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Wrestling is undoubtedly a martial art that has shaped the world of modern martial arts. From ancient Olympics to modern-day MMA fights, wrestling has been there. It not only brings the spectacular in fighting, but it is also a base upon which many other styles are built. Today, you either love or hate wrestling, but you can’t deny that it is more than holding its own. Actually, it seems to be in a kind of a rise lately. Whether you’re an all-out wrestler, an MMA fighter or a grappler looking to further add depth to their game, you need wrestling. And the best way to get some high-level knowledge is with the help of the best wrestling DVD instructionals of 2020.

A professional MMA fighter once said to me “Learn wrestling and boxing and you’ll do great in MMA”. It turned out to be great advice. I didn’t really get into MMA as much as I wanted, but I did dedicate to Jiu-Jitsu and grappling completely. To that extent, I took a pass on the boxing part of the advice. the wrestling part, however, was something that proved to be a real game-changer. Whether it was freestyle, Greco Roman, or Catch Wrestling I managed to learn something from each. However, given the lack of high-grade coaches in the vicinity, I had to improvise. So, DVD instructionals on the subject of wrestling became my only option. Ultimately, it led to the formation of this best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide, the only one you’ll need to take your combat skills to a whole different level!

A Wrestling Comeback

One thing that’s becoming really apparent lately is that wrestling is making a comeback on a large scale. Just look at the popularity and all our wrestling events like “Beat The Streets” had, featuring wrestling stars like Ben Askren and Jordan Burroughs. While these events are still rare, they are getting some momentum behind them. We’ll see whether they get as big as EBI and some other grappling events, but they do attract attention.

That said, people are not just paying attention to wrestling in specific events. Wrestling is getting much more recognition in all other aspects of combat sports as well. Nowadays, people understand (or are starting to) the aspects of wrestling in MMA, where they used to boo before. For grapplers in sports like BJJ, grappling, Smabo, and even Judo, wrestling is just as necessary as training in their own sport. In that sense, wrestling is becoming as appreciated as it once was, back when it was the favorite pastime of warriors around the world.

Understandably, with everyone looking to figure out the secrets of wrestling, coaches are in demand. the thing with wrestling, though, is that high-level coaches have a year-round engagement, meaning they can’t really focus on people looking to learn a move or two. The next best thing is getting their knowledge in a specific and condensed version – instructionals. Luckily, the top-level wrestling coaches of the world to find time to issue DVDs, and regularly at that. And we selected the best wrestling DVD instructionals for 2020!

Wrestling Cross Training For Combat Sports 

As mentioned earlier, wrestling is an essential piece of the combat sports puzzle. Namely, if you miss out on wrestling you’re setting yourself up to fail, whether it is MMA, BJJ or even Muay Thai. yeah, if there’s a clinch, wrestling can help, even if it’s purely a striking sport. Speaking of the benefits of wrestling, I’ll focus more on the separate aspects of wrestling rather than how it can help each combat sport specifically. After all, that’s beyond the scope of our article.

When it comes to wrestling, there are four main areas where wrestling can help you with any other combat sport. One of those is mental toughness, but that one can only be worked on in a wrestling gym, so we’ll skip it here. The first technically important aspect is stand-up. If you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this is something to swear by. The same holds true for MMA. When it comes to takedowns, particularly in a setting without a Gi, nothing beats wrestling. Wrestlers spent centuries developing and polishing the best ways to get someone to the ground. Moreover, wrestling techniques are also highly applicable even in Judo and Sambo.

Another hugely underrated aspect of wrestling is mat work. Olympic wrestlers, for example, have the task of pinning their opponent to the ground for the win. For other combat sports, this translates to crazy amounts of control via pressure and manipulation of the opponent’s body. There are also submissions in the game, particularly when you turn to the entertaining catch-wrestling style.

Finally, there’s conditioning. Wrestlers are famous for being able to explode over and over again. The inner workings of strength and conditioning for wrestlers are not a secret anymore, and we feature a few such titles in the best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide.

The Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals In 2020

As we can see above, wrestling consists of a few very important aspects. In the best wrestling DVD instructionals guide below we included a few of each, offering variety in addition to quality. The goal here is to provide you with not only the best material available but also the most versatile. That’s exactly why you’ll find several Catch wrestling DVD instructionals in there, along with some unique strength and conditioning ones. This is before I even mention all the technical stuff that includes mat work, standing, and even wrestling strategies.

