Demian Maia vs Tiago Camilo Judo World Champion And Olympic Medalist

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This roll happened in Brazil in 2012.

Tiago Camilo is a well known Judoka. Olympic silver medalist in 2010 and Judo World Champion. Camilo is also knows as one of the best Judo Newaza practitioners in the world.

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Maia’s comment on this roll:

“Truth is, it was really quick; we’d lifted some weights at the gym and decided to roll. Which was great, since he has excellent base and I had a hard time getting the sweep,” recounted Demian. “And it was even better because I was coming off a strength workout and was tired, so I could get a sense of what his strength was like, since the strength of judokas, wrestlers and Jiu-Jitsu players all feel different. The direction and feel his strength had, perhaps from the angle he’d hold each position, were really different; so it was cool to realize that.”

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