MMA Referee’s Failure: Choked Unconscious Fighter Got his Arm Broken – Fury FC 76 Controversy on Fighter’s Safety

MMA Referee's Failure: Choked Unconscious Fighter Got his Arm Broken - Fury FC 76 Controversy on Fighter's Safety

Mixed martial arts (MMA) events have been gaining in popularity over the years, with UFC being one of the biggest and most recognizable names in the industry. However, not all MMA events are created equal, as was evident in the recent Fury FC 76 event in San Antonio, Texas.

While the event may have started off as a regular MMA event, it quickly turned into a nightmare when the incompetence of the referee in the cage caused a terrible scene. The incident occurred during the main match of the evening, where Edgar Chairez and Gianni Vasquez faced off against each other.

In the fourth round of the match, Chairez locked in a triangle choke on Vasquez, causing him to struggle and gasp for air. Vasquez soon fell unconscious, but the referee, Frank Collazo, failed to stop the fight. Shockingly, Vasquez remained unconscious for almost 30 seconds in the tight grip of the choke.

People around the cage, including the commentators, realized the severity of the situation and tried to signal to the referee to stop the fight, but to no avail. The scene was distressing for both the fighters and the audience alike.

Eventually, Chairez himself put an end to the agony by switching to an “arm bar,” which allowed Vasquez to wake up and tap out, surrendering the match.

The incident has since sparked widespread criticism and debate about the role and responsibility of referees in MMA fights. Many people argue that the referee’s primary responsibility is the safety of the fighters, and in this case, Collazo failed to fulfill that obligation.

While MMA is undoubtedly a combat sport, it is crucial to ensure that fighters are not put in harm’s way due to the incompetence of referees or any other factors. Events like Fury FC 76 serve as a reminder of the importance of proper regulations and protocols in MMA events to ensure the safety of fighters and the integrity of the sport.

In conclusion, the recent incident at Fury FC 76 highlights the need for stricter regulations and protocols in MMA events. The safety of fighters must always be the top priority, and referees must be trained and competent enough to make quick and accurate decisions that ensure the well-being of the fighters in the cage. The incident has sparked debate and discussion, and it is hoped that it leads to positive changes in the industry.

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