Best MMA Suspension Trainers 2021 Guide And Reviews

Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide and Detailed Reviews
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It is always great to use strength and conditioning methods for MMA that actually spare your body. Lifting weights is great but it only has one function – tearing muscle fibers apart. This is not always the best idea when it comes to MMA training. Moreover, it may even be detrimental. Bodyweight training is something many people recommend, but it becomes hard to achieve results once you master it. Unless you get a little bit innovative and look into some modern-day conditioning tools. Yes, most of them are not worth your time, but here is something that’s actually a tool tailor-made for combat athletes. Best Let’s take a look at the best MMA Suspension Trainers of 2021 and the different ways in which you can use them for MMA. 

Suspension trainers are a relatively new piece of strength and conditioning equipment. As such, they do get frowned upon a lot. However, their potential for strength and conditioning is virtually limitless. As you’ll see later on, suspension trainers give you so many different ways of utilizing your body weight, that it feels like you have a whole gym at your disposal. Plus, they check every box an MMA athlete needs. The best MMA suspension trainers are not expensive, can be attached anywhere, do not require a lot of strength, do not bring huge injury risks, nor do they ever stop being a challenge. yeah, that’s right, even if you can deadlift 500 lbs you’ll find working on a suspension trainer challenging unless you are an Olympic-level gymnast.

What Are Suspension Trainers?  

Before we get into suspension training and the best MMA suspension trainers, let’s clear up a few things. The first question might be: what the hell are suspension trainers? That’s the perfect place to start. The answer is that suspension trainers are basically two long straps that are attached to one another at one end and have handles on each of them on the other.  The handles part remains free, while the part where they adjoin is what gets attached to some surface. The materials used are usually different but have one thing in common – they’re extremely strong and can handle a lot of weight.

Historically speaking, suspension trainers first appeared during the 1800s. Back then, suspension trainers were mostly part of the training regiments of circus and carnival members. Still, it took almost 200 years for suspension trainers to really become mainstream. A Navy Seal by the name of Randy Hetrick is the person responsible for bringing suspension trainers to almost every fitness/CrossFit gym across the globe. His suspension training system is the most recognizable one today – the Total Resistance eXercise or TRX system. We feature the TRX in our list below, as it truly is one of the best MMA suspension trainers ever! He actually put the first one together from gear he could find while on deployment. It turned out that it fulfilled all of his training needs, so he later popularized it for the public.

Today, you can find suspension trainers, whether it is the TRX or others across all kinds of gyms in the world. that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to use though. Just like with every tool that’s worth your while, suspension trainers take time to master.

Best MMA Suspension Trainers

If suspension trainers can keep Navy SEALS in shape, then there’s no reason to think they’ll fail MMA fighters. And they won’t. The only thing you need to consider is getting one of the best MMA suspension trainers. Whether it is TRX we’re talking about or any of the other brands featured below, they’re all ultra-high quality. The differences are mainly in the materials, the design, and in some cases, the number of exercises you can do.

The properties that you’ll find all of our best MMA suspension trainers share are numerous. First up, we included the best price, so that all the deals below make a lot of sense. Another huge thing is safety. Suspension trainers are not gymnastic rings, but you can use them to execute ring exercises. That usually includes training at a ta certain height and demands certain safety guarantees. All of our top-pick suspension trainers are literally indestructible. They can handle the weight of anyone, and in certain cases, even added weight via weighted vests. Ease of transport and simple attachment systems are also key components of the best suspension trainers. There’s also the design, color variations, and even E-books to help with organizing training. You’ll find more on every one of these aspects below.

Finally, we also feature a sample workout for you that is particularly designed for MMA fighters. After all, you can use the E-=books that come with the suspension trainers to learn the basics, but you’ll need specific planning when it comes to MMA. the workout below is a great way of learning how you can organize and program suspension training for fighting.


