Man Tries to Rob a Woman With a Knife in Front of Jiu-Jitsu Academy. BJJ Black Belt Subdues Him.

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Man tries to rob a woman in Brazil with a large knife and a fake gun. Little does he know, she was right in front of her son’s jiu-jitsu school. As the crowd gathered (no one did anything) she screamed the name of the BJJ instructor (black belt) who came running down with his peers, tackled the guy, took the knife, and held him in a rear-naked choke and wrist lock until the cops arrived.

The black belt later released a video explaining the situation and made it very clear that one should always surrender physical possessions when being robbed and that his choice to intervene, although instinctive based on his years of training and capabilities, was irresponsible and would not be recommended for anyone. I commend him for his bravery, but I respect him deeply for his clarification message after the fact. ??


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