Cheap BJJ Rashguards 2020 Guide And Reviews

The B est Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 with detailed reviews
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One big pain of BJJ practitioners is how expensive training and competition gear is. Gis often cost well in advance of $100, rashguards below $50 are very hard to find and don’t even get me talking about backpacks and other gear. Combined with transportation, membership, and potentially competition fees, BJJ turns into one expensive hobby/addiction! Luckily, you don’t have to go shopping for the flashiest item that pops up on your screen. Instead, you can opt to do some smart gear shopping and still get premium quality and modern designs. Today, we’ll be looking at some cheap BJJ rashguards that are top deals for 2020! 

Nope, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday before you can afford a new rashguard or two for yourself. If you’re on the hunt for that brand new designer rashguard, then, by all means, feel free to wait or spend big. If, however, you need good solid rashguards to train and compete in, we’ve got you covered. Our guide today is aimed at figuring out which cheap BJ Jraqshguards are worth your time and money. It is not hard finding affordable and cheap gear, it’s hard finding cheap gear that lasts and does what it is supposed to. Well, we did some extensive testing and came up with a conclusion as far as rashguards are concerned. Any and all of the following 6 options will more than fulfill any expectations you might have from a BJJ rashguard at a fraction of the price!

Why You Absolutely Need A Rashguard

Okay, by now I expect everyone is completely on board with the whole BJJ rashguards thing. After all, they do serve more practical reasons than even the Gi itself. All right, perhaps I’m biased towards No-Gi, but that doesn’t mean I don’t train with the Gi. Still, even with Gi training, a rashguard is a must. Put simply, it’s the first thing I pack before I go to BJJ or hit the road or weights.

That said, there are some glaringly obvious reasons why you absolutely need to own a rashguard or two as a grappler. The most obvious one is protection. This one extends to much more than just protecting your body from unwanted rashes due to grappling. It also means protection against common germs, most of the bacterial and fungal varieties. It also serves as the perfect barrier to keep the sweat and other fluids from other people you roll with off of your skin. One No-Gi session in hot weather and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

On the subject of protection, there’s one aspect most people never consider. namely, a solid rashguard protects your Gi as well, due to its moisture-wicking properties. If you want your expensive Gi to last you way longer, than any of our cheap BJJ rashguards are going to help you massively! Speaking of moisture-wicking, the ability to spread moisture over all of their surfaces give rashguards a cooling effect which affects thermoregulation. In simple terms, it’ll keep you cool while you’re training.

Keep in mind that we haven’t even touched on some of the rashguards’ other properties, like performance boosting and hygiene. All rashguards provide much-needed muscle compression that is key to your performance. Anti-odour properties also mean they’ll help you keep a clean gym bag even after working out.

Cheap BJJ Rashguards Reviews – Best Deals For 2020

Straight into our cheap BJJ rashguards guide then. First of all, going for budget gear does not mean you have to go for the lowest quality stuff. After all, if you have to buy it all over again in a few months it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Therefore, we held quality as our top criteria, along with price, of course. I’ll be honest, getting top quality for a low price is hard, but far from impossible.

Every rashguard that features on our cheap BJJ rashguards list is not only affordable but also provides everything any of the most expensive rashguards would. In certain cases, they might even beat some of them, actually. When we compiled this list we took into account further characteristics likes of moisture-wicking, odor and germ resistance, ease of maintenance, style, and design as well as IBJJF approval. Basically, we got all your regular rashguard bases covered.

In case you’re really looking to get the maximum out of your rashguard and wear it out of the gym we also have options. Namely, most of the rashguards on our list provide high-level UV protection, so that you can run, surf, or do whatever you want outdoors. To sum it all up, we provide you with rashguards that are high-quality, easy to use, and cost the same as an average restaurant meal.

