Demian Maia vs Tiago Camilo Judo World Champion And Olympic Medalist

This roll happened in Brazil in 2012.

Tiago Camilo is a well known Judoka. Olympic silver medalist in 2010 and Judo World Champion. Camilo is also knows as one of the best Judo Newaza practitioners in the world.

Maia’s comment on this roll:

“Truth is, it was really quick; we’d lifted some weights at the gym and decided to roll. Which was great, since he has excellent base and I had a hard time getting the sweep,” recounted Demian. “And it was even better because I was coming off a strength workout and was tired, so I could get a sense of what his strength was like, since the strength of judokas, wrestlers and Jiu-Jitsu players all feel different. The direction and feel his strength had, perhaps from the angle he’d hold each position, were really different; so it was cool to realize that.”

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