Fred Mastro in an MMA Fight – Let’s See if He’s Able to Apply his Techniques in a real MMA fight

Fred Mastro in an MMA Fight - Can he Apply his Techniques in a real MMA fight?

Fred Mastro is a self defense master and the creator of “Mastro Defense system”. We can see him in all flashy videos easily fighting and subduing multiple opponents, bigger opponents, tough opponents with very interesting and flashy moves. The only thing we can’t see are resisting opponents and that’s something we all want to see.

Most of the self defense systems and trainings lack real sparring and that’s why people who trains real fighting martial arts will say that everything that Mastro shows is unrealistic and can’t be done in any real fighting situation.

Check Out Fred Mastro in an MMA fight and let's see if he's able to use his moves in a real fight.

Posted by BJJ World on Friday, October 13, 2017

In a video below, we can see Fred Mastro in a real MMA fight. We give him credit for doing an MMA fight and in training MMA, but this is a situation where we have to ask ourselves, where are all of his flashy moves? How come he couldn’t show 1% of anytihing that he’s showing to his students and on seminars every day? It’s not Fred Mastro who’s in question here, because he was training MMA and he was in an MMA fight, but system that he shows and reasons why he’s showing that.

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As you can see in this video Fred Mastro didn’t show striking skills, BJJ skills, wrestling skills, simply nothing. And we can say that this match is really bringing to question his “Mastro Defense System”. Although, people training in real fighting martial arts were never in question if his moves are working because they knew it’s not working at all, but those who likes to believe in moves showed only on non resisting opponents should think twice.

Anyway, there is no “beautiful” moves in real fighting and there are no shortcuts if you want to be a fighter. You have to train hard the real martial arts, sweat and spar a lot to be a fighter.

DEBLASS1 BIG - Fred Mastro in an MMA Fight - Let's See if He's Able to Apply his Techniques in a real MMA fight
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