Gas Station Clerk Knocks and Chokes Out a Robber With A Guillotine Choke

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Ebrahim Gawaragi is a clerk on a gas station and this should be his usual day at work until a robber came in trying to take the money from the cash register. Luckily for him he’s trained by BJJ Black Belt.

With his 5″7′ he probably looked pretty harmless to a robber probably because the robber didn’t know a fact that Ebrahim is Martial artist training at Connor’s Martial Arts Academy in Norwood.

Ebrahim Ggawargi told to Boston 25 News:
“I just do it to have fun, I don’t do anything, just come to training, get some fun over there.”

As you can see in a video below it shows a robber trying to take the money and also punching Gawargi a few times. It didn’t take much for Ebrahim to get the upper hand. After taking few punches Ebrahim took off robbers jacket, threw a few punches and choked him out with a guillotine choke.

“I just tried to do what I had to do,” said Ebrahim Gawargi. “He grabbed my hand, I had over six hundred dollars in my hand.”

“I didn’t want to kill him, I needed to let him breathe, [but] when he kept moving I gave it more pressure to let him sleep again,” said Ebrahim.

Police identified a suspect as a 46-year-old John Benedict from Dorchester.

“If I had my way when people got robbed they would just turn over some cash and separate and then call police when it’s safe to do so,” said Norwood Police Chief Bill Brooks. “This was a little bit unusual because of the skills of the clerk.”

Gawargi also said: “I never thought I’ll use my training skills outside of the gym but when he attacked me I had to do something”

His teacher and owner of the martial arts academy that Ebrahim Gawargi is training at, John Connors, BJJ Black Belt, describes Gawargi as a great student and one of those who takes his training pretty serious.

“He’s an excellent student, he’s very respectful, he takes his training very seriously. He’s a very determined guy, a very scrappy guy, so I’m not surprised he got the best of the guy, said Connors.”

Store clerk subdues a robber with a guillotine from David Grappler Bista on Vimeo.


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