Guy Dojo Stormed BJJ School and Fought a Brown Belt in an MMA fight!

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There will always be someone thinking he can beat a trained fighter. He came to Estrella Team BJJ Dojo and challenged anyone to a fight. Brown Belt accepted a challenge and the fight was on.

“He came and asked for a MMA fight in our Dojo at Estrella Team. He was like Rickson Gracie quotes about anyone who doesnt practice BJJ: I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people can’t even swim.” Anyway, it was a good experience for him, guess he’ll train BJJ now”

Also, check a video when Karate Guy challenged a BJJ guy to a Bare Hand fight.

Karate Guy challenged BJJ Guy to a Bare Hands fight

You can also check in a video below how it looks like when someone with no takedown skills tries to take someone down in a street fight.

Jiu Jitsu Guy With No Takedown Skills in a Street Fight – FAIL

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