Andre Galvao Announces return to mma after 10 years of retirement
Photo by Mike Calimbas
Andre Galvao Announces return to mma after 10 years of retirement
Photo by Mike Calimbas

One of the biggest names and one of the most successful competitors of all-time Andre Galvao announced his comeback in the MMA. He decides to return to MMA and step again in the cage after 10 years of retirement.

Andre Galvao, certainly one of the most famous names in the BJJ world. He is one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all-time, he won 6 IBJJF World Tittles as a black belt, and also six ADCC World Championships. He finished his great GI career in 2018 at the Abu Dhabi King of Mats 2018. His last grappling match was on the ADCC 2019 Worlds, where he defeated Felipe Pena in the ADCC Super-Fight.

Galvao wrote on his Instagram profile:

“If you didn’t know about it…now you know it.
7 fights 5-2-0 in 2.5 years. Between 2008-2011 I did MMA. Yes. Lots of BJJ fighters were happy about that during those years. They had the chance to win my world titles.
I didn’t fight worlds 2009-2012. Yeah! They all super happy about it. I could win a couple more world titles in BJJ. Haha!
Back in the day, I had no wrestling and no ADCC World Titles. My no-gi game is different now.
I competed only against top fighters never thought about making my cartel…I was ready for anyone.
Much respect to all my opponents ✊?.
All of my opponents has way more experience than me.
I want to show the world I can do it!
I want to get back and show the world I can do it well.
God’s plan…not my plan ✍??.”


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What most people did not know is that Galvao fights in the MMA as well, and has a record of 5-2-0. He began his pro career in 2008, and fight until 2010. Throughout his career, he fought in some of the best MMA promotions in the world, such as DREAM (Japan), and Strikeforce (USA).
He showed his superiority in Jiu-Jitsu already in his first matches, where he achieved three submission victories. All three of them were via an armbar.

Last MMA Fight

His last fight was on Strikeforce event: Diaz vs. Noons II, in 20010. Andre lost this fight against Tyron Woodley via TKO (punches). Tyron Woodley is one of the big names in the UFC, he is #6 in the UFC welterweight rankings, and he is also former UFC welterweight champion. In one interview for BJJ Heroes, from 2010, Galvao explained his plans to join The Ultimate Fighter TV show. However, that did not happen. But maybe that could be a plan for the near future, who knows …

Andre Galvao vs Tyron Woodley


How would Galvao look today in the MMA world? Without a doubt, his grappling and his wrestling skills are at the highest level. His style of grappling, with pressure passing, as well as his wrestling, powerful takedowns can be very well translated to MMA. He has already shown that in his earlier career. His athleticism is also on the top level, honestly, at 38 he looks better than 90% of today’s fighters.



But there is an interesting question for sure, what is with his striking and punching? To be honest we can’t find or see much of his striking abilities. In his previous fights, he used punches to shorten the distance, and immediately looked for takedowns, or throws, where he gets the fight to the ground.
However, it remains to be seen whether we will see his comeback into the octagon and when.

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