Lachlan Giles Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Musumeci’s Modified Straight Foot Lock

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Lachlan Giles showcases why Mikey Musumeci’s modified straight foot lock is so effective.

Musumeci is a 3-time IBJJF World Champion who represents CTA (Caio Terra Association) and is recognized as the only American to hold 3 gi world titles.

Throughout his career, Musumeci has defeated some of the most prominent names in the sport, including Joao Miyao, Bruno Malfacine, and Isaac Doederlein. Moreover, he holds the record for the fastest submission in IBJJF Worlds finals history, securing an ankle (Achilles) lock in only 12 seconds. This ankle lock is highly effective since it involves hooking the leg with the outer leg.

Mikey Musumeci legal IBJJF footlocks

Lachlan Giles examines Musumeci’s straight foot lock in the context of no gi in a video below.

We must say that in Musumeci’s impressive career, besides many noticeable wins and records, he holds the most foot lock submissions at Worlds for three years running. Furthermore, BJJ Fanatics has partnered with Musumeci to teach competition legal leg locks that he uses to submit bigger and stronger opponents.

IBJJF Legal leg locks on BJJ fanatics

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