Grandmaster with 12 Black Belts and 7th Degree in Grappling

Master of everything 12 black belts

I guess we all know some “masters of everything” but this guy is a champion of masters of everything. We represent you a Mestre Rayllamm.

According to this site, this guy is:

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  • Grand master of kung-fu 7th Thuen
    Grandmaster of Muay-Thai gold Kruang
    Master grappling black belt 7th dan red tip
    Professor of kickboxing black belt 4th degree
    Professor of MMA black belt 5th dan
    Teacher of Tai Chi Chuan
    Professor of Jiu-Jitsu 1st Dan
    Teacher of Aikido black belt 5th dan
    Professor of personal defense black belt 5th dan
    Teacher security guard back method policeman 6th dan
    Teacher Centre located Chinese
    Professor of Krav Maga 5th dan
    Technical Chinese Oriental massage
    Technical bamboo massage therapy
    Technician holistic therapeutic massage tui-ná reflexology and shiatsu
    Instructor eastern yoga

MMA black belt 5th dan, Black Belt of personel defense, grappling 7th degree black belt, Instructor Eastern Yoga… This credentials are something that only real masters can have and you’re lucky if you know one in your life.

This is something you have to see to believe.

Check out his beautiful skills in this video below and make sure you don’t blink.

DEBLASS1 BIG - Grandmaster with 12 Black Belts and 7th Degree in Grappling

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