Every DVD instructional below has something different to offer. Some of them are even complete systems, coming in multiple volumes and covering a very wide array of subjects. Moreover, some of the coaches featured are highly accomplished wrestlers, grapplers, and MMA fighters like Ben Askren, Henry Cejudo, and Billy Robinson. There are also some up and coming prospects that are still making a name for themselves in MMA or grappling. Nonetheless, the quality of the instructions is at the highest possible level, plus there’s some innovative stuff in there very few people know!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 World Champion Takedowns DVD

Here we go! The very first entry in our best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide comes to use courtesy of Logan Stieber. He is a four times NCAA world champion and one of the best takedown artists of today. In this two-part DVD instructional, he offers not only the best ways of taking someone down but also the fastest. In short, this is the motherload of rapid-fire takedowns to help anyone in combat sports!

Logan likes to keep things simple, so the organization of this entire volume is just like that – simple and easy. Volume one starts with a very cool drill called the scarecrow. It then goes on to cover just about everything when it comes to the single leg. There are no less than a dozen different entries and finishes of the single-leg, more particularly the head inside single. It is arguably the safest way of avoiding counters as well as finishing the takedowns. Furthermore, there are easy finishes that involve a lot of trips, allowing you al to fo variety in completing the takedown.

Volume two covers a few more setups, albeit from different spots. In it, Logan focuses more on entering the single leg and offers some unique routes. The cross wrist setups are my personal favorite but there is also some cool inside ties and over ties too.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Wrestling Essentials DVD

Where to start with Dan Gable? IF you do not know him, you’re either new to combat sports or one of those people that thought wrestling doesn’t work. Well, this DVD is your chance to remedy both. It is a real wrestling clinic by a real-life grappling legend. After all, Gable’s accolades include gold medals on Pan American, World, and Olympic level. If there’s anyone that has a lot to teach about wrestling, it is Dan.
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What gets this title in the best wrestling DVD instructionals guide is a FILA International Wrestling Hall of Famer demonstrating some of wrestling’s best-kept secrets. IF you’re a wrestler, this DVD will allow you to score from virtually every position you may find yourself into. The DVD itself has three distinct sections, each covering an integral part of wrestling. The opening third covers top positions, where Gable goes over ways to control your opponent that include a lot of wrists, arm, and leg controls. The second portion covers the bottom position, i.e. the different ways in which you can hip heist, switch base, Whizzer or stand up in order to avoid being pinned and escape. Finally, there’s the standup portion that’s a real takedown masterclass. here, gable goes over headlocks, snap-downs, pummeling, ducks, drags double legs, and virtually every possible way you can get an opponent down.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Gold Medal Wrestling DVD

Henry Cejudo is a reigning UFC World Champion and an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. He is one of the most well-known wrestlers in the sport of MMA, and the man that managed to de-throne longtime UFC champion Mighty Mouse. Cejudo’s brand of wrestling is a highly effective one, particularly when it comes to tieing someone up. His “Gold Medal Wrestling” DVD set is a wrestling roadmap for wrestlers, MMA fighters, and other grapplers alike. It consists of eight volumes filled with some of the best information on wrestling out there.

Doing a guide on the best wrestling DVD instructionals out there and not including two names, in particular, is simply not possible. One of these two names is Henry Cejudo. In fact, Cejudo released his instructional just recently and it made huge ripples in the combat sports world. Across eight volumes, Cejudo covers pretty much everything wrestling has to offer. It also means Henry has a lot of time to dedicate enough attention to every important aspect. the first volume, for example, is all about distance and connection. Volume two goes further into setups, by including a bunch of fakes and some key drills to tie up with the opponent. Volumes three and four covers more shooting drills and some initial double and single leg setups and finishes.

Halfway through Cejudo switches attention back to drills, mostly reactive ones. Volumes six sheds further light on some key mat wrestling strategies, i.e. pins and control options. The final two volumes are all about defense, with the seventh one focusing on a single leg, and the last one on double leg takedown defense.

