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ADCC 2019 Latest ADCC News
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It is September 2019 and we all know what that means for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans! It is the time for the biannual edition of the analog of the Grappling Olympics – the ADCC! WE have to say that the build-up has been crazier than ever. We saw declined invitations, huge upsets in the trials, crazy injury setbacks, and some very notable absences. However, even with everything that’s happened leading up to the event, it still promises to be as entertaining as we’ all expect it to. Probably even more. SO, as the countdown to ADCC 2019 begins we are here to bring you all the latest ADCC news on a daily basis! We’ll update this article daily until the ADCC, so make sure you check back regularly!

It has been a hectic year in grappling, particularly in No-Gi. SinREce the last Abu Dhabi Combat Club in 2017, a lot has changed in the grappling world. In fact, there were probably more changes in the last couple of years than in two decades before. For one, the quality of Jiu-Jitsu is crazy high. Moreover, there are a bunch of different No-Gi tournaments out there featuring crazy rules that really have people going. That means that this year’s ADCC has some big points to make. If it is to retain its title as the Olympics Of Jiu-Jitsu, that is. I have no doubt it will, with the crazy brackets that are setups so far! In other ADCC news, there have been some major changes since our last update of the ADCC 2019 fighter’s list so stay tuned!

Latest ADCC News

So, let’s go over the latest ADCC news first, and we can focus on other things later. As of now, precisely a month before the event, the brackets are complete. That doesn’t mean they’ll stay like that, however. Until now, we’ve already seen some major changes occur. For one, we all had the Gordon Ryan Injury scare when he tore his knee ligaments. Well, it seems that shooting instructionals did him good, as he is raring to go. IF his latest performance at the inaugural “Kinektic Grappling” tournament is anything to judge by, he is more than ready. So, the first thing we can confirm is that last time’s Heavyweight winner and absolute runner up is definitely going to show up for ADCC 2019!

ADCC 2019 Latest ADCC News And PreviewNext, up, it seems that reigning -66kg champion Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” is not as lucky as Ryan. Just last week, the multiple times ADCC champion announced he is pulling out. However, the latest ADCC news state that there is a perfect substitute for the legendary grappler – his own son. Kenedy Maciel, a fairly recent black belt under his father, is going to step up and compete in the -66 kg division instead. While not exactly at the level of his father, young Maciel was been winning left and right. Was his son’s participation the reason Cobrinha pulled out?

In other ADCC news, the -77 kg division welcomes yeat another huge up and comer in the form of Dante Leon. The former -66 kg North American Trials Winner from GFT comes in at the expense of Dillon Danis. However, given that he is on a winning run, we’ll enjoy watching his displays in one of the toughest divisions much more than Dillon’s I presume.

Who Else Is Missing? * UPDATED (27.09.2019)

While we’re on the subject of people who are missing, some of the greatest names of grappling are nowhere to be seen. Some of them do have legit reasons, like Mackenzie Dern who just became a mom. We would’ve definitely enjoyed seeing a potential rematch between her and Elvira Karppinen. After all, Elvira beat Dern, to everyone’s surprise, last time around.

Among those with an unclear reason for going AWOL, despite being invited is 2019 World Champion Mikey Musumeci. He is another notable absence from the -66 kg division, although his replacement, Richard Alarcon is not one to sleep on. The CJJ champion and Kasai veteran are definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Also missing from the ADCC 2019 -66 kg division is one grappler we all love to hate – AJ Agazarm. Along the lines of Rodolf Vieira, Kron Gracie, Mackenzie Dern and others, it seems AJ favors MMA much more than the ADCC> Due to a “conflicting schedule” the Gracie Barra competitor will not show up in California this year. IN his place, though, we do get a real wild card – 16-year-old Tye Ruotolo, the youngest ever ADCC competitor. The Atos team member is already a big name in IBJJF circuits and will certainly bring something else to the table.

Among the last-minute pullouts at ADCC 2019 are some legendary names the likes of Keena n Cornelius and Dillon Danis. Keena dropped out due to a nasty infection, whereas Danis stated knee injury as the reason. Romulo Barral also dropped out for reasons undisclosed.

The Ryan Brothers And The Danaher Death Squad

Of course, as expected, the eyes of everyone watching the most prestigious No-Gi event in the world are going to be on the team that’s considered the best ever in No-Gi. That is the Danaher Death Squad. Well, they will surely be present, however, in a much-diminished capacity. First up, Gary Tonon, who many expected will not compete because of his MMA career, actually stepped up late on. He comes in teh -77 kg division to replace Nicky Ryan. Nicky, in turn, moves to the -66 division to replace Ethan Crelinsten who had to pull out because of injury.

As far as the youngest competitor that has competed in the ADCC so far goes, we’re going to see him again, albeit a year older. Nicky Ryan gets a spot at the ADCC 2019 edition via winning the second North American trials. However, instead of trying his hand at the -77 kg division, Nicky is again going to be in the lightest weight brackets, like two years ago. Interesting to see how he matches up with Kennedy Macial, if it comes to that.

ADCC 2019 Best ADCC News Gordon RyanFinally, we have the “King”, Gordon Ryan. Last year champion and the runner-up was always going to be a huge favorite. That said, his gruesome knee injury, which has barely healed, does raise a few questions. It is not that he won’t be able to headline most ADCC news again. It is more a question of how hard is it going to be for him to operate without the preparation wh was planning for? Definitely something we can’t wait to see!

A Preview Of Possible ADCC 2019 Elite-Level Matchups

With ADCC 2019 looming, and the divisions pretty much set. Bar last-minute pull-outs, what are some of the matches we could witness? At the lightest male category, -66 kg, that would have to be the battle between Cany of the household names like Geo Martinez, Paolo Miyao or Bruno Frazatto. Of course, everyone will be keeping an eye on young Kenedy Maciel too. Now, Nicky Ryan also throws a wrench in everyone’s plans with the late move down.

At the -77 kg division, the man of the moment Lachlan Giles is bound to provide lots of action whoever he faces. There’s also Lucas Lepri and Edwin Najmi to make things interesting as well. Furthermore, in the -88 kg division, we’d definitely love to see who is going to be enough of a challenge fro Craig Jones. Will it be Adam Wardzinski, or perhaps Matheus Diniz? At -99kg we have, fo course Gordon Ryan. Just about any match with him in it promises to be fireworks. Still, I’d particularly enjoy a fight with Vinny Magalhaes. Finally, among the super heavyweights, Kaynan Duarte will welcome the likes of Eldar “Yakuza” Rafigaev and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu who just won the IBJJF No-Gi Heavyweight GP.

Finally, in the two divisions reserved for the ladies. Here, there are several matchups that’ll get everyone on the edge of their seats. In the -60kg division, Bea Mesquita reigns supreme, but Elvira Karppinen, Bianca Basilio and Jena Bishop are hunting for her title. Let’s not forget FFion Davis too, after the year she has had. Of course, whoever faces Gabi Garcia is going to have a tough time, but Tayane Porfirio is one that might just end up surprising everybody.

Wrapping things up is going to be the absolute champion, Felipe Pena. This time, he will face Andre Galvao in the ADCC 2019 superfight.

When And Where?

While it may not be ADCC news to some, this time the tournament takes place in the USA. California is the destination, with the venue being the famous Anaheim Convention Center in L.A. From September 28 to September 29, we’ll enjoy some of the best No-Gi fights in history! Stay tuned for regular updates and more ADCC new as we get closer and closer to the event!

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