The Benefits Of Using A Sauna For BJJ Recovery

Sauna For BJJ recovery
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Recovery is a major aspect of the Brazilian Jiu-JItsu lifestyle. regardless if you’re a professional grappler or a nine-to-five grappling nerd, you need a recovery routine. The goal is to get your body back to basics so you can push it to the limit on your next training session. There are a bunch of recovery methods out there for grapplers that are helpful. From yoga to foam rolling to using a sauna for BJJ, there’s much you can do. Here. we’re going to focus on the benefits of going in a sauna for BJJ recovery.

Have you ever been in a Sauna? the feeling is crazy the first time you step in that hot little room. First, you’re going to get freaked out at how hot it is. later, you’re going to start having a good time. However, just when you think you got the hang of it you’ll have to burst out of there afraid that you might melt. Just like with BJJ it gets better. All it takes is putting in the reps. The more you use a sauna the more accustomed you’re going to get to it. IN terms of using a sauna for BJJ, there are plenty of benefits, if you can handle the adjustment period.

Joe Rogan is one of the biggest proponents of using so-called heat therapy to accelerate recovery. Using a steam room or a sauna for BJJ recovery is nothing new and nothing complicated. If you want to know the science behind it, check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick and you’ll get more science than you can handle. If you’d like to take our word that a sauna for BJJ recovery is a good idea, then read on. You’re going to learn about the benefits of using a sauna for BJJ athletes. You’re also going to get a sample beginners routine that you can start utilizing right now. Give it a try and next time you need to recover, you might find the sauna experience more pleasant than foam rolling.

Benefits Of Using A Sauna For BJJ 

First of all, let’s make it clear. This article is about using the sauna for BJJ recovery, not for cutting weight. Cutting weight by dehydrating yourself is never ever a good idea. Especially when you’re trying to force sweat every last drop in a sauna. This is exactly the reason why lots of grapplers are skeptical about the benefits of sauna for BJJ. Traumatic weight cutting experiences aside, the sauna can be a very positive experience. If not, why would they be all over hotels and gyms worldwide?

Sauna for BJJHeat therapy is nothing new in the world of recovery. To be fair, it is among the oldest recovery methods known to man. Today, most saunas are in the style of old Finnish saunas. However, there are a host of other modalities, from Japanese Onsen style saunas to Roman and Turkish Baths. Despite subtle differences all of them have one thing in common – they use heat therapy to make you feel better.

The most important thing to remember is not to overdo saunas. heat therapy has a stimulating effect on the sympathetic nervous system. Consequently, it is very important to cool yourself down in between sauna rotations.

Why should grapplers use the sauna? Well, for starters, some of the greatest warrior cultures of the world are famous for their use of saunas. That aside there are clear benefits to using a sauna for BJJ athletes.

Some of the top benefits of saunas include lower cortisol levels, accelerated muscle recovery, and a significant fat loss effect. Going further, submerging yourself in 42°C promotes lighting fast recovery of your entire body. From a health and longevity aspect, saunas also boost immunity and help your body balance metabolism and battle stress. actually, stress relief is one of the top benefits of getting into a sauna.

Simple Sauna For BJJ Recovery Routine

IfF you still need convincing, then rest assured that the following routine works at the highest level of combat sports. It is a routine that renowned conditioning coach Joel Jamieson uses with UFC champ Mighty Mouse.

That said, feel free to skip the steam room section if you’re uncomfortable with it or have no access. However, for the maximal recovery benefit, it is always good to mix up your hit sources. furthermore, steam helps improve your breathing and also promotes recovery, albeit a bit differently than dry heat saunas

Sart by entering the sauna room and find a comfortable spot. Try to stay in until you break a sweat. Focus on breathing calmly if it is your first time. next, go straight under a shower and put lukewarm water on. This is the cooldown part. It is advisable to stay in the shower until you’re feeling fresh again.

Sauna For BJJ That was the warm-up. For the routine itself, next time you enter the sauna, aim to stay inside for 5-10 minutes. get under the shower again and freshen up for a minute at least. Now, you’re going to add a new segment – resting. Sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Then, get back into the sauna and for an additional 10-15 minutes. At this point, you can choose to go into a steam room instead of the sauna. If you do, stay for less than 10 minutes and cool off in a shower again. After another rest get back in one last time for 10 minutes. After leaving the sauna this time, stay under a warm shower for a few minutes. You’re done.

Stay at the facility and relax for 10-15 minutes before you leave. As you get used to staying in a sauna you’ll be able to extend your time and boost recovery even more.

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