Fanatic Wrestling


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Catch As Catch Can Wrestling DVD

Catch wrestling was the pastime of choice for British sailors a couple of centuries ago. Ht name catch is down to the tendency to try and “catch” your opponent with a surprising move that gets them to yield, or in modern talk, tap. Later on, as catch became a carnival attraction it became even more important to have quick finishes on top of devastating takedowns and pins. This is exactly what you get in the “Catch as Catch Can” DVD instructional by Billy Scott.
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I discovered the power of catch wrestling by giving a few moves a try during BJJ rolling a few years ago. It turned out to be crazy effective and I’ve been into it ever since. Catch wrestling might not be as elaborate as BJJ but it is nonetheless effective. this simplicity makes it easy to learn from a DVD and even easier to apply. Billy is the student of the most renowned catch wrestling coach of all times Billy Robinson. as such, in this DVD he offers a whole host of catch wrestling craziness. Although it is just one volume, it is filled with submission holds you’ve never thought of, most of them of the neck crank and leg lock varieties.

This DVD is not a roadmap to the art of Catch wrestling, Instead, it is a crash course on some really painful, really easy to learn moves that’ll give you a huge edge over anyone!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Upper Body Takedowns DVD

Adam Wheeler is another one that has a huge contribution to our best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide. This two-part DVD covers a subject that’s really deep in wrestling but not many other martial arts really pay much attention to. That subject is clinching, or upper body tie-ups. Moreover, this DVD covers the ways in which you can tie up, control, and eventually take an opponent down using nothing but the upper body. IF you are not a fan of shooting for takedowns, this is the DVD for you!

Adam Wheeler is an Olympic bronze medalist and a specialist in Greco Roman wrestling. As such, there’s hardly anyone better to cover the subject of upper body takedowns. His systematization and organization are also of the highest quality. In the first volume, Wheeler covers the ins and outs of his own Wheeler Wrestling System. He starts off with some pummeling drills and soon moves on to cover so-called “Wheeler specials”. These are essentially innovative and effective variations on established moves like body locks and snap downs. Duck under, headlocks, and two-on-ones, along with a Wheeler whip throw make up the rest of this first volume.

The second volume starts with double unders, exploring different ways of engaging and finishing. There are also a lot of headlocks in this one, with the majority of moves providing many takedown options that start ina simple headlock.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 WAR Catch Wrestling DVD

Remember when we talked about Billy Scott and his catch wrestling prowess? Well, this instruction is a catch wrestling DVD that’ll get you ready for WAR. As the coach of many prominent wrestlers of today, including the legendary Josh Barnett, Robinson is a real fountain of knowledge when it comes to the obscure art of catch wrestling. This DVD offers information and techniques that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!
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This DVD instructional is not only among the best wrestling DVD instructionals because of its content, but also because of its length. There’s no other catch wrestling DVD that comes in four volumes filled with some of the crazies stuff grappling has ever produced. Moreover, given as Robinson is now really old, the people doing the demonstration are Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, and a bunch of other stand-out fighters. There are some crazy moves and maneuvers in there, there is a lot of information on philosophy and catch wrestling strategy as well. Each disc has a lot of submission holds but also some key pinning information and some never-before-seen takedown combinations. There’s even some key conditioning information in there to get you in top shape!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Russian tie Formula DVD

If you have no idea where to start with wrestling training, there are three moves that pretty much open the doors to everything. those moves are arm drags, duck-unders, and Russian ties. This last one is actually my personal favorite and the system I use to get the fight to the ground. Dan Vallimont just issued this DVD a couple of months ago, and it is the most complete Russian tie wrestling DVD instructional ever released!

There are four parts in this wrestling DVD instructional and the centerpiece of each is the Russian Tie. It is one of the simplest tie-ups in the sport of wrestling, as well as one of the most powerful and versatile positions. “The Russian Tie Formula” DVD set begins with some general info on positioning, holding, and moving while you have your opponent in a Russian Tie. The first volume also covers a lot of entries to the position as well as some fakes. Volume 2 starts exploring takedown options that you can go into once you have the Russian Tie position. From hip throws to a single leg and high crotches, the Russian Tie opens everything. Moreover, it does so from a very safe position where the opponent cannot counter you.

