No Touch Knock Out Master Went to BJJ school and FAILED

No Touch Knock Out Master Went to BJJ school and FAILED
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Touchless knockout or no-touch knockout is a supposed technique claimed by some martial arts practitioners, by which a person can be rendered unconscious solely by application of qiKiai, or similar methods, without making physical contact. This differs from pressure point techniques which involve light or slight contact to specific areas of the body causing unconsciousness. Skeptics believe apparent demonstrations of touchless knockout techniques to be hypnotism of, or acting (collusion) on the part of, the apparent victims of the technique.

This “Touchless Knockout Master” went to BJJ school and fails miserably. We can say that it’s a big problem that he’s teaching people something that has no any sense. But an even bigger problem is when those “masters” start to believe in their own s*it! The question is, are they ready to seek medical attention for their problems?

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