Mackenzie Dern Chokes Mandy Polk for 4-0 in MMA

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Mackenzie Dern, a jiu-jitsu champion stayed unbeaten at LFA 24. She competed against Mandy Polk on Friday, October 13.

Dern was destroying flyweight veteran Mandy Polk with punches and after that she choked her with Rear Naked Choke. It was a very successful performance of Mackenzie Dern’s debut in flyweight division as she was having a lot of problems to make weight in 115 lb division before.

Mackenzie Dern is a just 24 years old Girl considered the best BJJ practitioner of her era and she continues to be one of the most promising female MMA fighters. It will be very interesting to see how will go her MMA career and will she be as successful in MMA as she is in BJJ.

Check out in video below how she was choked her opponent after a barrage of punches.


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