Mendes Bros World Super-Camp: Heaven For Competitors


Training with the Mendes brothers? Yes, please. How about training with them twice a day, every day for 5 days straight? Sound like a dream, right? I can assure you that it is a reality, and the opportunity is up for grabs! In a couple of months, an event the likes of which we’ve never seen in BJJ before is set to take place. The Mendes Bros World Super-Camp is a unique opportunity for you to learn from a couple of the best BJJ competitors to ever live! And the best part is, registration is still open to grapplers of all levels! 

There’s no way that there’s someone out there who trains Jiu-Jitsu and has never heard of the Mendes bros. The two tiny dynamos are among the greatest grapplers of our generation without a doubt! In fact, they’re still very active competitors to this day, which means most of their time is spent training for tournaments. When they’re not doing that, they have their own Art Of Jiu-JItsu academy to run. This all means that their time is very valuable and getting to train with them is not an easy task. Well, if you like to have their full attention and take your competition game to a whole new level, there’s another way. The Mendes Bros World Super-Camp in September of 2019 is the perfect opportunity to get high-quality time with a couple of world champions!

Open For Everyone 

The first thing I have to state about the upcoming Mendes Bros World Super-Camp is that it is an open camp. That means that you can register whether you’re a white belt with a month’s worth of experience or a seasoned black belt. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re a competitor, instructor or just training for fun. The camp is open to everyone, as long as there are spots available. Speaking of spots, the Mendes Bros World Super-Camp has a limited capacity so make sure you get your spot before they run out!

36h6yu - Mendes Bros World Super-Camp: Heaven For CompetitorsBefore we get into the competitive accomplishments of the Mendes brothers, let’s see how this camp can benefit you. Let’s say you’re a 40-year-old grappler looking to improve your game. Training with the Mendes brothers means you get a couple of small guys with incredible amounts of technical knowledge. When it comes to training for longevity, spending five days with Rafa and Gui Mendes is going to change your whole approach to Jiu-Jitsu.

It is not just that, though. With every admission, you also get a month of free cess to the Art Of Jiu-Jitsu online library. That means, that you’ll be able to further build on the lessons you learn in camp. Even if you’re not a competitor this will benefit you massively. It can help you set up classes, find solutions to common problems you have and even develop a long term high-level game fro yourself.

Why BJJ Competitors Can’t Miss The Mendes Bros World Super-Camp 

Which brings us to BJJ competitors. If there was ever a training camp designed to take competitors to a whole new level, it has to be the Mendes Bros World Super-Camp! The  Mendes brothers share a whopping 10 world titles between them. Rafa has 6 of those, plus one more in No-Gi, while Gui has 4. The brothers are both very well versed in Gi and No-Gi and have the gift of teaching as well.

The reason BJJ competitors need to flock to this camp is easy – you get to learn from the best. There’s no doubt that at featherweight, there have never been better grapplers than the Mendes bros. The unique thing about them is that they keep on evolving along with Jiu-Jitsu. Rafa and Gui train constantly at Atos, which has one of the best competition teams in existence. The academy is not only known for great competitors but also as a den of innovation. It is down to the Mendes brothers that positions like the Berimbolo and 50/50 guard are at the level they are today. And you get to learn directly from the source!

Ther’s also something else. It is not just the success of the Mendes brothers that should have you packing for the Mendes Bros World Super-Camp right away. They also have a whole stable of students that are insanely good competitors. In fact, their own competition team has killers at every belt level, both male and female! This means that regardless fo your level, you’ll e able to learn new skills and become a better competitor. plus, you get to spend 5 full days with the Mendes bros and talk strategies, mindset, weight cuts and more!

Hurry Up!

The Mendes Bros World Super-Camp will take place between the 16th and 20th of September, 2019. The location is Singapore, more precisely the EVOLVE Far East Square gym. Moreover, if you’re an EVOLVE member, you get to enjoy a sizable discount in the admission fee.

Mendes Bros Evolve MMA 1024x573 1 1024x573 - Mendes Bros World Super-Camp: Heaven For CompetitorsThe days in which the camp is set to take place are Monday – Friday. Training sessions are scheduled twice a day, with two hours in the morning and tow in the afternoon. The precise times for training are  9-11 am and 2-4 pm. In the meantime, you get unlimited access to the EVOLVE facilities which host some of the worlds leading MMA and BJJ fighters, as well as world-class coaches. You also get a complementary rash guard, as well as a group trip to the iconic Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

In terms of accommodation, you’re free to find your own. Alternatively, EVOLVE offers discounted prices if you book at one of their accommodation partners. As I said before, you also get free unlimited access to the AOJ online library for a month. As far as leisure activities go, the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix week coincides with the Mendes Bros World Super-Camp.

Suffice to say, this is once in a lifetime opportunity at an incredible price! Spots are quickly running out so make sure you book yours immediately!

Final Thoughts

Training with any world champion is a life-changing experience. Having two of the greatest of all ties coach you for over 20 hours is almost unbelievable. Ther’s not a person alive that would reject the chance to train and learn from the Mendes brothers. This The Mendes Bros World Super-Camp is a unique opportunity for everyone to get a glimpse of what training with the best looks like. Do not miss it!