Coronavirus BJJ Guidelines: Staying Safe In The Gym

Coronavirus BJJ Guidelines For Protection
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We’re officially in a health scare craze with the dreaded Corona Virus spreading throughout the world. If I say that you shouldn’t panic, and just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll most likely write that off. So, even though in my experience as a medical doctor I can freely claim this Coronavirus outbreak is nothing out of the ordinary, I will offer several Coronavirus BJJ guidelines to help you feel and stay safe while you’re on the mats. After all, if we can train busted up with torn ligaments and herniated disk, how is a small thing like a virus going to stop us from rolling with as many people as possible on a daily basis?

Covid-19, AKA the Wuhan Virus, AKA the Coronavirus of 2020 is creating massive panic throughout the world. We’re not in a movie-like level of craziness yet, but if we do reach that point, it will all be down to how people react, rather than how dangerous the virus is. Let’s face ti, with intercontinental flights and people traveling, the virus will spread everywhere. If it was as crazy deadly as diseases of the past, we would’ve been dropping dead left and right by now. Still, I understand that most people do not have a medical background and do not really comprehend what’s going on. So staying safe is better than becoming sick, right? In that sense, here are some logical Coronavirus BJJ guidelines to help you protect yourself.

What Is This Corona Virus Craze?

Let’s start at the very beginning. The Coronavirus is a virus that’s pretty much ubiquitous to our surroundings everywhere in the world. In fact, your pets (if they are mammals, particularly dogs, and cats) have probably had it at a certain point in the form of digestive issues. It goes away on its own because it is not really that virulent (able to cause long and dangerous infections). It is also not very resistant to certain antiviral drugs.

Coronavirus BJJ InfluenceWith that in mind, when a virus mutates, bad things can happen. Particularly if one of the above-mentioned properties (virulence and resistance) changes in the favor of the virus. This particular member of the Coronavirus family is a new one, though. It seems to have jumped from other mammals to humans and keeps spreading between humans at quite a high rate. That makes it contagious, but not nearly as deadly as most people think.

Just as a comparison SARS and MERS had mortality rates of 10% and 35 % respectively. On the other hand, Covid-19 has a mortality rate of 2% and it involves mostly critically ill patients.

Symptoms of a Coronavirus infection include mostly respiratory signs. Viral pneumonia is the outcome of an infection, with coughs, fever and breathing difficulties being the most prevalent. In other words, the Coronavirus symptoms are similar to those of the flu. The immune system is able to fight it off on its own, and there have been some advances made in different countries for cures that work. However, in terms of Coronavirus BJJ guidelines for protection, the same thing that holds true for the flue does so for the Corona –stay at home and recover.

How Will The Outbreak Affect BJJ?

The potential for a Coronavirus BJJ spread is huge, given the close contact people are in when grappling. Currently, most people that train are in good overall health and not considered to be in the group that’s at a higher risk of mortality. It is definitely unwanted for the virus to reach us grappling folks.

For now, people are not yet overreacting with precautions, although there have been some overly cautious steps begin announced. For example, some countries to which the Coronavirus has spread, have declared they’re considering disbanding all sports events in order to minimize large gatherings. This may have an adverse effect on sports and that includes BJJ.

The way in which this virus can affect BJJ is by getting competition events canceled, first and foremost. At this point in time, traveling is unwise anyways, because the virus does spread very easily. However, if the spread continues, academies might be forced to close for an unspecified period of time. That is an outcome none of us want to see. However, there’s a way to prevent it all. As long as we all follow some Coronavirus BJJ guidelines and take precautions, I think we’ll be able to train through this craze just like we train through everything else. After all, it is the panic that is the real danger, at least in the case of the Covid-19.

Coronavirus BJJ Guidelines: Taking Precautions

Coronavirus BJJ Threats And RisksIn terms of specific methods of protection, there are general guidelines that you need to follow first. For example, if you’ve been to China lately, or any of the affected countries, stay at home for a week or so. The recommendations currently are two weeks, which has to do with the incubation period of the virus. Remember that if someone hs the virus, they will shed it long before they display symptoms. Some people might not even display symptoms due to their immune system fighting it off, but that doesn’t mean they won’t spread it. As far as general guidelines go, this is the most logical one that institutions have issued so far.

Next up, on a more specific note is hygiene. There’s no need to point out that In BJJ, hygiene is extremely important. Well, if we want to avoid causing a Coronavirus BJJ outbreak, washing our hands a bit more regularly is a simple method that can keep us safe. That, along with increased personal hygiene (washing your training gear, for example)  will help keep out any bug away from you and your academy. Even this “scary” new Coronavirus.

Of course, it goes without saying, that if you have flu-like symptoms you should go see a doctor immediately and most definitely do not come to class tonight!

For gym owners, mat hygiene become seven more important now. There is no real scientific data on how long the virus can survive outside the body on any kind of surface. However, in terms of Coronavirus BJJ precautions, make sure you get a strong disinfectant to wash the mats. Preferably one with distinct antiviral properties.

Oh and one more thing. Do not turn your gym into a bunker and close the doors to visiting grapplers. If they come from infected regions, make sure you have a chat with them, and with your entire team, to figure things out. Remember, most of this virus thing is a scare, and your overreactions might end up having years-long consequences.


So far, there are no confirmed cases of BJJ practitioners who have been infected, even in China. Given that people keep training in cities and countries where there are Coronavirus cases thre’ absolutely no room for panic. However, it is smart to follow some Coronavirus BJJ precautions. Even if you end up not needing them for a Coronavirus, they might help you fend off the flu or some other bug. After all, it’s flu season.

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