(VIDEO) We’ve never seen this before! Arman Tsarukyan knocks out a fan as he leaves the cage

(VIDEO) We've never seen this before! Arman Tsarukyan knocks out a fan as he leaves the cage

One extraordinary moment slipped by many in the sea of interesting events at UFC 300.

You haven’t truly seen this yet. We don’t think this has ever even happened before, an active fighter striking and knocking out a fan as they exited the cage.

Specifically, Arman Tsarukyan charged towards a person in the audience and hit them several times.

Media reports indicate that the person Tsarukyan struck fell unconscious to the floor and was in distress for the next few minutes.

Arman “Ahalkalakets” Tsarukyan (22-3) defeated Charles Oliveira (34-10) by a split decision. Considering the victory and the fact that he knocked out a fan in the audience, fans joke that he had two wins in one night.

“You can mock me from 200 meters away, but no one will talk trash to my face. I’m from Russia, for me, that’s automatic. Please, don’t try that again because you’ll end up in the hospital, and I’ll end up in an American prison,” said “Ahalkalakets,” who despite the victory, was infused with a dose of negative animosity. It’s clear that fighters from more rural areas often have a more temperamental character.

“That wasn’t smart, that wasn’t f***ing smart. They’ll probably sue us, but that’s a matter I’m leaving for Monday,” said a visibly frustrated Dana White.

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