Chris Lomas – Kung Fu Master and DVD Maker in an MMA Fight

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Chris Lomas a.k.a SIFU Chris Lomas, how he likes to call himself is Kung Fu teacher in Manchester. He’s founder and owner of Kung Fu and some other Martial Arts school called Tao Jia Martial Arts Manchester.

Chris Lomas is also the creator of many DVDs and instructionals called “Splashing hands”, “Tan Tui”, “Iron Body”…

Before you jump into the fight take some time to check his “techniques” and something that he teaches his students. He calls it an Extremely Aggressive form of Kung Fu, legendarily developed in the southern Shaolin temple for the Gods in order to teach them to fight quickly.


And here, we bring you his MMA fight against Damien Gojski. There are no words to describe his performance in his MMA fight but if you feel embarrassed while watching him fighting don’t worry. We feel too.

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