Hayabusa Elevate BJJ Rashguard

Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 Hayabusa

This one is the most expensive edition in our cheap BJJ rashguards guide. Worry not, it won’t set you back more than $30 and that’s with shipping included. That said, for the price you don’t just get a rashguard, you get a Hayabusa rashguard. As far as BJJ and MMA gear goes, Hayabusa is one of the top five brands of all time! Quality is never an issue with them, but prices are usually not that budget-friendly. Apart from this one, that is!
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First of all, what you get with this rashguard is a really cool design. It is a long-sleeved rashguard, available in both black and white. But that’s just the base color. Hayabusa’s recognizable logo is featured on the upper left front corner. Moreover, diagonal stripes in three colors run across the front area. The area between your torso and arms is red, and there’s the Hayabusa logo with the brand name on the back. Sizes range from extra small to 3 XL. the fabric is a special Hayabusa blend with high tensile strength. This means it can stretch in all directions without ripping or getting damaged. Stitching is smooth to prevent chafing and all the art is sublimated and won’t fade. Maximal protection and compression. Washing machine friendly and quick to dry after washing. This one is our official pick from the bunch!

TSLA Long Sleeved Compression Top

Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 TSLA

Here we go with my personal favorite, a real standout among the cheap BJJ rashguards of 2020. I love the design of this as it is simple, yet elegant. It is a long sleeve rashguard coming in a multitude of colors. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest on this list – you can get one for less than $10 and even the most expensive version won’t set you back more than $15. What you get in return is unbelievable.
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Design-wise, the sleeves of the rashguard feature a camouflage pattern with dark shades. At least in my favorite version. This helps keep the rashguard low key while still providing tasteful art and great aesthetics. The material is a specially balanced blend of Polyester (87&) and Spandex (13 %). There are more than 35 versions available. It provides maximal elasticity and an extended range of motion. The material is extremely durable and has non-abrasion properties as well. Also includes moisture-wicking technology along with quick-dry and two-way air circulation. The fit is a really tight one, so if’ you’re in it for a looser fit, get one size larger than you usually wear. However, for grappling purposes, I recommend getting a tight fit. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. The UV protection is a bonus, and well worth it if you like to surf.

Anthem Athletics Ranked Competition Rashguard

Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 Anthem Athletics

Another great quality rashguard with an amazing price here. Anthem Athletics has a really great range of grappling gear that’s not usually on the cheap side. Having a spot in our Cheap BJJ rashguards guide is down to the crazy price tag on this one – just $24! And, while that may cost more than the previous one, what you get in return is also a bit more!
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First of all, design. The Anthem Athletics Ranked Competition rashguard comes in black. IBJJF approved means the base has to be one color, and this time it is black. The sleeves display the rank with starts running the length of the outside of both. Vertical stripes with rank color run the length of the inside of the sleeves and the inside of the ribcage. The middle of the chest has the Anthem athletics brand logo, again in rank color. Of course, designs feature all five ranked colors. Sizes range from XS to 6XL. The material is lightweight, extra strong with moisture-wicking capabilities. The rashguard also features flatlock stitching and multi-panel construction, further increasing its quality. Fits tightly without restricting movement.

Elite Sports Long Sleeve Rashguard

Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 Elite SPorts

Another ranked and IBJJF approved rashguard on our cheap BJJ rashguards list. This time though, it is Elite Sports, a highly renowned sports equipment brand. Also, it is another one that’s a great fit for any combat sport, plus outdoor use. It is particularly good for swimming and surfing and costs only a bargain of $16.
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Once again, ranked and approved. that means you get five color options, and they all come on a black base layer. In fact, if you’re a black belt all you get is a black rashguard with the Elite logo on the front, again in black. The rest is a bit more colorful, coming with rank color on both shoulders, and rank color for the logo. There’s even a red version if a red belt decides to get one.  Extremely comfortable and ultra-durable, this rashguard is a polyester and spandex blend. It features antimicrobial and antifungal properties and has high-level sublimated graphics. The compression this rashguard provides is second to none, making it perfect for high performing grapplers. Moreover, it has anti-slip bands at the waist and flatlock stitching all throughout. Moisture-wicking properties are a given, and sizes range from small to XX-large.

Fanii Quare Soft BJJ Rashguard

Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards in 2019 Fanii Quare

The Fanii Quare Soft BJJ rashguard is one of the most comfortable rashguards you’ll ever wear, regardless of price! The brand is not one that is as established as some other in our cheap BJJ rashguards list. However, it does make up for it with quality, particularly with comfort. And, at a price ranging from $10-$17, it is more than worth it.
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While this rashguard is fit for virtually anything (bar official IBJJF competition) it is irreplaceable as an “under-the-Gi-rashguard”. The focus with this one is on comfort and it comes softer and slimmer than any other on the market. Tight-fitting, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, this rashguard is unbelievably durable. it is a Polyester and Spandex blend that is available in over 40 designs! They all come with a black or white trunk, and long sleeves featuring sublimated art. Sizes available start at small, and end at extra-large. It fits extremely tight, maximizing compression. Help keep you cool in hot environments and warm in cold ones.

