Best MMA Shaker Bottles Of 2020 Guide And Reviews

You get off the mats and you get your protein, creatine, or whatever concoction you like right away. That is the recommendation, anyway. You have your over-the-counter GNC shaker ready to go, but then something happens. The moment you get that first gulp, you know something is not right. You taste cheap plastic and there are lumps inside that you can’t dissolve no matter how much you shake. Plus, you’re never able to wash away the smell regardless of how much you try. Sounds familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are standard shaker bottles, good MMA shaker bottles and then there are the best MMA shaker bottles. Why not get one of the best? It’ll last you forever and solve all your woes. 

Taking small things for granted is a great way to lose in MMA or Jiu-Jitsu. It holds true for fighting, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. Yeah, that’s right, nutrition. Take it for granted and you’ll never make weight or have the fuel to train and compete at a high level. Even there’s an underrated aspect of nutrition it is shaker bottles. It is very hard to succeed at the highest levels without using supplements. Shaker bottles are not just cups to drink out of. They store your liquids/smoothies for long periods of time, in environments with different temperatures. Getting anything but one of the best MMA shaker bottles is a great way to undermine your efforts. Give yourself every chance to win, even when it comes to the smallest details. Get the best MMA shaker bottles of 2020!

Types Of Shaker Bottles

When it comes to shaker bottles, there are several different types. by types, I do not mean design variations of the same shaker. The one thing most of us think of when we mention a protein shaker is a plastic cup with a screw-on lid and an opening. In most cases, there’s also a metal spiral inside to help with the shaking. Well, it is safe to say that this type of shaker bottle is now outdated.

The first type of blender feature in our best MMA shaker bottles 2020 guide, apart from a few variations on the classic, is the stick blender. This is essentially a basic blender, that has two or more screw-on compartments on the bottom. This means you can carry your supplements apart, and keep them out of contact with liquid until you need to consume them. Most of them even feature a specialized pill compartment for everyone that just has to add stuff in pill form as well.

In terms of the latest technology used in shaker bottles, today we have self-mixing bottles. They contain a battery and technology that allows you to blend things right on the spot. That means you can take everything you need with you and make a fresh shake on the spot in just minutes.

As you’ll see further on, there are a lot of variations on the types of shaker bottles. Some come in innovative material designs, others containing compartments that divide them right up to the middle. There’s no limit and you can find whatever you need to replace your generic over the counter shaker bottle with one of the best.

The Best MMA Shaker Bottles in 2020

So, what makes one shaker bottle so much better than another that we consider it as one of the best? Apart from the type of shaker we took into account a few more crucial characteristics when choosing the very best. Of course, material plays the most important role, but we’ll discuss that at length further along in this article.

What we also considered when we compiled our best MMA shaker bottle 2020 guide was also convenience. there’s no point in having the latest technology blender, made from top-grade materials if it is going to spill everything inside your gym bag. Moreover, if your shaker bottle retains odors it will become pungent and unusable very quickly. Not to mention the risk of retaining microbes that could lead to diseases. Furthermore, in the convenience department, we made sure to include different ways of carrying a shaker bottle.

Understandably, the size also makes a huge impact. Depending on your needs throughout the day, you’ll most likely need different sized shakers or one giant one. We have all the possible sizes and even some innovative shapes in our guide below. Time to get straight into it.


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Shape-wise, this is one of the more unusual shaker bottles you’ll ever see. performance-wise, it comes second to none. The SkaheSPhere Tumbles shaker bottle is one of the most hassle-free shaker bottles that you’ve ever seen. Moreover, it features an advanced design that makes shaking and mixing a breeze.
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The ShakeSphere Tumbler is available in seven different color designs, from cyan blue to glossy black. they all feature the company logo on the front. The shaker bottle comes in one size only, with a capacity of 24 oz. That pretty much cover’s everyone’s needs. The innovative capsule form design is just as effective as it is stylish. The patented shape of this shaker bottle means there’s no need for mixing balls. the shape ensures smooth mixing, and it guarantees nothing gets stuck in corners. the material is BPA free Tritan plastic. The shaker is easy to clean and maintain but is not suited for dishwashers. There are a leakproof slide cap and an adjustable finger loop. 100 % one of the very best MMA shaker bottles ever! Extra durable and easy to fit in virtually anywhere in your bag.

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The Promixx IX shaker bottle is one of those modern shaker types we discussed earlier. It is a battery-powered shaker bottle with an innovative S-blade technology that does the mixing. In essence, it is a portable blender that will do wonders for everyone who’s short on time.
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As far as shaker bottle evolution goes, it doesn’t get much better than the Promixx IX. This shaker bottle is ergonomic, functional, very lightweight, and makes almost no sound when working! At the same time, it works like a charm, able to blend whatever you put inside. There’s a battery-powered motor featuring lots of power and torque. There’s an S-blade inside to ensure everything is smooth when you’re done with the blending. Very easy to clean and maintain and available in grey/blue and white/blue. Comes with a 1-year full money guarantee.

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The blender bottle is actually a brand that is quite famous for producing some top shaker bottles. No wonder their BlewnderBottle Pro finds itself in our best MMA shaker bottles 2020 guide. Plus, this one is the largest in our guide, able to contain enough protein for even Brock Lensar – sized guys.
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First up, design options. BlenderBottle offers 7 different versions of the Pro 45 Xl shaker. They usually have a black or grey base and plenty of color options when it comes to the logo and writing. As the name suggests, it is a 45oz shaker bottle, bigger than any other in existence. conversely, it comes with a blender ball that’s about 50% heavier than the usual mixing ball. There is an adjustable carry loop and a spout guard to guarantee hygiene. It is completely safe to wash in a dishwasher and made from BPA and phthalate-free plastic. Simple, but effective, not to mention huge! Top price as well.

