Black Belt Coach Gets Tapped By Blue Belt

Here’s a video of me rolling with one of my blue belts. Alvin is 135 lbs and I am 170 lbs. Every know and then I will get caught by one of my students. It happens even though most instructors won’t admit it.

Well, it may not happen if your instructor goes 100% everytime they roll with you. But what is the purpose of going 100% and beating up your students? In my opinion smaller and weaker opponents won’t develop as well if you go 100% on them. anyway, in this situation I get sloppy when going for a ankle lock. I normally don’t go for ankle locks, especially when wearing a gi.

Why? The pants sometimes get in the way like they did in this video. But instead of giving up on the ankle I kept trying to get my hand in and that’s what leads up to me getting submitted with a heel hook. Anyway, keep on training and I hope you learn something from this video.

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