Daniel Cormier Confronts Jake Paul at UFC 261: ‘I’ll Smack You in the Face’

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The UFC 261 show ran as usual, until the moment when Jake Paul was disrespected by the audience.

Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira were doing their job in the cage, and suddenly chanting began and there was confusion in the stands. The crowd was chanting “f*ck Jake Paul”

When the main UFC commentator Joe Rogan realized that Cormier met Paul he mentioned it on the broadcast after Jake Paul took his seat.

“What are they chanting?” Rogan wondered during the broadcast, revealing the reason a few seconds later.

“I found out what it was. Jake Paul showed up, so there was a hook.”

This situation greatly upset Daniel Cormier. The former champion and YouTube star had some quarrels via Twitter, Paul directed several insults at the expense of DC who didn’t take it well.

Cormier told Rogan:

“I just saw Jake Paul and I pointed at him and I+ve said don’t play with me,” Cormier said. “Cause I’ll smack him in the face. He’s right there. I’ll slap him. I don’t play those games, Joe.”

Watch the camera record:

Cormier responds to Jake Paul’s challenge: ‘Why would I fight him? I would kill him!’

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