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide TRX

We’re going to begin our best MMA suspension trainers guide with the gold standard among suspension trainers – the TRX. Whenever someone mentions suspension trainers, the TRX always pops in most people’s minds. The yellow-and-black design is a close variation on what Randy Hetrick used to design the first-ever TRX suspension trainer. Slightly updated, of course, and now available as part of a huge bundle at a great price!
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The TRX is a best-selling suspension trainer that’s impossible to miss. the straps are yellow and black, with black handles. What you get with the TRX is everything you’ll ever need when it comes to suspension training. The TRX is constructed following the highest safety standards and tested to support up to 350 lbs of weight. It features a single anchor point, beating any kind of gymnastic ring by a country mile. The anchor point works by way of a patented TRX closing loop that eliminates any risk of slipping. The bundle includes two straps, with easily adjustable height and double looped handles. There are also two anchor points, one for indoor and one for outdoor training. A 35-page E-book, 2 digital workouts, and a free TRX app complete this one-of-a-kind deal. A drawstring bag also ensures easy transport and storage.


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide Go Fit Suspension Trainer

If you’re looking to get a cheaper deal than the TRX, then any of the other best MMA suspension trainers will do the trick. One such example is the GoFit Gravity Straps suspension training system. Once again, it is a complete bundle, although one that’s different from the TRX. The Gravity Straps offer a lot more variety and feature separate anchor points for each. Extremely easy to set up.
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When it comes to bodyweight training with suspension trainers, you can hardly find a better tool than the Gravity Straps. They come in yellow and black color and offer as many adjustments as are possible. For example, the double anchor point means each strap attaches separately, allowing for lots of variety. This means they can easily double as gymnastic rings on top of a suspension trainer. There are a heavy-duty anchor and a high-grade adjustment system. The suspension trainer allows you to change the angle, starting point, and/or the foundation at any time, allowing for lots of variety in training. It is extremely easy to attach them to a door if you do not have any other available anchor points.

The bundle includes two anchor points, two handles, two additional ankle cradles a mesh travel bag, and a detailed training manual. All in all, the perfect package to begin training with suspension trainers, in case you haven’t tried them before.


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide Ultimate body Press Suspension trainer

It is time to change the yellow and black color combination with something different. The Ultimate Body Press suspension trainer comes in a light blue color. It also features black anchor points and handles, but the blue comes as a real refresher. Once again, the price and quality of the product are on two opposite sides of the spectrum. Which is exactly as we want them to be!
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Once again, this is a system with a double anchor point. As such, it takes a couple of minutes more to set up but offers a lot of variety in return. Two anchor points mean you can train unilateral moves, or do combinations V-shaped single anchor point suspension trainers can’t offer. The length of the trainer is completely adjustable and the material is military-grade, guaranteeing maximal safety. The anchor points can be attached anywhere, from doors to branchers or playground structures. The bundle includes a bag for easy storage as well as a wall poster with a bunch of exercises and workouts. Ankle cradles are built into the handles, similar to the TRX design. The Ultimate Body Press suspension trainer comes with a 100% money back or replacement guarantee.


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide Lifeline Jungle trainer

Once again a color change. This time, it is red that accompanies the now-standard black. Similar to the previous entries, the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT trainer is a double anchor point suspension trainer that features the best price in our guide today. At the same time, it brings unrivaled quality in return.
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One major characteristic of this suspension trainer is its weight, or lack of it, to be more precise. this suspension trainer is the most lightweight of all the suspension trainers in our 2021 guide. At the same time, it can hold up to 3550 lbs of weight. The anchor points are made of high-grade material that ensures easy attachment and removes any chance of tearing or slipping. Moreover, the split anchor system allows for more angles, which in turn, means more challenging exercise options. The length of the straps is easily adjustable with the help of cam buckles. they allow you to change the length from 16” to 94″ in a matter of seconds. The material of the straps is made with industrial-strength materials, extra durable, and long-lasting.  My personal preferred choice when it comes to suspension trainers.


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide ComCor Suspension trainer

With the ComCor suspension trainer, things get really interesting. Namely, this is the first suspension trainer that can be taken apart completely. Portability and efficiency are the two main caveats of this suspension trainer system. It can literally fit in your pocket, and you can use it to train anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
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This blue and black suspension trainer certainly deserves its spot in the best MMA suspension trainers 2021 guide. It is made from industrial-grade Nylon and features EPDM extra soft foam handles for perfect control. Once again there, is a split anchor system, allowing you to set the straps up both together (like a single anchor) and apart (like gymnastic rings). The full bundle includes the straps with handles, anchor points, a Nylon bag, and over 20 digital workouts. Still, the best part is that the system is very easy to take apart. Namely, the straps can be divided into three detachable parts: handles, straps, and anchor points. The anchor points contain buckles that allow you to insert and adjust the straps.

