Thief Attacks Woman in her East Side Drive Way

76 yr old woman attacked by a thief

Routine Trip Home ended in a fight of a woman against a thief

According to WTHR.COM a routine trip home from the grocery ended with a fight for an east side woman’s life.

Woman said:
“I thought ‘I’m dying now, I’m going to die here,”
“He said ‘can I come in and wash my hands’ and he showed me his hands. He said he’d gotten something sticky on them and wanted to go visit his grandmother so he wanted to wash his hands.”

“And I said ‘no’ again, more forcefully, and he continued to beg.”

“Finally I said ‘I’m calling the police’ and I turned my back to him, walked to my car, reached over in my car to get my phone and at that point he attacked me from the back.”

“Do not ever turn your back on a stranger. But even before that, in my case when he pulled in and followed me I should have come in the house and called 911.”

This is the reason why women should train BJJ. You never know when you’ll be attacked on the street and women needs to be able to defend their self.

Stop lying to Women about Self Defense and Surviving Violent Attacks

5 Reasons Why Women Should Train Jiu-Jitsu

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