The third volume continues with takedown options, focusing mostly on the crackdown. Finally, there are some crazy moves in the last volume, in the form of fireman carries and Iranian lifts.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 RFLX Wrestling Conditioning

Let’s throw in a bit of variety in our best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide. So far we covered a bunch of titles about wrestling and catch wrestling techniques. Now, we’ll check out the realm of conditioning for wrestling. If you can get into premium wrestling shape then you’ll be in shape to get through every other combat sports competition. The drills in this DVD are all you need to become a real grappling machine.
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This John Clarke DVD provides some great benefits from wrestling. It not only uses wrestling’s conditioning exercises and drills but also technical moves. This instructional is a real bridge between technique and fitness, allowing for a complete performance training methodology. What you’ll learn in this DVD are the different types of conditioning you need for a wrestling match. Moreover, you’ll learn which exercises fit which needs and how to combine everything in a program. Since writing conditioning doesn’t require much equipment, most moves are bodyweight or barbell/kettlebell based. However, the real value is in the drills. There are solo and partner drills here, complete with a periodized conditioning program. The drills feature wrestling moves, but are organized in a way that’ll get you both better at the moves and build up a huge gas tank!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Ultimate Askren DVD

Remember earlier when I said that there’s no best wrestling DVD instructional guide without two names in particular? Well, the second one is Ben Askren, which pretty much says it all. Askren has a stellar record in both wrestling and MMA. More importantly, the UFC star has his own style of wrestling that’ now widely recognized. In this comprehensive 8-part DVD instructional, Ben lays out his complete “Funk” wrestling system.

Ben’s take on wrestling is definitely an original one. He is one hard man to get down, and much of that is down to how he moves. He starts everything with an essential skill for grappling – hand fighting. From there,  Ben takes us on a journey of single-leg takedowns, double leg takedowns, and high crotch takedowns to complete the first two volumes. Volumes three and four focus on some defense. First, it is headlock defense basics, and then a master class on the quadpod position.

The fifth volume covers a very important concept of wrestling – first move stoppers. In this case, Ben offers counters to the elevator leg crab. Next up, Askren focuses on cradles, hammerlocks, and cross faces. Leg crab rides, mat returns, and some funky fresh wrestling secrets complete the final two volumes of this amazing DVD instructional.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Tiger Wrestling Drills DVD

Coach Brian Smith is the head coach of the University of Missouri. He has one of the most comprehensive wrestling curriculums ever. Now, his entire program is up for grabs, and it is coach Smith himself that does the explaining. This DVD instructional covers standing techniques and the drills to make you an expert in them.
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This DVD instructional comes in just one volume but that is more than enough. Drilling is one aspect of wrestling that most other combat sports get wrong. Wrestlers spend most of their time drilling moves. It is this strategy that makes them so successful at what they do. Instead of focusing on live sparring and technique work, they go for repetition and muscle memory. Coach Brian Smith offers you 24 incredible drills to fine-tune your wrestling skills. Drills in this wrestling instructional include motion, stance, contact, defensive, single-leg, and high crotch drills. Coach Smith explains each of them in-depth, offering ways in which you can use them to train wrestlers of different levels. All in all, this is the ultimate wrestling drills DVD that’s available in 2020!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Float Like A Butterfly DVD

While “float like a butterfly” is a phrase often associated with boxing and/or striking, it’s also applicable to wrestling. As J’den Cox demonstrates, you can float and sting in wrestling two, albeit in a different manner. This DVD is all about using misdirection and traps to set up unstoppable takedowns. As such, it is a unique and fantastic tool to get you ready for any kind of fight.

There are four parts in total to this wrestling DVD instructional. The man demonstrating is J’den Cox, an Olympic medalist, and 3-time NCAA Champion. Here. Cox covers the most underrated aspect of grappling martial arts overall – footwork and movement. The focus here is on strategies and tactics that fool your opponent into thinking you’re doing something completely different from your actual intentions. The first volume focuses on how to be relaxed inside the tie and create space. There are some key instructions here on how to control the very tie you get in. Volume two moves on one step further, exploring how you can control motion and distance by using footwork inside the tie.

