BJJ Brown Belt Instructor Attacked On The Street

Lamorinda BJJ instructor Mozart Gutierrez was attacked today on the streets of San Francisco and he displayed a fine self-defense execution without the use of an excessive force. Something that should everyone do in a street fight if it’s possible. Mozart Gutierrez was able to control his attacker forcing him to give up on the attack without any consequences. This is exactly what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you and you’re able to execute it without any problems on almost anyone and especially on someone without any training.  If you check the video of this self-defense you’ll be able to see some pretty weird comments about this fight where BJJ coach didn’t want to inflict any pain on a guy who attacked him. Here are some of the comments: “pretty sure the homeless guy was harassing him and swing first. Definition of self-defense”“are you beating up civilians on … Continue reading BJJ Brown Belt Instructor Attacked On The Street