center you have, our programs can be tailored to fit your business. Your consultant will assist you in determining which program would be most beneficial for you.

Will your system still be effective if I don’t know how to run ads?

During your consultation, your business consultant will share with you how The Academy Kings can help teach you to run ads or even do it for you!

Will the Academy Kings help me if I am working on my business by myself?

Yes, the majority of our members begin as a one-person operation. Our technologies will assist you in putting together a team.

Will the Academy Kings system work if I live in a small town?

We’ve helped numerous Academy Owners across the United States grow prosperous schools, regardless of whether their client base is 2,000 or 2 Million. The system works because it’s built on a solid foundation.

If my academy is part of a Franchise, what then?

Our system is suitable for businesses all around the country. Find out how our systems can work for you by speaking with one of our business consultants.

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