Jocko Willink and Dean Lister’s 5 Most Painful Submissions

Jocko Willink and Dean Lister's 5 Most Painful Submissions
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Submissions, usually, aren’t there to hurt, right? They’re meant to be tapped and that’s it. So, once you feel the pain you tap and the pain is gone. But, there are submissions that once they hurt they really hurt bad, and the time it takes you to tap is usually the worst pain you can experience.

The good thing about it is that it stops immediately as your partner let it go unless you tap late or you didn’t tap at all. But, that’s for another topic.

In the video below we can see Jocko Willink and Dean lister shows us techniques that they think hurt the most.

They introduce the calf slicer that turns into a toe hold called “The Hobbler”. With a good amount of pressure and a bit of unnecessary force, you’re sure to lose a training partner for good.

The other techniques they show are Kimuras with the “elbow to the ribs” technique that don’t really do anything special but hurts a lot. There are also Triangle variations with an elbow to your opponent’s temple. There’s a Khabib’s Fukrum Choke, and an Ezekiel choke with some Jocko Willing added pain moments, etc.

While this video is very entertaining and informative using some of these techniques in your gym with your JIu-Jitsu friends won’t really help you gain more friends, and you’re actually losing some. But, maybe, they’re good for competition because in competition anything legal goes. You wanna win, right?

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