Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling Adam Wheeler DVD Review

Wrestling, as we’ve discussed many times, is probably the one core staple discipline of modern grappling. Pair wrestling with Jiu-JItsu, and you get an unstoppable combination, both in grappling and MMA terms. Still, not all wrestling is the same, and this is what most people often miss. For instance, catch wrestling and folkstyle wrestling are two very different things. One is focused on crazy and quick submission holds, while the other is a real science of pinning. IN terms fo the latter, Adam Wheeler has an outstanding DVD out by the title of Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling. Today, I will tell you why you need to get this grappling instructional ASAP!

Adam Wheeler – Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling

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If you take a close look at grappling martial arts nowadays, you’ll see that there’s not one complete art out there. Jiu-Jitsu is as elaborate on the ground as they come, but it severely lacks in takedowns. Wrestling does have takedowns, and pins, but submissions are nowhere to be found. Judo, Sambo, Catch Wrestling, no matter the sport, there are flaws. That’s why combining grappling martial arts is a great way of weeding out weaknesses and creating an overall rounded game. In doing so, the Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling DVD is one resource that can open new perspectives for any grappler. Why? Because Adam Wheeler focuses on the fundamentals of America’s favorite grappling sport – collegiate wrestling. And he is just the man for the job!

Folkstyle Wrestling

Folkstyle wrestling is actually what most people know as colligate wrestling. It is mostly practiced in the USA, but it is not exclusive. SO, why do we call it folkstyle when we all know it as writing? Well, for those out there that are uninitiated, wrestling is far more diverse than just what you see at the college level. There’s Folkstyle, freestyle, Greco-Roman, the aforementioned Catch Wresltinga nd a bunch of other styles. And yes, they all have key differences between them.

Folkstyle wrestling, for example, is focused on pinning an opponent in order to get a win. If you can’t, that’s when points that you get by takedowns and attacking count. Even then, the number of points you get in Folkstyle, compared to other styles of wrestling is different. The best way to win is to throw someone down and hold them there for two seconds. That is what is considered a pin. However, you can also win by points, whether it is attacking (takedown attempts, near falls), defending (escapes and reversals), or technical superiority (tech-fall). In any case, Folkstyle Wrestling is fun and is one of the styles any grappler looking for w well-rounded game needs to train in. Particularly for those who are fans of No-Gi.

Adam Wheeler, Wrestler Extraordinaire 

Speaking of Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling, the man behind it, Adam Wheeler, is an Olympic bronze medalist and one of the most technical American wrestlers of recent times. His medal came at the 2008 Summer Olympics. What is surprising is that Adam actually likes Greco-Roman more than Folkstyle. Still, that doesn’t mean he can teach both at the highest possible level. The Olympian is also a BJJ black belt.

Wheeler has a bunch of other accolades at the highest level of both Greco Roman and Folkstyle wrestling to go with his 2008 bronze medal. Moreover, he is also active in JIu-JItsu, although not a distinct competitor, at least so far. The California native started wrestling in high school, before really getting into it at college. He kept on to develop a stunning career, on that he is now continuing as a grappling coach. In fact, he is currently a SWAT officer and a Jiu-Jitsu coach as well as a wrestling one.

Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling DVD Review

To be completely honest, this is my second Adam Wheeler instructional. My previous experiences with his work did influence me picking this upright as it hit the shelves. Suffice to say, I was right once again. However, Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling is a different level to his previous DVD. This is an instructional that offers a detailed and extremely well-organized look at the foundations of folkstyle wrestling. Namely, in this DVD set, Wheeler goes over everything you need to know, from warm-ups all the way to escapes. In short, if you’re looking to improve your Foslkstyle skills for other grappling arts, particularly BJJ, this is the only resource you’ll ever need!

The Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling DVD has four parts, starting from scratch in the first one, and progressing to advanced stuff in the final one. To be more precise, volume 1 covers the warmup routines and drills that have made folkstyle wrestling famous. Moreover, this is also the takedown DVD, where you get to learn the anatomy of a takedown rather than a bunch of unrelated ones. Disc two head off to the direction of hand fighting and penetration strategies. It is also where you get to learn just about every ankle pick variation in existence. Volume three goes into the sprawling and some front headlock essentials while the final one is all about pins, reversals, and escapes.

Disc 1

Going a bit deeper into what the first volume of the Fundamental Folsktyle Wrestling Adam Wheeler DVD has to offer we take a look at the warmups sequence, Here, Adam goes over a general, and a wrestling specific warmup. Doing both every practice, along with the drills that come next, is a surefire way of preventing injury and getting a bit more of a gas tank in the process.

391cwq - Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling Adam Wheeler DVD ReviewThe takedown begins with a real in-depth study of penetration steps. You get to discover how to execute this essential move in different variations, like from the knees, with a partner, the “L” penetration step and more. Rounding off this portion is the infamous double leg takedown, covered in even more detail than the penetration step before. Actually, it is a double leg trip, more than a takedown, which only increases the efficiency of the move.

Disc 2

Part two is all about tying up an opponent and getting into optimal position. Regardless of which grappling martial art you prefer, you need to learn hand fighting. Wrrelsters, particularly folkstyle, have been doing this for decades, so you might as well start there. What Adam Wheeler shows here are different tie-ups that pen up different attacking approaches. Those include lunging into duck under, double leg, high crotch, etc. Moreover, you get a real high-level explanation of the two-on-one, a grip every grappler needs to master.

About halfway through this volume, Wheeler changes gears and focuses on the ankle pick. WE all know how effective this takedown is both with and without a Gi. Well, now you get even more options, as well as a few backstep combos. Finally, a short section on basic and advanced arm drags rounds this volume off.

Disc 3

The Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling DVD continues by dissecting a real staple of wresting – the Sprawl. It is not just about sprawling but also how, and especially when you dop it. Here, you’ll learn how to set up the perfect sprawl. Not only that but there are solo and partner drills to help you perfect timing as well. And, since this is a complete instructional, Adama Wheeler also shows you what to do after you sprawl which is equally as important as sprawling.

In fact, you get some really cool follow u options here. Everyone knows that getting the back the preferred option, However, Wheeler offers a different go behind that is of his own invention. He also demonstrates a few whip overs, before heading into the direction of Nelsons. Here, the ¾ Nelson is the star, a position that offers more head control than any clinch you think you know. Wrapping things up is a short study of the cradle position, particularly from the near side.

Disc 4

391cv2 - Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling Adam Wheeler DVD ReviewThe final portion of the Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling DVD is actually the largest one. It has two different sections and goes int some basic and some advanced aspects of grappling. Opening the account are pins, the bread, and butter of Folkstyle wrestling. Up first is the chop and bump, or in other words, the perfect way of getting turtled up opponents to the ground. Some classic rides, like the spiral ride, follow suit. Thre are also more Nelson options here, mostly in the form of the Half Nelson, as well as a few more cradle options.

The second section of chapters is all about the defensive side of wresting. Here, Adam Wheeler teaches his favorite escapes, like standing up and switches. He also covers partner drills as well as a bunch of reversals to actually land you the upper hand after you escape.

Closing Thoughts

Adam Wheeler is clearly a top-level grappler, who is a master of more than one discipline. The fact that he is an Olympian who is also a BJJ black belt makes hi ma unique coach to learn from. HGis experience is clearly evident all across the Fundamental Foslkstyle Wrelsting DVD set. Plus, since no one has ever done Folkstyle wrestling justice with instructionals, this is a one-of-a-kind edition!

Adam Wheeler – Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling

Adam Wheeler Fundamental Folkstyle wrestling 300x199 - Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling Adam Wheeler DVD Review
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