MMA Candy Girls Shows Off BJJ Techniques

MMA candy girls
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How many of you remember these girls from MMA Candy? A few years ago these girls were showing various Grappling and BJJ techniques for MMA. As we can see by the views on their YouTube profile they were very watched.

Were MMA Candy girls watched because of their techniques or something else, we can see in their videos below. Maybe someone will show technique even a bit better, but watching these girl’s videos will make you remember every single detail.

MMA Candy Girls Technique Videos

In this video, we can see a push-off to an armbar. They will show you exactly where to push and how to get exactly what you want, an Armbar! Check it out HERE.

Check out the omoplata from MMA Candy girls. Omoplata is a very effective technique but a lot of guys have problems with it. It’s not as easy as a Triangle to pull it off but once you learn it you’ll understand that time invested in learning Omoplata wasn’t thrown away. MMA candy girls will make sure that you watch the Omoplata technique as many times as needed to perfect it.

Half Guard Shoulder Roll. This is one of my favorite techniques from these girls. First, I found this technique on the 10th Planet page shown by Eddie Bravo. I watched it few times but couldn’t execute it. After that, I came home and I was searching for another video of thsi technique and I found this video below. After watching this video I knew almost every single detail. I never again had any problems remembering it. I also come back to this video from time to time because I always think I forgot something so I watch it about 70 times every time.

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