The third volume starts with some technical aspects, like underhooks, claw rides, and tripods. The final part covers two-on-ones and some half guard work. During every step, Cox offers traps and ways to draw attention away from what you’re actually doing. This all but guarantees the success of anything move you try. All in all, truly one of the best wrestling DVD instructionals ever! 


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Floor Bag Workout DVD

AS promised, we have the best wrestling DVD instructionals for you! As unusual DVDs go, this one might be on top of them all. In it, Mark Hatmaker demonstrates how you can use a striking training tool to get great at grappling. Not only great at grappling, but also develop crazy levels of strength and a gas tank to match.
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One of the original NHB fighters and an overall all-rounded grappler, Mark Hatmaker is as knowledgeable as he is unique and fun to watch. His “Floor Bag Workout” is pretty much an MMA instructional, but one that has crazy grappling/wrestling benefits. Namely, Mark uses a striking heavy bag, common to boxing and Muay Thai to train grappling. In essence, it is a way to do lots of wrestling, grappling, and ground and pound drills when you don’t have a partner available. Mark offers a complete workout along with precise set and rep schemes and progressive programming. All you need is a bag, as heavy as you can handle and this DVD!


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Magic Mat Work DVD

Hudson Taylor is an All American Champion that has one of the best NCAA pinning careers ever! He is a real monster on the mats, and now just discovering BJJ to become even more formidable. In the meantime, he shares the ultimate ways in which you can pin someone and keep them there as long as you want. Not only that, but he shares ALL his crazy moves and strategies in his 8-part “Magic Mat Work’ DVD.

Another 8-part series here, in fact, the last one in our best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide. And it is truly a special one. Pinning is not an easy skill to learn. Well, at least not without this DVD. It all starts with an intro to motion, controlling positions, and hand fighting. Hudson begins his pinning quest on the feet, demonstrating ways to take the opponent down. The second volume goes over some important match strategies. It also offers many ways to keep the opponent down when they’re trying to stand up. Volume three moves on to some rides before exploring some of ht first pinning moves in the shape of cradles. The fourth volume proceeds to provide options like the moneymaker, half Nelson, seat belt, and head and arms tilt.

Volumes five and six starts with bottom wrestling philosophy. As they go on, Hudson covers escapes, stand-ups, different recoveries, and a bunch of crazy counter moves. he even has a banana split counter that’ll catch everyone by surprise. The penultimate volume is all about last-ditch defending, i.e. when you’re flat on the mats. This is the “Octopus escape” volume and will be your favorite. Wrapping things up is a DVD with tilts and turns, offering some crazy variety to your ground game.


Best Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 The Takedowns Passport DVD

We’re finally down to our last entry in this best wrestling DVD instructionals 2020 guide. So far we saw everything, from takedowns to pins and conditioning drills. We even had some catch wrestling instructionals to spice things up. Our final entry is once again a takedown DVD but from a whole different perspective. As you might conclude from the name of Bekzod Abdurakhminov, it is an Easter European writing instructional. Yeah, the bear wrestling type.

Bekzod Abdurakhminov is an NCAA all-American and the only man to ever beat Jordan Burroughs. His style of wrestling is a blend of American and Easter European wrestling, making it the deadliest combination ever! The DVD has 4 parts, each covering essential takedown systems. While reading about the contents might seem like an over-simplified wrestling instructional, this DVD is anything but. Volume one starts as basic as possible – with the 2-on-1 gripping system. An intro to arm drags also makes an appearance in this volume. The second part is where basics get a bit more complicated. Bekzod goes deep into misdirections, along with a few very cool ankle picks.

After the midway point, the instructional turns towards another classic wrestling position. In volume three Bekzod breaks down the front headlock better than anyone has ever done. The final part addresses counters to common moves. Note that Bekzod goes over counters and not just defenses. that way, you end up scoring from a bad spot or getting a dominant position.


As you can see, wrestling DVD instructionals are not something that’s scarce nowadays. Still, compared to MMA or BJJ DVDs, they’re not even close. Luckily, interest and demand are high, so supply is quickly rising. Above, we outlined the very best wrestling DVD instructionals you can find in 2020. They all have something different to offer allowing you to build a well-rounded wrestling game. Whether you need to up your wrestling for MMA, BJJ, or straight out wrestling, the collection above is all you need to reach the highest possible level!

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