Jay Queiroz – Fake BJJ Black Belt – The Latest Update

As you probably know Jay Queiroz is the worlds most known Fake (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. He was exposed in 2015 when Mike Palladino, brown belt at the time, went into Jay Queiroz’ gym and challenged him. You can check it HERE.

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Some of Jay Quieroz’s videos while teaching people were coming out and you watch them HERE, but till now, no one really knew what really happened with Jay Queiroz after he was exposed.

Recently, Mike Palladino known as Tee Sunami on Reddit BJJ, answered the question of some guy about Jay Queiroz. Where is Jay Queiroz now, how come he was discovered and how Mike knew about him.

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“I never really went into detail about how bizarre of a situation it really was.”

“He worked as a line cook at a local strip club, and told the owner he was a black belt in BJJ and wondered if he could transfer from the kitchen to security. The owner upon hearing this, not only transferred Jay, but he made him the head of security.”

“In addition to this the owner helped Jay open his school and get his program off the ground. In return, Jay promoted the owner to Purple belt after a whopping 3 weeks of training!”

“I can go super in-depth, but I’ll keep it short for now ;-)”

“To answer your questions, Jay closed down the very next day. He called me the night I busted him to apologize for the confusion, but he was still adamant that he was a blackbelt(this was before the video was released). The next morning, I released the video and it went viral. Jay called a meeting amongst his students and closed down the academy that day.”

“The student who was in the video, whom I had never met before going to Jays, was accosted upon arriving at the meeting. Jay and the other students thought that he set them up.”

“Jay had about 10-15 students including kids and adults. The majority of his students were employees of the strip club(none were strippers), a few cooks, two valet boys, and the rest of the security team. However there were 3-4 students who had no affiliation to the strip club, they just lived near his gym and they came to me after everything went down.”

“The employees stood by him, saying he wasn’t a fraud, and as one fellow said to me “Jay ain’t no fraud, cuz I ain’t no bitch. Jay beat me and made me look like a bitch, so he ain’t no fraud” I kept it civil and just laughed.”

“It was kind of a sad ending for Jay. Marlboro, is a small village where everyone knows everyone. So when the video went viral, he lost a lot of respect from the locals. He was fired from his job and began working as a cook again in a town called New Paltz. From there he went back to Brazil.”

“What makes it more unbelievable is the fact that I have a student who is a regular at the strip club and knew Jay. A year before I ‘outed’ Jay, my student who is oblivious, said “Yo bro, my boy from Brazil has a gym. He’s a black belt and he’s got cauliflower’ed ears!” – I laughed it off and said “Your boy is a fraud!” totally as a joke…only a year later to find out he really was a fraud.”

“Well, at the time of the ‘outing’, I had believed he was a purple belt because I saw a picture of him with a purple belt. What I found out from the man he said was his coach in Brazil, was that Jay went to him at white belt, left and came back with a blue belt a year later and said he received it at the Gracie Academy. Then he left to America where he bought a purple belt and took pictures with it. What wound up happening is, he never was awarded beyond white.”

“Even when he started teaching in America, he started with a purple belt. I have a student who was his and he said that when he started with Jay, Jay taught in a purple belt, he randomly showed up one day with a black belt and told the students he was a black belt the whole time but left it in Brazil and just bought a new one now.”

“You have to realize, that everyone of his students weren’t ‘in the know’ about Jiu Jitsu. Jay abused his power, he was a charlatan. He made people believe he was something he wasn’t, and they had no knowledge so they were oblivious to his falsities and lies.”

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  1. It’s sad that the students had to suffer through the whole process, before and after he was exposed. Hopefully they found a legitimate school AND Instructor. Always verify the school and Instructor you are interested in training at, whether it’s the Internet, or Facebook, or whatever means possible. Just because they wear a Black belt, say they are a Black belt, or even have a certificate certifying them as a Black Belt, doesn’t necessarily mean they are, so many fake people out there. Also verify who their Instructor is or was, as well as the person who awarded them the Certificate, even it’s Brazil. There are so many wonderful and Legitimate Black Belt Instructors all across the world who will be happy to help and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Most everybody has email or some type of communication to get in touch with them.


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