Renzo Gracie Promoted To Coral Belt By Rickson Gracie [VIDEO]

Renzo Gracie Promoted To Coral Belt By Rickson Gracie [VIDEO]
Renzo Gracie, the legendary coach behind John Danaher and a whole host of other BJJ and MMA Hall of Famers, just received his coral belt from Rickson Gracie. In doing so, Renzo became one of the few black-and-red coral belts in the world, a group that includes Rickoson as well.

Rickson Gracie had the pleasure and honor of promoting Renzo Gracie to his red-and-black coral belt in a special ceremony that took place in Abu Dhabi. After spending decades as a Carlos Gracie Jr. black belt, Renzo now finally reached the rank of 7th-degree black belt, which is marked by the coral belt.

Renzo Gracie had a stellar career in both BJJ and MMA. Representing the Gracie family in early No Holds Barred and Vale Tudo matches, Renzo grew to be a fan favorite and a Pride and UFC veteran, holding a 14-7-1 (1) professional record. He also won the ADCC in 1998 and 2000 and was inducted into the ADCC Hall Of Fame during the latest 2022 edition of the event.

Renzo is also the man behind one of the most successful academies in the world, his New York “blue basement” that produces people like John Danaher and Gordon Ryan who are now re-shaping the world of Jiu-Jitsu as we know it.

The newly promoted coral belt was also often the focus of controversy, with the famous New York City night club brawl that got him arrested before he live-tweeted a mugging attempt as he beat his attackers up.

It will take Renzo at least 7 years of teaching and training at the red-and-black coral belt before he is eligible for promotion to the red-and-white coral belt. He remains one of the best competitors and coaches in the world, and one of the most charismatic people in BJJ.

Renzo Gracie announced the news of his promotion on his Instagram account.


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