Budo Fit DVD Review: A Nic Gregoriades Instructional

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Finally, a kettlebell training program that makes sense and is easy to execute! What is the point of creating a kettlebell (or any kind of) instructional if you’re just going to demonstrate exercises? If the goal is to show the exercises only, then, by all means, do so. But please stop naming them programs and workouts! I’ve been burnt with the so many times before that I was really hesitant about giving the Budo Fit DVD a go. What made up my mind was the fact that it is aNic Gregoriades instructional, and Nic always has great things to say. I didn’t wrong that much can tell you now!

Nic Gregoriades – Budo Fit (DVD/DIGITAL)
Budo Fit DVD Nic Gregoriades instructional
Kettlebells are by far one of my favorite training methods. When you’re juggling an insane love for BJJ, teaching classes, a day job, and a family, not much time is left for strength training. So, kettlebells and gymnastics are my go to, as they give me the best bang for my buck in the time that I have. We already know that kettlebells and BJJ are a match made in heaven. However, there aren’t that many great programs out there, particularly not one intended for grapplers. The Budo Fit DVD is one done by a high-level grappler, for all grapplers. It covers everything you need, including guiding you through the workouts themselves! Thumbs up for this Nic Gregoriades Instructional, no doubt about that!

Nic Gregoriades

Nicolas Gregoriades is a Roger Gracie black belt and one of the most knowledgable young grapplers in the world. His take on Jiu-Jitsu is a highly philosophical one, with lots of attention to how stuff works and a fascination with concepts. I’ve enjoyed many of his videos on different subjects, as he really knows how to explain key points of the art to a wide audience.

Budo Fit DVD Nic Gregoriades instructionalNic is a South Africa native that comes from a martial arts family. He started off in Karate with his father, before moving on to Judo. He already had his sights set on BJJ but had nowhere to train at. So he went on to train Judo until he reached brown belt. When he moved to England, he found Roger Gracie and stayed with him throughout his journey. He became Roers’s first black belt in 2008. Today, Nic runs Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood, his own BJJ association.

He is also a big proponent of kettlebell training as well. On that note, he is just as good as explaining kettlebell training as he is Jiu-Jitsu. The Budo Fit DVD is not a complicated instructional, but it is one that offers programming and variety. Furthermore, there’s lots more in this Nic Gregoriades instructional than simply kettlebell exercises and workouts!

The Budo Fit DVD Review

As I said, I was not too thrilled about watching another disappointing kettlebell DVD instructional. As it turns out, it was the Nic Gregoriades instructional that I’ve been looking for all along. In it, Nic really covers everything, First up, it doesn’t require anything more than a kettlebell. The weight is down to your abilities and goals, but it shouldn’t be less than 16 kg if you really like to see noticeable benefits.

The Budo Fit DVD includes a whole host of chapters that cover mobility, strength training, improving your metabolism rate, mastering bodyweight movements and lots more. Plus, Nic makes sure everything ties in together perfectly in a few different workouts. Speaking of complete programs, there’s one for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes, so nobody is left wanting.

  • Mobility

A really cool component of this Nic Gregoriades Instructional is the mobility portion. As a 2nd-degree black belt, Nic really knows what it means to train for grappling. In the Budo Fit DVD, he includes a couple of different mobility routines for both warming up and cooling down.

They’re just as good as BJJ warm-ups, as they are for any kind of physical training. The upside is that hey include BJJ specific movements, are not hard to follow and are not long at all! Still, they’ll not only manage to warm you up and cool you down but also improve your range of motion and overall mobility!

  • Strength And Power

This is where kettlebells enter the frame. Nic makes sure he covers all the foundations of training with kettlebells. In this portion, even people who have never picked a kettlebell up before will learn all they need to know. Moreover, there are some really cool exercise combinations that are perfect for grapplers. Nic has things organized in full follow-along workouts, which make things extremely easy. Also, his focus is on strength and power, with conditioning being just a welcome side effect.

  • Coordination And Movement

NIc gregoriades instructional BUdo Fit DVDThis is something that I did not expect to find in a kettlebell DVD. Do not get me wrong, it is something that makes the Budo Fit DVD that much better though! Here, Nic coves some basic calisthenics exercises, like pushups, squats, and jumps. But he doesn’t stop there. He also throws in some animal movement exercises and drills. As we already know, they’re a real staple of BJJ specific movement. However, the Nic Gregoriades instructional manages to tie them in with highly effective kettlebell work. Not only that, but the choice of exercises once again allows for people of different skill levels to constantly find a challenge.

The animal movement drills are shown both separately, and as part fo mixed workouts with kettlebells. That allows you to either sue them on their own or as part of the following along workouts.

  • Improving Metabolism

Finally, there’s another key benefit to training the way Nic does. Your metabolism is going to become much more efficient and will help you get in tremendous shape. It is not only conditioning that you get, but also a real helping hand in cutting and/or maintaining weight. All you need to do is follow the workout s along, trying to match Nic’s intensity and you’ll get in the best shape of your life in no time! Plus, it is a lot of as there’s a lot of variety to the workouts.


As if you need me to keep on convincing you that the Budo Fit DVD is really something you need. Still, in case you’re not completely sure, let’ me throw in some more info. Each workout lasts no more than 40 minutes,  including the warm-up and cooldown portions. yeah, you’ll be all done in 40 minutes, using just 1 kettlebell and enough room to do a few animal drills forward and back. it is a convenient and fun way to get in shape and not waste any time doing it! Plus, it is really specific to BJJ so your benefits stretch much further than just athletic and aesthetic gains.

Nic Gregoriades – Budo Fit (DVD/DIGITAL)
Budo Fit DVD Nic Gregoriades instructional

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