Korean UFC Fighter Sentenced to Prison for Fixing Fights

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According to The Korean Herald, the Seoul Central District Court said that Bang Tae-hyun was found guilty of taking a bribe of $92,160 in exchange for throwing a bout at the UFC event in South Korea in 2015. The brokers who handed  money to Bang Tae-hyun are also sentenced to prison.

“The crime of match fixing damages the credibility of sport, and in international matches, it has a bad effect on the country’s credibility as well,” the court said. “Bang had an obligation to play the game fairly, but he ignored it and took an important role in the scheme. But we did take into consideration that Bang won the bout and returned the money afterwards.”

Bang Tae-hyun will be out of jail after 10 months eventhough he won the bout and returned the money afterwards.

According to investigation Bang was supposed to lose first two rounds against Leo Kuntz at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul on Nov. 28, 2015. But at the end of the match Bang changed his mind and won a match against Kuntz via Split Desicion.

The reason why he decided not to throw the match was UFC warned him about match fixing and even the bookmakers changed the odds dramatically. Before the match Bang was slight favorite but few hours before the match started he became a huge underdog.

Anyway, Bang is no longer an UFC fighter after he lost in Germany on UFC fight night against to Nick Hein and after this we believe there is no chance he’ll ever be back in UFC or even compete in any better organization.

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