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As far as simplicity goes, the Hoople shaker bottle is as close to the basic, standard shaker bottle version was you can get. However, while it may remind you of your over-the-counter shaker bottle, it offers a different level of performance. It also features an innovative gadget to aid in mixing!
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24 ounces of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic is what you get with the Hoople Shaker bottle. It is available in black, green, grey, red, and navy blue. There’s is also an option to buy a variety pack that contains 4 different Hoople shaker bottle designs. The auto-flip lid design ensures smooth mixing, without danger of spilling or leaks. It is very easy to keep clean and maintain. The lid cannot go in the dishwasher due to a silicone gasket. An integrated handle allows you to carry the shaker bottle with just one finger. It is extremely easy to use, with the design allowing you to open and close the shaker with just one hand. Instead of a metal mixing ball, it comes with a silicone mixer.

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Here’s is another one that looks like a basic shaker bottle but is anything but. The reason this shaker features in our best MMA shaker bottles 2020 guide is design. It has an innovative design that makes it perfect for the needs of MMA fighters. High-grade materials, a great price, and plenty of different color options.
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Nine different color combinations bring a lot of variety to this shaker bottle. Options include black, red, gray, navy, yellow, etc. They all look great, stylish, and are designed for performance. The material is Food grade plastic BPA and Phthalate-Free. The capacity can hold up to 28 oz of liquid. There are a 100 % leak-proof seal and secure flip-top lid. The original design includes TPE soft grips on both sides, allowing perfect handling This means a lot when you’ve got sweaty hands. There’s a wide mouth to make drinking easier, and the shape guarantees it’ll fit comfortably in most cup holders. Comes with a gear shape mixing ball to help dissolve your supplements. 

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One of the best deals in our best MMA shaker bottles 2020 guide. Not only are you getting a high-quality shaker bottle, but you also get the best possible price for buying more than one. This one features a modern design with a three-layer twist and locks storage containers. High-grade, materials, perfect capacity, and a slick design that comes with lots of variety.
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First of all, there are 6 different color designs available: black, blue, green, pink-red, and white. There are also two-packs available, combining two of the aforementioned colors for an incredible cut-price. The material is food grade, free of BPA and Phthalate. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, FDA approved, and dishwasher safe. The premium design features a 3-layer twist and locking storage for carrying extra supplements. The capacity is 16 oz and compartments include a pillbox. There’s also a whisk mixer net included. This shaker bottle is tailor-made for MMA, giving you the ability to organize all the supplements you’ll need for all the different training sessions that you have throughout the day.

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The Yixain protein shaker bottle is another option when it comes to a multi-container shaker bottle design.  It has an ultra-slim design and comes with a very convenient clip-on so that you don’t even have to keep it in your bag. All in all, a shaker bottle to make your life as an MMA fighter a lot easier.
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Although there are only two versions in terms of different color designs, this shaker is definitely one of the best MMA shaker bottles you can get in 2020. The storage compartments come in the form of an additional 100cc jar and a pillbox organizer. The main body of the shaker bottles a capacity of 17 oz and also features a metal mixing ball. This multi-functional shaker bottle is made from BPA free plastic, it is very durable and easy to keep clean. Moreover, there’s a leak-proof flip cap and a screw-on lid. Plus, there’s the unique possibility of attaching the shaker to the outside of your gym bag or a bicycle for easy access.

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This is technically not a shaker bottle if we’re being honest. Still, it can fit in the category and brings something very different to the table. let’s not forget, we try to include something for everyone. And, as unusual as it may sound, there are people out there that do not like supplements and prefer to go the natural way. A water infuser is a great way to provide you with energy during, or post-training.
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This 32 oz bottle is available in black, pink, blue, and purple colors. It has a leak-proof design and is made from BPA free highest quality Eastman Tritan copolyester. the way it works is by allowing you to place fruit and/or vegetables inside that help infuse the water. The infuser is practically a thin container in which you place the fruit/veggies. As the water comes into contact with it, it helps infuse sit with the flavor and nutrients of whatever you put inside. There is a built-in carrying handle that has a flip-top opening that works by pressing a button. Comes with a free brush to help you keep it clean as well as an E-book with more than 70 recipes for infused water. There’s also a 100%moeny back guarantee.

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Safe Materials 

Before we end our best MMA shaker bottle guide, let’s talk about safety. When it comes to shaker bottles or anything you use to eat and drink out of, you have to think long and hard about the material. Most of the shaker bottle options out there are made of plastic, which merits extra attention. When it comes to plastic you need to make sure it is absolutely BPA free and also free of Phthalate. Moreover, FDA approval is also always a good idea, as is looking or a 100% food-grade material. Another thing you need to consider is whether your shaker bottle is machine washable and how safe is it to use it after.

Some alternatives to plastic come in a few different forms nowadays. Glass is not really a good idea for a shaker bottle, given how easy it is to break. Stainless, steel, on the other hand, is a much better choice. Stainless steel is easy to clean, doesn’t affect the quality of your shakes, and is more durable than any plastic. One possible drawback could be the metallic taste, but that’s only a concern if you’re not getting one of the best MMA shaker bottles of 2020.

A very interesting alternative is also silicone. For me, it is the first choice and I think it’ll slowly take over. Silicone is durable, safe, easy to carry, and maintain. All in all, it may the best possible material for shaker bottles, but that’s just my opinion. Whatever your preferred choice is, just make sure you’re getting a shaker bottle made out of safe materials.


As we saw above, choosing a shaker bottle for you is actually not something you need to take lightly. Well, at least not if you’re interested in your health and performance. our best MMA shaker bottle guide offers something for everyone. whether you’re a Gracie diet fan or like to live off protein shakes only. Time to browse through our guide and choose the option that best suits you!

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