Guy did a Brutal Takedowns To Destroy Two Guys Who Attacked Him


There’s an old saying, “don’t bite off more than you can chew”, and we’re sure these teenagers found out what that saying means in reality

It’s pretty unknown what exactly happened between these guys, but we can see that two white guys attacked a Mexican boy. The only problem they have is that he really knows how to handle himself. He Simply took them both them down and put a clinic on a guy who wasn’t unconscious until their “help” came in.

After these two kids attacked a bigger guy who is probably a wrestler or even a rugby player, they tried to kick and punch him but they got blown away. I bet they felt like train got them. Guy just charged at them and got two of them between his hands. After that, he threw a smaller guy head first into the road and. Smaller guy isn’t moving nor he moved in the rest of the video.

After that, he set upon the other kid who attacked him. While this was a one on one fight it was hard to expect anything else but a huge takedown. So it was. In a matter of seconds, the other guy was on the floor while an attacked guy was beating him until some woman stepped in.

Well, interesting thing is that in this fight wrestling was enough to take two guys down very easy. Maybe it’s a matter of size, or something else but grappling did a really good job here. As soon as we find out more about this fight we’ll update the post as I believe we’re all interested in martial Art background of the Mexican kid who was attacked.

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