What Happens When BJJ Black Belt Pretends To Be a White Belt

What Happens When BJJ Black Belt Pretends To Be a New White Belt
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Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black Belt, Alex Vamos, puts on a white belt as a joke. He even said they grappled a lot at his Kung-Fu school.

In the end, watch what happens and how everyone reacts.

“Hey, what’s up guys how are you doing my name is Alex Vamos. I’m from Long Island New York. I own bombers which martial arts out there. I’m here at Alan Belcher School in Mississippi and his guys want me to do a prank I’m a black belt in jiujitsu but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my black belt off and I’m gonna be the new annoying white belt here. I’m even gonna put the belt on the wrong way. Should be fun!” – explained Alex at the start of the video.

Who is Alex Vamos?

Alex has been studying martial arts for most of his life. He was already a black belt in both Kempo Karate and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu before he began training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Alex knew that BJJ was the art he had been looking for when he discovered it. He started training intensively and competing right away, in January of 2010. Under Renzo Gracie Black Belt Joe D’Arce, Alex achieved the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in January of 2010.

Alex, along with his brother, is the head instructor at Vamos Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Alex is also known for his ability to deconstruct techniques and make them simple to understand as a great competitor as well as an excellent teacher. Alex has also demonstrated the capacity to lead by example and inspire others to live healthier and more balanced lives.

Aside from his martial arts success, Alexander is a licensed acupuncturist who obtained his master’s degree in Chinese Medicine from the New York College of Holistic Medicine. Alex is a full-time employee of a doctor who practices acupuncture and herbal medicine. Alex has been an active competitor in BJJ since he began the art, traveling all around the country to train and fight with the best there is.

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