Rousimar Palhares KO’d in 58 Seconds After Going for a Leg Lock

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Rousimar Palhares was going for a leg lock and got brutally knocked out by his opponent Aliaskhab Khiuriev.

As soon as the match started Rousimar was dropped down with a high kick from Aliaskhab. From that moment he was fishing for a leg lock, but Khuiriev never stopped punching him.

At one moment Rousimar Palhares managed to entangled Khuriev’s leg but without success. Khiuruev just turned and continued punching Palhares. That was enough for Palhares to let go of the leg and start to defend.

After Palhares got so many blows to the head referee was forced to stop the fight.

It was a very tough night for Former UFC fighter Rousimar Palhares at Fight Nights Global 85 in Moscow, Russia.

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