Burglar gets Caught by BJJ Black Belt Sergio Hernandez While Breaking Into His House

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Breaking into someone’s house is never a good idea and especially breaking into BJJ Black Belt’s house. That’s exactly what happened in California to one of BJJ Black Belts Sergio Hernandez.

Sergio Hernandez is 38 years old Black Belt and EBI veteran. He’s a student of Grappling legend Baret Yoshida. He’s well known for his flexible legs and a system that he created and named it “rubber side control”.

This is what he wrote on his Instagram Profile

“This piece of shit was breaking into my Dads house right now. He ran down the alley and I caught up to him. I brought him back to my Dads house and then he tried to escape. I threw him to the ground using what little judo I know, then put him in a triangle until the cops showed up. He probably weighed 50 more pounds than me. He said he had a two-year-old and he didn’t want to be separated from his kid. I felt bad about that. Anyhow, I gotta get to work. I’ll be at Pop’s all day”

In a case, you didn’t know  BJJ Brown Belt was forced to defend himself on the streets of San Francisco a few days ago. People are accusing this BJJ Black Belt for using excessive force on a homeless guy but is that really so? You can check the video HERE!

BJJ Brown Belt Instructor Attacked On The Street

This is exactly the reason why you should practice takedowns as much as possible if you’re training BJJ. Fighting on the streets without takedowns is bringing you to a point where you have no chance to use anything that you’re probably learning for years and… that’s pretty bad.

Jiu Jitsu Guy With No Takedown Skills in a Street Fight – FAIL

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