Furthermore, the handles have built-in foot slings that you can also attach or remove. All in all, it is a highly portable, lightweight, and cheap suspension trainer for just about every occasion!


Best MMA Suspension trainers 2019 guide HOSSK Home Suspension trainer

Our very final entry in the best MMA suspension trainers guide of 2021 is the Nossk Home Suspension Trainer. This one is a simple as it gets – all black, single anchor point suspension trainer. This one is for all serious fighters that want to really get a challenging workout. Moreover, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including a 1-year full-money back warranty.
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Noosk Inc. is a California-based company that makes all its products in the USA. That means that this is a high-quality, USA-made piece of training equipment. It is made from the highest quality materials – high-grade military webbing that is indestructible. There is an anchor point that is particularly practical for indoor work. It is padded and designed to fit on top of any kind of door. The entire system is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 1.2 lbs. It can also handle up to 300 lbs of weight. The bundle includes a door anchor, two soft and comfortable foam grip handles with built-in foot loops. There’s also a drawstring bag for transport and storage as well as a Quickstart guide with almost two dozen different exercises. Although this is an optimal suspension trainer for indoor training, you can also use it outdoors with ease.

Suspension Trainer MMA Workout Ideas 

The goals of training with one of our best MMA suspension trainers are simple – get in the perfect shape for MMA. The way you can do that is by combining challenging exercises that include both static and dynamic action. That means you need to both brace and hold positions as well as jump and do explosive movements. The benefits here are multifold. First up you improve both your explosive strength (striking) and your static strength (grappling). next, you work your core for mall possible angles, while also incorporating flexibility and mobility work. Depending on programming, you also get a conditioning component that will help you gas out less.

In terms of programming, you can use the following workout in many different ways. If strength is what you’re after, your best bet is to do straight sets for each exercise. 3-5 sets of 12-15 repetitions are more than enough. IF you want better cardio, you can do the same, only work for a time, and restless than your work time was. Our recommendation is to do both by training for reps (10-20 each exercise) but doing the workout in a circuit style. Rest two minutes and repeat the circuit up to 5 times. Make sure you repeat the single-limb exercises on both sides.

Suspension Trainer MMA Workout Sample

  1. Burpees – one leg is attached to the foot cradle at all times. Basically, you do a pushup, then jump up to one leg and skip on it, while the other stays behind you in the loop.
  2. Clock Pulls – One of the most un-suspension trainer exercises. Basically, you set up for an inverted row with one hand. The other stays wide and pulls at all the different positions of the clock arrow.
  3. Cross Curls – With the suspension trainer attached high, the goal is to curl your body up by basically trying to hug yourself with both your arms. Very tough to do!
  4. Cross Lunge Knee Strike – For this you’ll hold on to the suspension trainer with both hands. the goal is to do a back lunge, but lace your knee behind your heel and keep your foot off the ground. As you rise back, use the leg that went behind to execute a knee strike.
  5. One Arm T-Pull – For this one, you’ll only use one strap, or hold the bot with one hand. What you want to do is hang with one arm and open your chest, another arm pointing to the floor. Now, as you rotate up to touch the strap with your free arm, you do a row with your anchored arm.
  6. Spiderman Push Up – The final exercise is also going to be the most challenging one. One leg is hooked in the strap of a suspension trainer. The other one is going to stay suspended in the air next to the anchored leg. From there, you just do a pushup while bringing the knee of the free leg to your elbow.

In Summary 

Suspension trainers offer a whole host of possible training modalities. You can use them to train virtually every body part in different ways – from muscle sculpting to full-body exercises and drills that mimic the needs of MMA fighters and combat athletes. And it all comes in a neat little bundle that you can take anywhere and attach to pretty much anything! Now, you have easy access to the very best MMA suspension trainers in 2021! Not only that but you also have an idea of how to program your workouts. Time to train!

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It is always great to use strength and conditioning methods for MMA that actually spare your body. Lifting weights is great but it only has one function - tearing muscle fibers apart. This is not always the best idea when it comes to