Meet Dillon Hinojosa – Jiu Jitsu Really Changed His Life

Dillon Hinojosa Before After weight loss jiu jitsu bjj

It is said that Jiu-Jitsu is an expression of one’s true self. So we can say that Dillon Hinojosa discovered himself in the right light. This guy is a champion both in Jiu Jitsu and, what’s more important, in life. Dillon is a pure example how Jiu Jitsu can change your life.

Dillon Hinojosa is a 17 year old teenager Living in Fort Worth, Texas. He discovered BJJ after watching Pride and UFC VHS tapes with his dad when he was 4.

As teenage years are hard for many kids and this wasn’t any exception for Dillon si few years a go he started training BJJ and as of July 25th, 2017 he has lost 100lbs by eating right, weight lifting and training Jiu Jitsu at Genesis Jiu Jitsu. And we can say that he is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and respectful teenagers you will ever meet.

He was competing the Texas Lonestar challenge when he fractured a bone in his foot; due to this he was unable to train. That’s when everything changed.

Dillon Hinojosa Before bjjDillon Hinojosa before jiu jitsu

When asked about what made him to do such a change in his life, how he did it and what are the benefits of it he said:

“I had many doubters from the beginning and this was a chance for me to show everyone that I can push through and be successful.”

“After an injury during a Jiu Jitsu tournament I decided I had to become healthier; once I started this journey I never gave up.”

“When first starting; I cut out sweets and nothing but water to drink. My diet consisted of a lot of eggs, rice, chicken spinach and oatmeal. Knowing that I’m at my goal weight it’s more about maintaining.” 

“Along with Jiu Jitsu I also do weight lifting and running”

“My endurance has improved dramatically and I don’t feel winded or tired during rolls; also it’s improved my confidence and self-esteem.”

What motivates him and keeps him going forward?

“Improve in my game so I am able to keep up with the best in competition and daily training.”

Dillon also shared his advice for someone looking to make the same change?

“If I can do this everyone else can make a change. It’s hard and takes dedication, but just push through it and you can do it.”

Dillon hinojosa training jiu jitsu

Here is Dillon’s Jiu Jitsu Tournament success!

Multiple time Europa Champion 
AGF Pro absolute champ
AGF Blue belt champ 
Underground submission Champion 
Naga Champion 
Fugi gold 
Battle for the Ages World Champ
Submission Hunter Pro(draw)

Dillon Honojosa Won Tournament in Blue belt BJJ

AS Floyd once said: “true champion will fight through anything” so keep up the good work Dillon, you’re a real champion and true inspiration.


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