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeved Rashguard

2019 Guide For Cheap BJJ Rashguards Sanabul

Finally, as a short-sleeved option among our cheap BJJ rashguards. Personally, I’m not a fan of short sleeve rashguards, but that’s just me. Sanabul’s one is a game-changer though, both in price and quality. Although I use mine mostly for strength and conditioning work, I value it highly. The price? An unbelievable $17-$20 only!
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Sanibel’s Short-Sleeved rashguard comes with IBJJF’s blessing. That means it is a ranked rashguard that limits the color options to 6. Yes, 6 as there’s a red belt option in there again as well. That said, the design is a slick one, with the rank color displayed on the sleeves. Horizontal sleeve stripes of a different shade help pronounce the color further. The material is a special blend that features strategically placed mesh panels. This ensures total antimicrobial protection, as well as extending the rashguard’s lifespan. The mesh helps ventilate air, aiding in thermoregulation. Compression improves blood flow, helped by the special 4-way stretch capabilities. Sizes include everything between XS and XXL. Provides UV protection on top of it all.

Ranked Or Not?

This is a burning question in the BJJ community. The thing with ranked rashguards is that they’re the only thing that you can use at the official competition. I know there are plenty of tournaments out there, but most of them follow the rules of the IBJJF/UAEJJF. Those rules dictate that your rashguard needs to be not only ranked but approved by the IBJJF, style-wise. In most cases, that means having a black or white base, with ranking colors on the sleeves and/or front and back. Conversely, ranked rashguards are the only thing allowed to wear under your Gi, and mandatory if you’re competing in No-Gi.

Essentially, if you’re only looking for a training rashguard, you don’t have to choose a ranked one or IBJJF approved one. If you’re training No-Gi, your academy might prefer if you had a ranked rashguard for training as well. If that’s not the case, you can go with just about any design that you want. this is p[recisely why our cheap BJJ rashguards guide includes both options. In No-Gi competition formats that don’t follow IBJJF rules, you can wear whatever you want in terms of rashguards.

As a final piece of advice, make sure you do not trust a ranked rashguard too much when in training. You probably wouldn’t buy the same ranked rashguard for each training day of the week right? Well neither would others, so any visiting grapplers might actually be well above what their rashguards indicate in terms of rank., Don’t be fooled!

How Many Do You Need?

This one is down to personal preference more than anything. However, if you train more than a couple of times per week, you need at least a couple of rashguards in your closet. Given how easy they are to wash and dry, you could pull it off with one if you had to. However, constant use along with repeated washing is going to shorten the life of any rashguard, cheap or not. My suggestion is to get one for each BJJ class you go to, at the very least. Ideally, you’d also have separate rashguards for strength and conditioning, but that’s not needed at all.

A great thing about buying cheap BJJ rashguards is that you can buy more of them and still not come close to the price of one of the more expensive ones. Having at least a couple is going to have you covered. Preferably, you need to have separate ones for each session but that’s far from mandatory. Moreover, you do not need to have separate Gi and N-Gi training rashguards.

As a final tip, I’d encourage you to have one “travel” rashguard with you as well. It’s that rashguard that you always have ready to go wherever you go, along with a pair of shorts. that way, you’ll be ready to train whenever you’re on the road. I actually have the TSLA long-sleeved in black (reviewed above) for just that occasion. 

Closing Thoughts

I think there’s hardly anything left to say after the above. In order to be completely fair and transparent, I provided the price tag on each rashguard in each respective section. All that’s left now is for you to choose which of the cheap BJJ rashguards you like the most and stock up on it! Or, if you are a variety guy like me, get one of each! That way, you’re covered with long-sleeved, short-sleeved, cool-looking, and even ranked rashguards! The best thing about them is that they’ll last for a long, long time!

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One big pain of BJJ practitioners is how expensive training and competition gear is. Gis often cost well in advance of $100, rashguards below $50 are very hard to find and don't even get me talking about backpacks and other gear. Combined with transportation,